Scam Letter(s) from Elena Volkova to Amir (Tunisia)

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Letter 1

Hi Amir.I am glad again to receive your message,day by day We begin to know each other better and it is very interesting for me.Last time boredom is in my soul,there is no any joyful thing and only your message is like a solar beam. Amir,thanks,that you answered my questions. Yours e-mail gradually helps me to understand what you are the man. Amir tell me more about your family. Do you have a lot of relatives? Is your family close? How often do you meet together? In my family we have very close relations. I told you before that I live With my mum and daddy. We live in a cosy apartment, where there are three inhabited rooms and also a kitchen,a balcony and a bathroom. I have my own room. I am the unique child in the family. My Daddy's name is Vladimir,He is 49 years old and He works in a taxi. My mum is called Tatyana, She is 48 years old. She is a housewife. We like each other,sometimes we like to entertain together. In summer it is a beach or catching a fish. In winter we like to skate or ski. It is a good time for me! Now I have an emptiness in my personal life. Last relations were last year. There was one boy, but We weren't so close as I would like. I think that He did not approach to me. Among people around me I can't see anybody for serious relations. It's very difficult for me to be disappointed,when I think that I have met the suitable man. Likely therefore I have addressed to a service of acquaintances. Probably here I I can find the man, who will love me,appreciate and understand. It isn't important for me whether He is a rich man or not and where He Works. I have specified in a structure,that I search a senior age man, Because I think,that the man who has lived enough years,He possesses an experience and has learned to appreciate the women. I will be ready to share everything without the rest with such man and I consider that the main woman's advantage is the fidelity and skill to make family Happy, without quarrels and conflicts. On it I finish the letter. Amir,write me ideas about Volume, that I have told you. I will wait for your messages. Yours Elena

Letter 2

Hi Amir. It is pleasant, that you liked some my ideas in the last letter. Amir,I usually do not tell about my deep ideas and opinions,but I have written,because I want to open it to you. Sometimes it is necessary that there was one man,whom you can open your soul and trust-but unfortunately it does not happen often. I am glad that I have found such man who can understand me. Thank Amir, that you have written me some details about your life and family,I read it closely. It helped me to understand you better. And it seems to me that step by step we are becoming closer to each other. I think we have a lot of common interests and i very want to continue our connection. Amir Sorry but I have to go to do some businesses. It is necessary to meet with my friends. By the way I told him and parents too that I have get acquainted with you...:) Have a good day! I will wait for your letter. Yours Elena

Letter 3

Dear Amir! A thank for this e-mail from you, your messages Really please me. This week is present new theme for Reflections, and these new ideas excite me. I do not know as you, Amir But for me begins to have importance our exchange e-mail. It is new emotions in my quiet heart. For me it is not usual, to get acquainted with the man on e-mail, behind many miles From me and it is possible to have the relation. I did not inform to you earlier Amir The address, because it is not enough Knew you. I live in average area of Russia, in city Kanash. To It far from you, differently to us was not necessary for a regret much e-mail, To find out each other. We could meet, talk, To carry spend some time together and not bad to find out each other. But For us it will be not a fast way. But I hope, that it will not be Problem for us, if we shall solve to do it in the future. I already Made some travels to other countries. I travelled, As the tourist, in Europe; it is Turkey, Italy, Germany. Therefore Amir , You should not have excitements that is present Distance between us. I such woman, that if I shall love The man, for meeting with him, I shall reach even on the moon. In Our days is a problem to make such travels. I not Worry about it and even have devoted feelings, having got acquainted with By the man on the other hand. For me it is very interesting feelings - To find out the man with other culture, thinking, traditions. It One of things - which draws me to you. Not the main thing, - But new and interesting. Probably if our relations will be strong and You Amir, can find out the mysterious Russian woman. I hope, that For you it is interesting to find out and to test love of such woman? I I think, road Amir That you can not long resist to mine Female magic, if happen so, that we shall be person to To the person. On it I finish my message to you Amir . I wait for your messages.
Yours Elena

Letter 4

Hi my dear! I now read yours e-mail, and it was interesting to me to learn your opinion that I spoke you in my last message. Our exchange of opinions is interesting to me and I think, that now I can make some opinion on what your character. If you Not against, somehow we could slightly speak on the phone. I would like to speak with you, to hear your vote. Amir, I too would want to see more your pictures. Dear, I would like to learn, how you love to spend the free time. I the very cheerful man also think out Various entertainments for itself and friends. To me to like to help them to do life interesting. It can be the different things: Dances, cinema, party or entertainment on a nature. But if to speak frankly, in last time these entertainments give I have less pleasure. I frequently dream of romantic evening with the favourite man, it can be supper or simply walk . I think, what in it there is a lot of charm . You the romantic man Amir? Whether you think, sometimes, of such things? You like cosy evenings with the family? I very much love holidays, when all family is going together, behind one table. It is very cosy and is comfortable for me. And how you love to carry out holidays dear? What for you does a cosiness and rest? Tell to me please about it Amir. Amir, excuse me for a question: whether there is at you now any woman? I think, that you are good, as the man and To like many women. Because at me good taste, and you to like me. What your personal life now, Please tell about it. Probably you have to me any frank questions? I shall answer them. Write to me more in detail about the feelings and desires, me to like to read, when you tell about yourselves, I am ready To listen about it. I wait for your messages. Mine hugs. Yours Elena

Letter 5

Hi my dear Amir! I am glad again to speak with you! Yesterday I had quite good evening with my friends. We reached in One club also there were there some hours. At first we had good supper and some glasses of champagne, then Played in bowling and danced. The impressions have remained Good, only when I saw, how some my girlfriends danced and Were kissed with the men - I had small Envy to them. I thought of you and represented for itself, that you beside Amir. That you too embrace me and whisper to me gentle words. And you Amir, when see around in love pairs The people, - that recollect me? As frequently you with By the friends reach in any bar or club? When you Be be in these places, with you frequently try To get acquainted the girl? Frequently approach to me very much men and try to begin Acquaintance, but I at once help them to understand, that With me these things to fail. Amir, I frequently think above your messages and I understand, that you is serious Concerning me. I too do not look on ours Dialogue as on an entertainment, also I write to you some very personal words and things, As to the close man. And I want to tell To you Amir, that I am glad, that I have such man - as you! I wait for yours The messages also I think of you. Mine to you gentle kisses! Yours Elena

Letter 6

Hi my lovely! I hope, that at you all OK! It was pleasant to me to read your message and thank for your words. I send you other picture, probably to those pictures, which you already saw, you got used. I hope, that This picture will give again you good emotions. Today my work is completed earlier and I, having written you this letter, I shall prepare dinner for my family. By mine To the mum it is slightly bad with health and today to me to prepare it. By the way, dear, what foodstuffs is favourite For you? That you prefer; sweetness, meat, fish? Inform me it Amir. I be able not bad to cope on To kitchen, my mum cared of it many years back. You can be convinced of it, in due time. I easily do Various salads, soups, and also game and fish. In the greater degree I prefer a fish, and also me very much to like Fruit; kivi, bananas, pineapples. Today houses I shall prepare the Chinese hen and vegetable salad. Probably you, Amir, love the tasty foodstuffs. We have proverb; " way to heart man - passes through his stomach! " I was many times convinced of it, when observed of my father. Therefore, Amir, I shall reach To your heart with the help of my culinary abilities. It is a joke!!! Now I am sent on kitchen. I hope, that my daddy will be pleased. I wait for your messages! My kisses. Yours Elena

Letter 7

Hi Amir
I want to write to you the letter because I find you the interesting person. I like To communicate with people. And I want to know more about you and in this letter I want to tell to you about myself. My name is Elena. Im from Russial city " Saint Petersburg ". Im 24 years old. I was studied in America California State University, San Jose. And finished him 5 years ago. Now Im live in Russia. My father has been given birth in America, and my mum Russian. We together live in Russia, my father left America 10 years ago. Now my parents live in the other city, in the city of Moscow. I have the sister which lives with me and she now studies at university. I have the aunt which also lives now with me. I am glad to that that I studied in America and it allows me to work now in good advertising agency. I the independent girl. But I lonely. I have no boyfriend now. I had serious relationship earlier and it last 2 years. But my former the man left me because he leaved for other city and we not to see any more with him. And now I want to have serious relationship. But I do not think to hurry up. I think that we can be friends, can more, after time. I the interesting girl. I cheerful, kind, joyful. I the optimist. I like to go in for sports. Im runing in the mornings also go to a training hall. I have no harmful habits, I do not smoke a cigarette. And I can drink only on holidays. Many friends which surround me can name of me amusing, but thus I serious. I like to listen to music and to look last examples of films as many people like. I visit clubs, but I do not do it frequently because I have free time from work only in weekend. I love walks and I love nature rest. I like to travel. But I was not in many countries, I was only in America. I want to have the happy future as many people want and I want to have family. I do not think of that to have now children. For me the main thing to find serious the man. I want that you have written to me more about yourself. What do you want to have from our dialogue? I shall wait for your story about myself. I shall wait for your letter

Letter 8

Hi my dear Amir! I am glad again to speak with you! A thank for yours e-mail. I am glad, Amir, that in our relations there is a progress and We became closer people. I tell about you to my parents and friends much. They hope, what will get acquainted sometime with you Amir. They insist, that I would acquaint you with them, my parents are especially persevering. I have told them, that is serious I treat you Amir, also that you the good man. You know Amir, that the parents always wish to children Only good also are pleased, when their children are happy in all. My daddy loves catching a fish and he now goes pleased On an apartment also speaks, that now he has man, which can be invited for catching a fish. I am long Laughed and has told him , that at all I do not know, you love it to make whether or not. Also that he is early pleased, You see it is possible to you not interestingly. Also know, what he answered? he has told, that in the summer he will prepare For you a good fishing tackle also will learn you to cook present "Soup from a fish". And you, Amir, told to the close people about me? What they have opinion? Inform me please about It . You have any plans concerning our relations ? I think, that for us it will be very good, if We can carry spend some days together. It will strengthen our relations and will help us better to find out Each other. Probably the next month we can meet. For example in Europe or other place. Understand me Correctly Amir, I can not invite you to myself yet. I live at the parents and for the present not I know enough You for this purpose. Between us there were only our messages and I think, that it is better to us, at first to meet in the friend Place. I very much would want to be with you alone, to see you by the eyes and touch to you! Dear, so we We can make complete opinion on us, find out about many things. Let's discuss it Amir. I wait for yours Opinions, I miss also kiss you. Yours Elena

Letter 9

Hi my lovely Amir! I am glad to see yours e-mail. to me pleasantly to learn , that you support idea to meet and also wish me to see And to carry out with me time. I think, that in our following messages we can in more detail discuss ours Meeting and to establish time and place for this purpose. I want to tell you dear, that it is very pleasant, for the woman, To be convinced of that exist the man, which waits for her and wants to hold in the hands. Such idea influences on Opinions the woman and her behaviour. Therefore thank to you, Amir, that you have given me to feel it. And what you have ideas And imaginations about that day, when will meet me? Inform me please it. Dear, I have a plenty of ideas, how we can spend together our time. Also I I shall prepare for you some surprises and I think, that you will be pleased it. I shall inform you Amir, About some ideas in the following messages. But you should know, that when you will be in my hands, is not speed Can get out of my embraces. I now shall not write about those things, which I shall do with you, but you are long Will remember it!!! Now I finish the letter. I shall wait for your messages . my gentle kisses! Yours Elena

Letter 10

Hi mine dear Amir! Have good day! I am glad, that my messages pleasant for you. How you feel yourselves dear? I - ok. I little bit exited, and yesterday I hardly fell asleep. I was grasped by an idea on our meeting. It Joyful event for me and I have from it many emotions. Such as excitement both large impatience and expectation This day. You have brought in my life the whole sea of emotions Amir, and me it is difficult with it to consult , but I can tell, That it pleasantly also gave me a new push and purpose for life. I think, lovely, that we need to arrange our meeting so that there were no difficulties and inconveniences in ours Businesses. I can arrange at my work to have some days free for me.Amir, and yours The work will allow you to do it? Probably you have the intense diagram with the work and should absent. Then we can meet more close from you or even I could arrive to you on some days. For me is not present Problems to make longer travel. If such way more convenient for you and my arrival to not create Inconvenience for you Amir, let's choose this plan. It for me even is more good, because I can To see as you live, your friends, you can show me the city and various, favourite for you, place. And if for you it is necessary, you can visit the work. My work not so important also can manage without Me, therefore I do not worry about the businesses. Inform me dear, opinions! If it is a good way for you too, I shall do preparations for travel. My kisses and hugs. Yours Elena

Letter 11

Hi mine lovely! It is pleasant to me to read your words. I am glad to learn , that you are ready to accept me in the house. Thanks, that you Trust me, mine dear. Amir, I want to you to tell that in the last message I wanted to check, as far as is serious You treat to me. Excuse for this lovely, but you should me understand. For me it was very important to know, Whether you will agree me to accept in the house whether or not. If you insisted, that we should meet Somewhere in hotel or in the other place, - that I should think, that do not want to accept me at itself, Because have the wife or or you are not serious enough to me, and want to meet me for an entertainment. It is check - there was a small precaution. I heard, that many people get acquainted only for this purpose, To have sex with the new man, though in the structure inform, that have serious intentions. Now I am sure in you Amir, and I am glad, that you have appeared really that man, with which I want To meet! Liked, I with great pleasure, shall spend at you some days. In these days I shall reach in agency of travels and to receive the information to reach to you the next month. I shall be To inform you details it in the following e-mail. I wait your messages. I adore you mine dear Amir! My kisses!!! Yours Elena

Letter 12

Hi my dear! I am glad to your message and thanks, that you understand me. You are, one of those few people, Amir, In which I can find understanding. How your day dear has passed? I hope, that at you all OK! I have some news to you Amir. Today I Had telephone conversation with agency of travels. They have said what to receive the visa of the tourist in your country difficultly, But they, probably can help me in it. The agent did not begin to discuss details on the phone and we have appointment Tomorrow. Tomorrow I shall meet them and to discuss a question with the visa. I hope, liked, that all will be - OK. I have some excitement concerning all it, but also I have firm intention to meet you dear! Therefore Any difficulties and charges of money, will not stop me. Write to me, your messages, dear, give me many forces and energy. My gentle kisses. Yours Elena

Letter 13

Hi mine lovely Amir! I am glad again to speak with you! dear, I have good news to you. Today I have met the agent Travels to learn concerning the visa. He has explained to me a situation about reception of the visa to you. Your government Has made stricter control for entrance to the country because of terrorisms and consequently to receive to you the visa uneasy. But Agency it will do for me. The agent has said, that they recently already received some visas of the tourists in your country. I am very glad Amir, that we will not have with it large difficulties. I at first had fears, that the agency can not It to do or for this purpose the very long time will be required. But the agent has said, that the visa will require at them two Or three weeks. Tomorrow I will need to reach in office agency, to sign there contract and also we shall decide Question on payment them. Now it is time to me to go lovely to do photos for the visa and to fill in the questionnaire for embassy. The agent has said, it should be is prepared tomorrow, when I shall come to them in office. I very pleased Amir, that now our preparations have begun and in small time we shall be together! Write to me lovely ideas, I wait for your messages. Kiss you!!! Yours Elena

Letter 14

Hi my dear! I am glad again to welcome you and I with impatience I wait, when I can say to you HI - personally. Thanks for your message. Amir, my day was very much intense and is very tired. I reached in office of agency and signed with them the contract. In Conformity with the contract, the agency will prepare to me all documents for travel, to buy for me the ticket and To deliver me to the plane. From my city there are no planes to you and consequently I at first will need to reach in Moscow, And therefrom already to you. My agent needs some information for a route of the plane, inform me dear, address and The nearest airport to you, in which I shall arrive. This information is necessary tomorrow, that the agent could develop Route and to establish all cost of travel. Today I them paid first part of money, for visa and other documents for Travels. It was in some times more, than I thought. I planned, that visa will cost for me about 200 $, but because of difficulties for its reception is was for me 700. dear, it is possible, that to me yours will be required The help for payment of other part of cost of travel. I have some money still , and also took some money at My parents, but it is possible them will not suffice for payment of the second part of cost, for insurance and tickets. It will be known After the agent will develop a route. The second part of cost I should pay under the contract,, how To take away the visa. I shall inform you Amir, if it to be necessary to me the help. Hope, what is it will not be problem for You and I can not worry about it. I have informed you all news about progress of our meeting and now I am sent To have a rest, I am very tired today. I hope, what soon I can embrace you Amir . I wait for your messages mine liked. My kisses and embraces!Yours Elena

P.S. Do not forget to inform the address and near airport.

Letter 15

Hi liked Amir! I am glad to read your message and to learn , that I can hope for your help in payment agency. Dear, I feel A little inconveniently. Because I had to address to you behind the help. I always considered myself as the independent man, Which can decide all problems. But, this time, I could not all take into account and was mistaken that I can itself To pay all travel. When I travelled earlier, it costed for me less. But I is happy, that now at Me there is you Amir, - man, which can come to me to the aid and help me in life. After ours Acquaintances, at me varies sensations itself. Earlier I considered myself as the strong and independent man, and it was pleasant To feel, that I can care of myself. And now I feel simply by woman, which requires support. But it is pleasant for me, to feel beside the strong man, which protects me from all excitements of life! Amir, I have informed a place of arrival to you the agent and he expected the stayed charges for me. It will be for me 1550 $. Here tickets, insurance, road up to airport and some other necessary charges. I still had money, After payment of the first part of cost. It about 500 $, and now me is necessary, through 3-4 days about 1050 $, to pay in agency the second part of cost of travel. I hope dear, that this money not difficulty for you and you can help To me to pay, in 3-4 days, 1050 $ in agency. I shall learn from the agent, as you can send them it. Lovely, I hope, that I did not do to you difficulties by the haste. Probably it is the not planned expenditure for you. If it so, do not become angry with me please! I very much miss on you and I wait for our meeting. I wait for your messages Amir!
Thousand kisses. Yours Elena

Letter 16

Hello my dear My love I'm again happy because your letter paint me. Only in your letters I understand that I am necessary for you. And this big happiness to be near you and love you. My love when I go to the Internet of cafe, today in the morning here good day in the morning. Because so it is warm and beautiful. I see as trees smiled to me because each day passes through me. But I so want to spend with you time. My love for me would be the big happiness to love you and to be near you. For me only you the unique person who loves me and always care of me. Only you unique love which gives me all love and all happiness. Because I love you and you love me. I want to be with you in a reality. Because air such pure. And so it is good to become, when you go through foliage and observe of a nature and all alive around. My love of a bird so well sang, that it wanted to me to stop and listen for one minute. But again I did not have not enough you. Only you my love which so is strongly necessary for me. Which so strongly disturbs my heart. And only with you I shall feel like in the big love and attention. My love the early sun so gently looked at me. And beams amazed my body. It was pleasant for me to go to the park, but with me there was no you. My love I thinking only about you, and I so would like, that you gently took me for a hand and went near to me. Only with you I shall feel like in love and attention. My love I wants to speak you as I grieve on you. I shall be happy that I with you. But I would like to be with you as soon as possible. Because heart will not order to wait. Heart mine is broken off, because there is no you beside. Heart is a slice of love which so disturbs my soul. And as it will be pleasant for me to be with you and to love you. My love know, that only for you I am created. And only you my unique love which so strongly necessary for me. And which so strongly disturbs me. My love to you is very strong. And only you my unique person who burns me the aroma of love. Only you unique love which is strongly necessary for me also which aspire to me. I can not without you and each day passes through me and I would like to feel your heat and your tenderness. All that is connected with you reminds me you. And when I to come HOME at me on a wall your photo hangs. And your photo again reminds me you. And I again think of you. And I want to be with you. When I go along the street again I have your small photo which I carry in a pocket. And when I pull out it again to see you. And I would like to be with you and love you. My love all reminds me you, and I can not without you and without your first and present kiss. My love only you are necessary for me. It is not necessary for me of anything. It is not necessary for me an ornament, or still what things. Lovely but I cannot take the credit or the loan in bank as at me does not allow for this purpose my ?????????, and parents and so to me have helped with friends and me there is nobody to ask more than the help as you you my last hope for it. I understand that you have been deceived, but I do not deceive you if you will give the phone number that I to you I shall call want to be with you All you see women, only know to go shopping, and they only speak everyone about things. But it only things. It only a thing. But they do not have love, for them the thing is important only. They only want to own this or that thing. But I most of all want to be with you. If I lived in your city. Or if I was born at you in city. Then I never would leave you. And then I would be happy. Because I always knew that you near to me. But now it is necessary to look to the truth in eyes. I live far from you, and this distance prevented us to be pulled together. But now I shall be with you because I am self-assured. Also that the distance to us will not prevent to be together. We shall like each other and to enjoy love. And this big happiness will be with you and to love you. On the one hand I am grateful that there is a Internet which connects the man and the woman. Because it is shown love. When the person this meeting far apart it understands as is strongly necessary. And as the love is strongly shown. And suddenly if I lived near to you, and always paid on you of attention. But you would not pay on me attention. What I would to do? I would not know as to approach to you. Only the man should take the first step to the woman because it strong and always may dare on such. I am right? I think that my ideas concerning love rendered on you the big influence because I want to be with you and to love you. I most of all would like to be with you always and for ever. My love I only try to understand. And I want to love you always. And I think that you consult with my domestic task. I ask to show your ideas about me. Also that you think when go home from work. Or when you to go to bed. I want to know your ideas? My love for me that you to me have told the main thing only the truth, about the ideas because I am completely open before you as the book. And I want to tell you that I LOVE YOU ALL HEART. Your Elena

Letter 17

Hello my dear Amir!!! How are you, my sweet? You do have some lovely dreams, I really hope that one day some of them will come true, I have never before been pampered in the way you describe so it will be something to look forward to, but I would also like to pamper you too, that would make me feel just as good. I cannot imagine how it would feel for my hands to touch your beautiful soft skin but I would probably be mesmorised by those gorgeous big eyes of yours anyway. Looking into them would make me drift away into some wonderful unknown land, I would feel like I was in heaven, being pampered by an angel. It all sounds so wonderful, and I do truly believe that we'll have a very happy life together if we get the chance to meet, that is still my dream but alas it is only a dream at the moment. I do not really believe that I could ever be so lucky as to be with someone like you, it sounds much too good to be true. I do not think I would need very long with you to confirm my feelings for you, I already know what the result of us being together will be. I will love you even more than I do already and I will never want to let you go again. Lovely I to you understand that you are afraid to come on the same raker twice, but I went some times to bank that to me granted the loan or the credit but bank have not approved my the order as at me the small income and they cannot give me money, I have paid all money which at me were, which distances to me my parents and friends. I want to tell to you that I have nobody to ask more as soon as you, you my last hope for arrival and for our happiness, I want to be with you, not the main thing of money they to me are necessary for me only that I could arrive to you. I also do not have a lot of time to wait, as the agent asks me the sum for payment when I can pay, I want that you were my assistant in a life. I in all understand you, that you have sent somehow katya money and it did not write to you, lovely but you can trust me if you are afraid that I to you I shall call and speak with you about us and so on that you could trust and speak me with you that you could trust me also I send you the passport, I am ready on all to appear with you beside, with my favourite person. Lovely if you are not afraid to help me that to me it is necessary to send on Money Gram and what western uniuon as I can receive through Money Gram well I also I send the info that you could make all on a sending and you is necessary for me full info so the agent has told to me my I love you very much now, it sounds impossible to love someone that I have never met and the feeling is very strange, but genuine anyway. I'm not sure you believe it but it is true, I promise you. I am already looking forward to hearing from you again, and I hope you have some more dreams to tell me about, I love reading them. I do not usually dream when I am sleeping but I do daydream about you a lot, my dreams are also very passionate one's so we should enjoy each others company when we meet and live out our dreams in reality. Hope you will write again soon. Love, Your Elena

republic Chuvashiya
city: Kanash
Lenina Prospect, st.2, apt.44
Postal code: 420014
full name – Elena Okuneva



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