Scam letter(s) from Lilia Strelnikova to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1

Congratulations my friend!!! How your mood? I am pleased, which you have written to me, it gives me Additional energy within all my day. I search for the person who will do I the happiest the girl in the world. I want to leave in a marriage For the foreigner as I Think they decent and true men of love. I Trust in it! The Russian men drink too much and Frequently offend The woman.
That I cannot tell about you. I want to study, it - is more Than you,
are closer as pleasant to me to the person . I have chance and You have it, to start to study each other. How you look at it? To me It is very important to know your opinion! I shall tell to you It is more about me it is direct. I temporarily I live in small city Yoshkar-ola,
me Temporarily remove an apartment. About the big city of Kazan. I live One, my parents live in Krasnodar territory in city Sochi. I Work as The instructor in a kindergarten, work very much not paid in addition. But I I love work And children, they as small angels! I like to be borrowed(occupied), sports meets meet, Listen to music, to look cinema. Madly I want to visit Europe, The USA. It is not real at this time as it is expensive for me. I Would like To know more about you and your family, friends? Where you Work? Than, to be borrowed at a leisure? I send you a photo! I think, That it will give you additional energy. Where all of you still have And on what sites I could find structures you? I with impatience shall wait Hearing. Your friend Liliya Strelnikova.
Letter 2

Dear congratulations man !!! I am pleased, that you do not forget me and Write to me letters. As your successes on work and buildings. Than were Borrowed? To me to similar to know about you it - it is more as you to me It is similar.
You the good person. To write to me, what qualities we Surpass your girls. I would like it, you Knew, that I am frank and Fair with you. I would like to know at you there is a correspondence with Other girls.
If you have girl which you like, tell to me only, and I shall not write To you. It will be simple to me, it is easier! But if I in you shall see The person close to me and to think of you, that to me it will be Difficult to leave you. I do not want to injure you and. I think, that you correctly understand me! I With impatience the following letter will wait for yours. Your friend Liliya.
Letter 3

Congratulations the my dear person!!! I am happy to receive from you Letters so they are interesting to me.
How you do? My Interest to you, it is so huge, I do not do The answer to other men who write Letters. As I feel, to which you Serious also want dialogue with me. To Much to our regret I have 24 Hours an output in the Internet to write to you from cafe the Internet. Therefore I cannot use messenger Yahoo! I try to write to you everyone Day. I shall try to not detain my letters to you as I do not like to Wait during long time directly. To me very much to press! But I have was not present Any internal and mobile phone. But in the big desire I would be to be Enter item of communication which speak with you. Their Subjects Presence is not present at me as I Temporarily rent an apartment. I Do not live with parents as I Completely independent and free The girl. My home address: Russia, Mari-rl, Yoshkar-Ola. p.
medvedeva, ul. kommunisticheskaya, d. 14, kv. 37. An index 42400. I ask, that you have not sent me gifts concerning me, they will not reach As I am not registered in an apartment. Tomorrow I shall enter Church, ?oiaCaao?a I shall enter And tomorrow we with girlfriends Do mercy to children to Orphans. We trusted people of church. We collect we money, and we pass Them at school a boarding school. If you have desire, that you could Help these poor children! I think, that we should help the requirement Children, actually in them - not existing daddies of mums. My intimate tears It pour, when I see suffering children. Actually they - not Guilty! In us in republic it - is established from boarding schools For children From orphans. It - is a lot of orphans from for economic and social Problems of modern Russia.
It - is a lot of people nieaaaouny, and such Parents deprive with the rights. After the disorder of the USSR millions Children have been thrown out in the street.?! On it I shall be the End The letter, and I shall expect mercy from you! If you could help to do It is a little remittances by the Western union on my name and on mine Home the address. This noble business to help the requirement!!! Liliya
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