Scam letter(s) from Marina Mikorkina to Eric (USA)

Letter 1
Hello!!! At first I want to thank you, that you have found time and written me a letter. You very much even the nice person. For me age not the most important in the man. The main thing his private world! I do not know what to begin with to tell you about myself. OK, I will try to begin. My present name Marina. I am 31 years old. My birthday is on the 16th of April. My height is 173 sm. My weight is 54 kg. I live in Russia in city the Kazan. It is about 700 kilometers to the east from Moscow. It is enough far from Moscow but I think that I live in not bad place. I began to get education in the secondary school. After I finished it I entered the University. I work in a stomatologic polyclinic. I am the doctor the stomatologist, on yours it is the dentist. As for my hobby I like to see films. My favourite film is Titanic. Then I like to listen music. I prefer to listen to classical music. I like to be in good company and I like to live with open heart and with good mood by life. I like to love and love to be loved by people. I love to live!!! I like to have fun and I hope that you are the same. I love romantice... It is the best thing that people invented.... I have never been married before and have no children but my desire is to have one or two some day! I do not smoke and drink a little on holidays as may be New Year or my birthday. So if you are intersted I hope to find a letter for me in this e-mail. I'll wait very much. You may feel free ask what you want - I'll try to answer for any of them. Bye! Bye! Marina.
Letter 2
Hi Eric! It is so pleasant to receive your letter.
I have not absolutely well understood about that that you speak. But I have understood nevertheless. I think that the best way is to fill a tooth. Then your food will not jam there. I'm so pleased that you can understand my not so good English language. I know, that now I admit mistakes, but I hope you won't be angry. I speak English but it is bad. I studied the English language at school of 7 years and at university of 5 years. Thank you very much. Let me tell you a little about my life. I have never been married and I have no children. I like to travel very much. But I have never been abroad. I like camping and I like to go to forest and to picnics. On my spare time, I like to spend time with friends, go to a movie, play tennis, dinning and have a good time.. In the summer I like to be outdoors more or less 24 hours a day and during the winter time I spend more time inside, reading a book, listen to music or just sit and talk with friends of mine. I don't enjoy the winter time to much, even though it can be very beautiful, I am always longing for spring and summer. In the morning I love taking long walks in the nature, planing things, solving problems or just philosophy about life. I also love to be near water, the sound of the ocean inspires my soul. There is a lot of things that interests me, The Arts, science, philosophy, sports, nature, cultures, global issues. Also to like me my work, with pleasure go for work every weekday. My mum works as the seamstress. On this work she 25 years. Daddies are not present, he has died when to me there were 17 years. I was disappointed in Russian men and I heard that men in your country are able to love really. I want to be convinced of it. For me a relationship has to be based on true love , mutual understanding and compassion. A genuine friendship and trust. A joy in seeing the best for your loved one. Tell to me more about itself and about the life.
I thank you for your answers.

Yours, marina.
Letter 3
Hello Eric!!!
I appreciate that you answered to me again. I'm sure you are interested what do I look for in such kind of relationship as writing through the Internet for such a long distance. It is quite difficult to say for me! Cause I'm not sure myself! I can only say that this can be grown into something ****** than simply friendship but I don't want to accelerate events. If I really interest you and you do me too - who knows - may be some day we'll meet and say warm words each other in person. First of all I want to add what do I look for in a man. He is to be very careful with me cause I'm very vulnerable girl. This is for the first sight I'm looking optimistic and not desponding but inside I'm very sensual. For the sake of the present love I am ready to leave here my last life and to leave to live to mine to the man abroad. But it if only I shall love him. I had unsuccessful experience of love with my the first the man. He has exchanged me for career. Since then I have no trust to the Russian men. They liars, are not devoted, are not able to love really. And consequently I search for the man from other country. I hope I didn't frighten you by high requirements to a man. I have no computer at home - so I have to use Internet cafe here in the city. There are many different centres of Internet access - I use the closest to my home. I want to tell to you more about my family, my parents. I live together with mum. She works as the seamstress. My mum sews different clothes. I very much love her. I love her best of all - she is my best woman in life who I respect very greatly. Mine the daddy has died when to me there were 17 years. I the daddy has died because of illness of heart. He worked as the driver about 13 years.
I very much loved him and now him very much does not suffice me.
I have no brothers and sisters.
I was really glad to write an answer to you. Bye my good friend.

Letter 4

Hello my good friend Eric!
How do you feel and how is your mood today? I am very glad to read your words for me. It seems to be some kind of magic - to write with the man from another part of the world! I'm very happy that you like to get letters from me. It gives me a feeling that I'm not bad opponent in our interesting conversation. As I've begun about my hobbies I'd love to tell you more about mine. You heard already that I like sport and all activities which help me to keep my body in good health. This is aerobics, gymnastics, mourning exercises.I like to float. Every week with girlfriends I go to basin. I like to play guitar and do when we sit at the fire late at night and singing our favourite songs! It is so romantic and pleasant. I like to sit in the deep and warm armchair reading favourite book. I have many favorite book but mostly of our Russian writers such as Bulgakov, Dostoevskii, Chekhov, Tolstoi and many, many others. But I know many foreign writer and like to read them too. For example, O'Henry, Mark Twain, Edgar Poe and others. I like to listen music. I like mostly classical music but sometimes I'm not against popular dancing music. I like to watch films too and I have seen many American movies from Holliwood - some of them are really good but mostly I like our own films of Soviet period. They were very kind and sensitive and tell much about relations between people and problems of person. I think that you didn't watch any of old Russian films and I would really be glad to show you several... I understand - it is impossible but seemes to be so great! But I want to know more about your tastes in movies, music, books and so on. What else... I like to cook. It seems to me to be some kind of art - to make beautiful and tasteful food. I have many interesting favourite recipes of making great dishes. And I think that it is of mine - to prepare food - I like to do it. I'd love to treat you with several of my favourite dishes someday! I feel that this letter turns out some too much about my person but I really would love to know more about you. You may tell me anything you want. So I'm finishing this letter but I want you to be patient and I'll try to tell you more about me and my life. I pass you a very warm Hello from Russia.

Yours, Marina.
Letter 5
Hi my best friend Eric!
It is glad that you again have returned! My friend to thanks for so detailed story about itself! My friend I wake up in the mornings and I do the most elementary exercises: knee-bends, pulling up, and another. I am not engaged in that that you had in view of in pictures on the Internet. Unfortunately I do not play in games on a computer. And if I play only in a kerchief and a patience and also a chess. Unfortunately I do not have pictures of me with mother in an electronic kind. I hope for your understanding. I'm so very glad to write a letter to you my good and warm passionate friend! I hope you feel OK and will be glad to find the letter from far Russia. I may say for myself that I feel not bad and I'm in a good mood. I feel that with every letter something wonderful and unkown grows between us! But anyway I hope I don't offend you by making premature conclusion that something can happen between us! I know it sounds a little crazy but... I only want to say that I'm very glad that it's pleasant for you to hear from me more.I usually wake up in the 7.30 in the morning and then doing my mourning washing, cleaning teeth and so on.In the morning I do domestic affairs, I would go in Internet-cafe that to you to write the letter. But sometimes I write also in the evening after work. At 11.30-13.30 I go to work by bus. All depends on day of week. Sometimes I work from 12:00, and sometimes from 14:00. As you understand I have no my own car and I can't drive at all - so I use to go to work the public transport. It isn't the best way of moving in the mourning full bus but I like to go walking to the work when the weather is good and I have good mood too. Then I come to work - do my usual routine work. For a dinner I prefer to go in a dining room which costs a beside my work. I like this place that gives me the minutes of calmness and I can eat my dinner - with friends by work. After work - at the 18.00 I can be free and I have a time for the rest to do what I want - I can go to the walk, to the gym or simply come home and read a favourite book. It is almost all usually I do through my day. OK. I'm a little tired and I'll write you more in my next letters to you. I hope to hear from you very soon and I hope you are not very tired reading my long letters.I'm really waiting for your answer.
Thanks for your picture!

Your very close friend Marina!
Letter 6
Hi my friend Eric!

Now I with confidence can name you the friend. At me still never was friends from abroad. I am very pleased that you do not cease to write to me. I also want more and more and find out more about you. I feel that something grows between us. I think time will show. It is pleasant to realize that someone thinks of me and writes letters far from me. Weather today not so good, and I was in bad mood. But when I have seen that you have written again, at once it became easy for me on soul. Today I was visited with an idea on that that I want to see you. Yes, really I want to look at you alive. Let it sounds a little strange, but I as well as any person can dream of the fine moments of a life. I would like to meet you and to talk in alive because letters cannot transfer all that that I want to tell. Who knows, can we and we shall meet sometime. It is very strange to understand what feelings people test when write completely from the different countries. It Internet. I do not know who have created it, but I want to tell to him thanks for that that with help Internet I not when would not get acquainted with you. Today I want to tell to you about the most long novel which was in my life. Earlier I somehow was confused to tell about it in detail. I have decided it to make today. I have found out you enough that about it to tell. It was approximately 3 years ago. Him called Sergey. We were about identical age. We have acquainted in park during a holiday. We have liked each other and have started to meet. There were we about one year and all at us was wonderful. But on work to him have offered increase and he should leave to work to Europe and to live there. He accepted that monetary income which he had, but he wanted more. I spoke that will suffice us, but he answered that will not suffice him. Sergey has told that will leave for Spain and will live there. Him very much interested money. I could not understand him in it. He has exchanged me for career. He has left. I cannot recollect it without tears. He very much injured me. I have almost forgotten him. And several months ago from him again news. He writes that is happy and has found the girl in Spain and wants marries. I any more do not want to recollect him and about other Russian men. I any more do not trust them. On the TV I looked transfer. In it it was told about the Russian girls which married foreigners and now they live happily. Have children. And I have asked myself: and whether I can be happy also as well as they? And consequently I began to search for the future husband through Internet. I hope not so have bothered with the histories. I wanted that you have found out me better. And now I would like find out: what your opinion on women living in your country? When your first serious novel was and than he has ended? Do not become angry because of my questions, simply I want find out you better. OK. On it I shall stop and I shall wait from you for the answer. I promise shall think of you, now I frequently think of you. I present you with me together....
All the best.

P.S. I work as the dentist in a polyclinic.
Unfortunately I do not have picture where I am on a workplace.
Thanks for references to sites. I have looked and have learned more about baseball!
Thanks for your story about itself and foto.

About respect Marina.
Letter 7
Greetings Eric!

Is glad to read again your letter today.I have decided to become the dentist when was still small. At school I liked to go to treat a teeth to the dentist. Then when I have left school I have acted in medical institute. When I have finished it I at once began to work as the dentist. Thanks you. In general all your letters bring to me a smile on lips and reading your letters at me is cheered up. I am glad that you do not overlook about me and find time to write to the simple Russian girl. Your letters are necessary for me. Today to me for the first time have got in my dream. I dreamt, as we walked together on park. This park referred to " Park in love ". We went together having joined hands and talked about love. About this fine feeling Love. Yes, LOVE! For a long time I did not feel it. As though I would like that this dream has turned to a reality and we together would walk having joined hands. At reading your letters I start to feel like on other and at me heart starts to knock faster. It seems to me that I start to fall in love with you. And I do not know that with me will be farther, all this depends on you. If I shall fall in love with you in it you will be guilty. But I am not afraid of it... So write to me more and tell more about itself and the life. And now I shall go home and I promise I shall think of you. Tomorrow I shall try to come again and will take pleasure in your message from abroad.

Sincerely yours Marina.
Letter 8
Hello my dear Eric!!
I as always expected your letter and I am happy that you have written to me. I think that you not against in that that I to name you dear!!!? Girlfriends speak mine to me that I became now absent-minded, speak that I have fallen in love, I do not know what to answer them as I do not understand that occurs to me and I all time to think of you. I already spoke them that I have found out the person in which Internet searched, and this person you. Whether tell to me please fairly, probably that our feelings are reciprocity? I very much to want that it was so because I very much to want to have serious attitudes with you my lovely and to hope for it. Now I to change not much and my heart to beat not in regular intervals. Probably I to be mad, but I to want to tell to you that you are my part a life and I do not present me without you. It is very important for me to learn your feelings to me and I am simple now in alarm for it!

P.S. The my dear friend why you thought that that girl Olga wanted only from you money?
I am pleased that you to like my sight. I really have some features Arabian or Persian. With tenderness, yours Marina!!
Letter 9
Hi Eric!

It again I. How you today? How your mood?
Today I want to tell to you very important thing so read this letter attentively. I worry a little. For all time of our correspondence I have found out about you much. You to me it is very nice. And I constantly think of you. I start in you will fall in love, because you like me as the man. Such still never with me was. But reading your letters full of heat, care and revelation, I have understood that you very good person. With each letter I feel you all closely and closely. I feel you closer to me, than my friends here in Russia. I cannot describe this feeling. When I lie down to sleep I think of you, I see dreams with you. When I wake up you again in my ideas. My soul sings and heart starts to knock faster when I think of you. What is it? I have fallen in love with you also you in my dreams the main hero. I think that we should will meet and to look each other in eyes. I want you to see. Because in letters which I write to you, I cannot transfer all feelings which I test to you. I talked to mum about you. She is very glad for me. I feel strong and self-assured, all this because of you. I here one, and me am very lonely. I want to be with the only thing the man, I want him to love and be loved. In Russia I could not find such person, but I could find you. And I am very glad to this. I am very pleased that have got acquainted with you, you have affected my life. And I want that you have changed my life considerably. I cannot hide more the feelings, I want to you. I have decided to arrive to you. I know it not easily well I think can pass through all problems to see you. I know it sounds a little madly, but I listen to the heart. I think it cannot lie to me. Tomorrow I have decided to go in church. There I was not already for a long time and I shall ask the God that we were happy. I shall ask that we have sometime met. What do you think? You think it LOVE? I think time will show.
I now I would like to know your opinion on all that that I have written.
Please the answer is faster. I wait from you for the answer.

1 Pepsi
2 bikini
3 trunks/board shorts
4 well done
5 Meat and potatoes
6 Romantic comedy
7 Ballet
8 staying at home With love Marina.
Letter 10
Hi my lovely Eric!

How you? To me it is bad without you because I frequently think of that that the life is not fair: you there are far from me, and I want to be near to you. I am very glad to receive from you the letter, your letters are necessary for me. Every day, reading your letters, I understand that the life for me gets completely other sense. I was very excited after my last letter to you, I was not sure in your reaction. Yesterday I talked to my mum about you. I have told to her that I want to leave from Russia. It was the ambiguous conversation. First she has told that it awfully and terribly to leave to which person do not know. She is difficult for convincing of that that you the good, caring person. I know that you can protect me from any troubles and can will take care of me. I trust you. My mum is conservative, but I shall convince her, I shall achieve her trust and approval. I have understood that I love you! Yes, I think those feelings, emotions which I test to you it refers to as love! I frequently think of you and I present us together. You it is constant in my ideas. I cannot more so, we should will meet and to look each other in eyes. Frequently I imagine our first appointment, the first romantic supper. I would like to prepare for a supper itself, for you, you it deserve. I present our first romantic evening, only we together. In a country house. We sit at a table which is beautifully decorated with various dishes. On the middle of a table of 2 candles. Candles of red color - a symbol of love. These candles radiate a few light. In a fireplace burning down fire wood a little crackle, classical music plays. We look each other in the face, having joined hands. Then you invite me on dance and we enjoy dance. I spend the hand on your cheek and then we for the first time have kissed. It was the first, long, not overlooked kiss. I all burn from passion to you. And then we have gone to a bedroom.... And only it is necessary guess that that can further happen. I wait, when it happen really? Think we soon we shall together. I know that my dreams become a reality, and you will help me with it. I think at us there will be a happy life. I have found out a little about the visa and some documents, but it not all. I tomorrow I shall find out more about it and to you I shall inform. I wait, that you have changed my life. I have fallen in love with you and this feeling does not give me easy to live. I dream to begin the happiest woman on light. I wait from you for letters and know that I constantly think of you. Yours Marina.

Letter 11
Hi loved Eric!

How your mood today? At me today fine moods and me it would be desirable to transfer it to you. I want that you felt. I am ready to do any your mood even better. I for a long time have understood but was afraid to recognize that that I to you feel, which I did not test earlier. I want to understand that occurs in my heart. I want to look at you, I want to feel your breath. I do not know that happened with me, but I like your soul, your heart. The rest is not important for me. For me the material world is not important. Only the world of calmness, fidelity and loving heart. You the remarkable person. Earlier with me done not happen with me such. I am pleased that the destiny has presented me of you. Tell to me all about your ideas, your dreams. I want to know about you all. Today I talked to my chief about my holiday. He has told that I can take holiday. I constantly think of you, you in my dreams always. And I have decided that I shall lead this holiday with you. I ask me to forgive if I suddenly seem to you impudent. Simply I want to see you. We should will meet. My heart demands it. For continuation of relations we should see each other, look each other in eyes and read in them all that cannot to transfer the letter through Internet. I done not frightened with distance. I have fallen in love with you and I can not more without you. I hope your feelings to me have not changed after that. Calm my tortured heart. Tell to me please you can meet me? You will be pleased if I shall come to you? I hope, that I do not offend you the questions. I believe and I hope that you will be pleased to see me to spend time together. Success to you and all most best.

P.S. My home address:
City: Kazan
street: Vosstaniya house 72 ap.19
Country: Russia
Postal code: 420030
My father was really the driver when was alive. He is worked also as the bus driver, the lorry, the crane.
I listened Santana my dear! Yours Marina.
Letter 12
My dear love Eric! How your business today? I hope, that good.
I study all documents concerning my arrival To you.I yesterday went to travel agency and have found out the information on some documents. The visa to receive not so difficultly. To receive the visa it is necessary to show tickets aboard the plane which takes off to you!! At me is money and I can dare to buy these tickets. Lovely it depends only on you. To receive the visa to me it is necessary to arrive to Moscow. There to receive the visa, and then to leave to you. The visa will be done somewhere with 2 weeks. If you want our meeting I can already take off for Moscow on Friday. ANSWER me THIS QUESTION. YOU WANT THAT I To YOU HAVE ARRIVED?. At me is MONEY AND FROM YOU it is NECESSARY NOTHING to me, EXCEPT FOR YOUR LOVE.

I wait for that moment when we shall meet!! I would like to become a part of your life, to wake up together, to carry out all free time, to travel together and to make that happy person in the world. I hope, that we can embody dreams each other.

P.S.Thanks for the detailed story about your family. Thanks for photos!
I shall necessarily inform as soon as I shall receive your card!
Letter 13
Hi Eric!
I am very glad to receive your letter. How you? How your mood?
Than you are borrowed now? When I have read your letter, in eyes even tears of pleasure have appeared.
I see as we - are necessary each other. I visit church and I pray about our meetings.
You always with me here and I all time, each hour and minute think of you.
You show very strong interest to me, it is very pleasant to feel like necessary to someone.
I very much hope that our meeting real I will be very fast also can visit you in your beautiful country and carry out a lot of time together with you. Now at me very good mood and I think of you. I want to learn all about you! When I began to correspond from you, I at all did not know that I can so seriously to become attached to you.
In you I found all that is necessary for me in the person for creation of serious attitudes.
I have read your letter, in it I saw your sincerity and accuracy to me.
I began to collect many information and documents to show them in embassy.
I happy shall visit you is my limit of desires.

P.S. My dear I it disagree to go to your friend in Moscow. I do not know him.
I am afraid to meet my love strangers. I hope for your understanding.
Unfortunately I do not have any phone of a house.
Which you saw flowers in a picture the former guy per day a birth has presented me.
I am glad that they like you!

Yours Marina!!
Letter 14
Hello my dear Eric!
My dear while to me it is not necessary to any information from you. When I shall in Moscow in embassy to me should tell. I shall necessarily ask you. While to me it is not necessary for any information from you. I'm fine. And how you? I prepare for trip to Moscow. Today late at night I leave to Moscow and tomorrow early in the morning I shall be there. Tomorrow I shall write to you already from Moscow. I think I shall stay there on some day. The girlfriend lives in Moscow at me, she to me will prompt where better to go in such big city. I yet to time was not there.
I think at once I shall go to embassy. All this for today.
Success also wait for letters already from Moscow. Yours Marina.
Letter 15
Greetings my fine Eric!
My dear I has reached to Moscow by train for 50 dollars. Thanks for your video the message!
I think when I shall be at you we together we shall choose to me the order. I write to you from the capitals to Russia of Moscow. Fine it so is unusual, I for the first time am in this city. It is very big also it is unfamiliar to me. Now you are very necessary for me. I yesterday have arrived and at once have left to embassy to study full details about reception of the visa. I have, have shown them to all information and documents which have gathered in city. There to me have told, that all is in the order, and any requirements in them to me are not present yet. Meanwhile I should remain in Moscow, interview one of these days should take place. It is necessary to show them tickets onboard the plane up to you. Without tickets to me will not give the visa, it is a guarantee of that that I can return back. But if we shall get married the second ticket it will be possible to hand over back at you in the country. Tomorrow I shall go to buy tickets onboard the plane, and then at once I shall go to embassy to present their tickets onboard the plane. Then I at once shall write to you. Inform most to the closest international airport where it is better to arrive to me. I have passed to tell to you, that my good girlfriend lives In Moscow. Her name - Yuliya. When I have arrived, yesterday she has met me. She has shown me cheap hotel, and tomorrow we with it shall go to embassy. I only could dream from this. Now I shall go in hotel to spend night. I today very for a long time could not fall asleep, thought of you. And in dreams of dream of you dreamed me. I precisely do not remember, but I seem in dream, saw you and. We were very happy, together ran and laughed.
When I have woken up in me, the mood was very good.
I know, that we shall be happy together.
Yours Marina!
Letter 16
Hi my love Eric!
My dear I also want to speak by with you to phone.
You can leave to me your phone number and I shall call to you from Moscow.
I do not know that to me has interested in your structure.
I shall tell to you that something to me has told in soul that you the good person and I have decided to write to you the letter. And I am glad now that have found you!!!
Lovely everything is all right. Now I am in Moscow. Has lodged in hotel.
I could not write to you since have been borrowed. Reception of the visa it very much
Labour-intensive process. It is necessary to show a plenty of an information
And documents. Today I all the day was in MVD, it is a department of militia.
There I have stayed all the day in turn, then to me gave the information that I not
I shall consist at them in search. Still more many any trifles. I have not enough
Money therefore I try to save and to not spend much.
I now have not enough time.
Please do not worry. At us all will be in the order. I so for a long time waited for it.
It is a little more and we shall be together.
Do not miss.
Letter 17
Hi Eric!
My lovely today I have risen with very good mood.
You the last of what I think when lie down to sleep and the first of what I think when I wake up.
Our happiness already absolutely beside. For me now each day this test without you.
To admit to me earlier it was terrible to fly to other country slightly, but now I have not bad
learned you and only I dream that you to meet. You the good person, the bad person may not write such bad letters. I dreamed to find all life of such person as you.
In my country to not find such fair and reliable people as you.

P.S.My dear it is necessary for me to know your full residence and also your full name.
Send to me this information.
Letter 18
Hi my only love Eric!!!

I can't wait for that moment we will meet someday!!!!!I need to be with you!!! Cause I love you Eric. I would be so very proud to have you in my arm every place we go. Your heart is like no other. You are unique in love and grace. I want to feel you in my arms and kiss you deeply. I will tenderly kiss you. I will give you pleasure as you have never known. I want all this for you Eric. I want to come and visit you and to stay with you! I want to meet your friends to talk with all of them!!!! My love, we will live together very happily. You are a very hot man. I wish we were already together, each day without you seems an eternity, not being able to hold you, to whisper in your ear of the love I have for you, I want so much to be with you, words fail to describe the incredible love of ours. I could tell you for hours on end of the love I have for you, it is so strong and never ending, I find that I now look forward to what awaits for me in the future because you are their with me, because of your love, you have made the days of dreading the tomorrow disappear. I want only to make you happy, to dance with you in times of joy, comfort you in times of sorrow, make love to you in times of heated passion. I do not know how I ever survived without you,I do know that I shall not want to go on without you, I need you in my life, I love you Eric! I miss you!

P.S.My father called Vladimir. My mother call Elena.
The name of my clinic Stoma +
Its address: Kazan, street Stoljarova, the house 7

Yours Marina.
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