Scam letter(s) from Olga Dadiyko to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Fred, honey, hello! Thank you very much for your letter!
I called to agency yesterday evening and I told them I'll pay my trip next week. I gave them my passport this morning and they told me they will send my passport today to embassy already. I'll need Bulgarian tourist visa.
Wow, you know - I was forced to fill in huge special questionnaire - visa application form.
This form was amazing and very long.
I think - about 50 different questions. But agency told me Bulgarian visa is very easy, and all these questions are very formalistic.
But there were a lot of different questions, Mamma mia...
From understandable and reasonable questions - about address, job, month income and so on...
up to totally strange and ****** questions - for example - job of my parents, my knowledge of Bulgarian language, about all my last visits abroad (thanks God I had no visited abroad in past, otherwise I would have one million additional questions) and so on. Oh, my....when I answered last questions I had a feeling my poor hand will fall off :)
As you can see - I made a lot of useful job and preparations today.
Thanks God this visa applications had no questions about my ***-preferences. ha ha ha :)
Fred, honey, you asked me - dates of trip is August,6-15!
Name of our hotel is "Yetkin" - Konakli (Alanya).
Price of trip is 1150 euros.
I ask in tourist agency - they told me I'll come to Antalya International airport on August,6, about 1-2 p.m. local time.
Special tourist bus will take tourist group in airport and will transfer us up to different hotels in Alanya. (it's about 1,5 - 2 hours by bus from Antalya up to Alanya).
You should check your flight list - if you'll come to airport about 2 p.m. - we can meet right in airport and go to hotel together in this tourist bus. If you'll come later - you should take taxi and go directly to hotel "Yetkin" in Konakli (Alanya) and we'll meet in reception of hotel. Yes, I'll ask agency to give me your voucher as soon as I'll get it - I'll scan it out to send you in e-mail as a picture, ok? You'll need your tickets to Antalya only, also maybe taxi up to hotel, if we'll not meet in airport.
I'll fly from airport Pulkovo-II in St-Petersburg.
I took euro-account of tourist agency for you: You can wire payment from any bank, but not from WU-bank, because WU-bank work
with private persons only, not with firms and agencies.
From any standard bank. 1. Name of bank: SAVING BANK OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION (SEVERO-ZAPADNY OFFICE) ST.PETERSBURG TOCHOBRANCH 2. Swift code of bank (bank identification code): SABRRU2P 3. Number of account (analog of IBAN number for Russia): 42307 978 2 5538 5000464 4. Owner of account: Travel agency SVET.URIEV.CHEGLOVA Address of tourist agency:
Russia, 174210, Chudovo, Novgorod region, Lenin street 92.
Ok, Fred, honey, I kiss you and I look forward to your answer!
Letter 2
Fred, honey, it's me again.
I checked my letter and I sent you now and I'm in panic - this visit to tourist agency and this huge tourist questionnaire have ruined and wracked my brains totally ha ha ha I mixed up countries and I'm afraid you'll run to book tickets to Bulgaria now.
I wanted to write about Turkish tourist visa of course.
One more visit to tourist agency - and you risk to meet complete lunatic in Yetkin ha ha ha :)
Tourist agency told me I have two possible variants - to apply for visa right in airport of destination (in special office in Antalya airport), but such way will demand a lot of times
to fill in special immigration form and to pay additional 20 dollars right in airport, or I can do it beforehand right now. I preferred to do it beforehand.
Moreover if I'll try to fill in such form without support of agency in English in airport - Turkish guys will try to read my scribbles during a couple of hours ha ha ha :)
Fred - check please - do you need to apply for visa beforehand or you can do it right in airport?
Actually, it's not a visa, but special stamp which should be placed into International passport.
Agency told me - Turkey give such stamp with possibility to visit Turkey twice.
But I do not think we'll need second visit to Turkey this year, our next meeting will be in Holland, right?
OK, Fred, I send you my hot kiss once again and I look forward to your answer!
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