Scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Keith (England)

Letter 1
Hi my new friend, have good day, my name is Anastasiya, but friends call me Nastya. I looked your structure and I to love it. I wet to be fair with you from the first letter and is constant because I very much appreciate in people such quality as honesty. I want to tell that I do not live in your country, I live in Russia in Russian city of Nizhni Novgorod. On a site I have written that I live in your country because differently me would not register, and I have decided to make experiment and to write that I live in your country, I hope that this information will not prevent our dialogue because I want to have more dialogue with you. Now I want to tell about myself directly. My age of 26 years, I was born in the autumn, I lonely and live together with my parents. I very much like flowers in all their displays, I like to receive and give gifts to the friends and native, I very much love children as my work is connected to children, I work as the children's doctor in hospital for us in city to have this work I some years at medical university in my city studied. At leisure for an entertainment I like to walk with my friends on park in my city, I not frequently am engaged in kinds of sports from for insufficient a free time. I have kind enough gentle and romantic character, and you? I wait for the letter from you, your new friend Nastya.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Keith. Thanks for your answer to me on my address of e-mail. Wonderfully that my photo has liked you, together with this letter I send you one more my photo. I also want to see your photo. Thanks for your photo. I was pleasant to see it. You have other photos to send me, it is interesting to me to see other your photos. I not so believe in stars because I the woman the realist. I like to play tennis and sometimes I play in it with my friends. You have children? You had relations with the woman before? You communicate with other women on the Internet? I want to learn much about you and I hope that you not against set of my questions. How you work? Your work is difficult for you? Tell to me also about that place where do you live, on what the life there resembles? You sound really pleasant and interesting by the man. I want to tell a little about men. Pleasant to me in men the following qualities: good sense of humour, mind, honesty, skill to be close to the woman, careful, gentle, tender. I like strong personalities with individual character traits. My work does not allow me to have a lot of free time. My work is connected to children of younger age and I very much love them. I think you read my profile and saw that I have very serious of intention to get acquainted with good man for serious relations. I think will be interesting for you to learn more about my character. I do not know how will be better to start. Ok I'll try. I think that I'm very romantic woman. I like to communicate with people, I like good humor. I believein real love and I think that it's very important in live. I'm very jealous woman. I love when me present compliments and I'm ready to listen it indefinitely. For me very important that around of me were cleanliness and order. I often am engaged cleaning. Also I like cooking, esspessialy some tasty dishes. I like romantic relations between man and woman, but probably all women dreaming about it. But usually all relations very quickly come to an end. I have no intention to waste time on such acquaintances. I'm not met yet man, which I would decide to give back myself and my life. But I want to find him. I think that is my dream number one now. I think that for woman general in live not money or career. General for woman is have strong family and love man beside for care of him. Can you tell me about your dreams? What woman you dream to meet? I'm sorry Keith, that I ask you about so a frank thing, you see we are familiar only couple of days. But it's very interesting and important for me. I shortly have written the sights on life, if you want to know something else will be free for asking. I'll wait your letters. Yours faithfully Nastya.
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