Letter(s) from Leysan Mukhamethanova to Husera (Turkey)

Letter 1

Hello dear Etas.
Thanks to you for your letter and kind words. I also was glad to hear your voice, unfortunatel connection was very bad and I badly heard you and understood.
its good, that your health good, i hope that doctor was said true!
Today my birthday and it really most good gift for me to be together with you.
It is not necessary to send anything to me, it is not necessary to me gifts.
Tell to me Ertas when you can send money to me that I could arrive to you?
I really do not wish to wait long.
I happy now and unfortunately, tomorrow it is necessary to go to work. I should stop now.
With all my love Ertas.
Bye, bye.
Your Leisan Mukhamethanova.
Russia, Kazan, chehova str. 14/18. postal code 420035

Letter 2

Hello my love Etas.
Thanks that has sent money to me. I have taken away money from you and I shall go tomorrow to travel agency to pay my travel to you.
I shall speak, that I wish to leave as it is possible soon and I do not wish to wait.
I hope, that they can issue to me all soon and then I at once shall arrive to you.
I very much love you also we really we shall be very happy together.
Ertas, you busy today?
Why you have written to me so a little?
Now very good weather and my girlfriends invited me tomorrow to a beach, but I should refuse,
because I have many another matters tomorrow.
I hope, you do not take offence that I shall not send you a photo in bikini, time will come
and you can see all the eyes.
I shall stop here.
With love.
Your Lisa.