Scam letter(s) from Sandra Adam to Jim (USA)

Letter 1
Hello and how are you doing today?Hope you are fine and everything is going on well with you well my name is Nafisa and you can also call me mas and am 30 years of lady single and Looking and i dont have kids..and am new on this site and as i completed my Profile i saw yours and i am in Love with it and will like to get to know more abut you..well i have been hurt by my ex bf and i Hope this time when i fall in Love i will never get hurt cos it really pains to get hurt and disappointed by some one that you love and Trust and i never wanted to Look for a man or be in a relationship but my Mum always encourages me and tells me that there is SPECIAL SOME ONE out there for me and Hope thats you lol..and well i was born in Australia but both parents are from Ghana here and i came and stayed in Tx for a while with my Aunt and shes now in Sweeden with her husband so my Mum told me to come back to Ghana here and stay with her and have my education so after i graduate from School i will relocate to my Soulmate..Distance doesnt matters when two hearts are loyal to each other and Love can be found from every corner you may not know and my Mum always encourage me in all what i do and tell me never tells me never to give up in life and if you interested in getting to know more about me am online on yahoo messenger now and my yahoo messenger id is newlove3g3 and my e mail is add me to your yahoo messenger list and lets chat and get to know more about each other ok..Looking forward to hear from you soon
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