Scam Letter(s) from Olga Guryanova to Gerold (Germany)

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Letter 1

My love you may not present as me it was pleasant, when I to go in Internet - cafe and to receive your long-awaited letter. I read your letter and might not believe in this happiness, that I can meet you in a reality. I am simply happy that you can to send me 350 dollars, and certainly I can buy some underwear which I to dress in our first night. I wrote to you, that if you have such opportunity the help to me, you should send me money to my name. That is Olga Guryanova. the country Russia city of Kazan. It is the information which to you it will be necessary that you might send me money by means of the Western union. I want if you have such opportunity that tomorrow send in bank and have found out about the Western union. You have such way of transfer of money whether or not. If have it it will be very good. I can not wait, I as soon as possible want to be with you. There is no my love you are not right where to be hotel, it not city centre, but prestigious area, is sure to you to like. Because this hotel was offered me by my good girlfriend. If you can arrive to me during 2 days it will very well, but I can not arrive to you I shall not have yet money. If you tomorrow will go to the Western union and will send to me money, it will be very good. Just by then when you to arrive to me, I can buy the ticket, also reserve a room in hotel. I hope that shortly we shall be together. I shall miss and wait very strongly for your answer. With love yours Olga.



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