Scam letter(s) from Irina Belan to Albert (France)

Letter 1
Hello Albert!!!
I am very glad that you want to meet me,but I can't go to abroad, if I haven't abroad passport it is costs 200$
My name is Irina Belan
Letter 2
Hello Albert!!!
I was very happy that you called me, thanks. I see that you are serious and kind man about me. I would like to meet you very much. I need to make my passport.
Kiss you,
I wait for your call and answer me.
Letter 3
Hello Albert!!!
My passport is:
Bilan Iryna
Ukraine Address my girlfriend in Kiev is: Alesya Orekhova
street Pr.Svobody 17,flat 48
Letter 4
Hello Albert!!!
I am glad that you write me, I waited for your letter but you didn't write me, If you want to come you, I have to go to Kiev Embassy for open visa.If you wan to I will continue my trip to you, for me necessary pay my trip costs is 200$ - hotel, food, trip.
Kiss you,
Letter 5
Hello again!!!
I want to meet you very much!!! I have to go to Kiev and my girlfriend will give me yur invitation. want to go for our meeting.I just speak about your support me, because I can't go for my money.
I would like to meet you very much and enjoy our romantic time together. Kiss you,
Letter 6
Hello my Albert!!!
I am very happy, my girlfriend called me and said me that she got your invitation. I have to go to Kiev, if you want to continue and support me. Kiss you, Irina
Letter 7
hello again!!!
I am very glad that we will meet soon.You have to send same invitation in Embassy Paris in fax.I want to meet you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kiss you, Irina!!!
P.S. I will go to Kiev, as soon as you support me, my Albert and I will make all necessary for my get visa, I am happy!!!
Letter 8
Hello my Albert!!!
My girlfriend to write and turn and found out for my visa. I will go to Embassy on Monday. I will have to take 300$ for my ticket bus and will be with tisket with date, because Embassy will make visa when will see my ticket.I have to be 300$.
I will go to Embassy on Moday and you send me 300$,I will get my visa. Kiss you, Irina!!!
Letter 9
Hello Albert!!!
I was in Embassy, I am in Kiev and I can't be a long time in Kiev, because hotel,eat for me expensive. I said you that me necessary ticket - you didn't send it, I am sad, because my money is finishe.
Write me back fast, what must I do?
I haven't money for a long time to be in Kiev.
Write me answer, Irina!!!
Letter 10
Hello again, my Albert!
number of the account: 6762 4633 0086 1932
Beneficiary customer: Iryna Valentynivna Bilan
Precise Name of the Bank: PRIVATBANK
I live in Kherson.
I like your photo very much and I want to meet you very much.
Kiss you, Irina!!!
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