Letter(s) from Elvira Karsakova to Tavis (USA)

Letter 1

Hi, my new friend Tavis!
I was really happy to find a letter in my mailbox!
I’m glad to start an acquaintance with a new man.
A couple of words about me. I live in Russia… But, please, don’t make hasty decisions according to it!
I’ll be visiting your country in about 5 weeks. I gotta get my family affairs settled in this trip!
If you are interested, I will tell you more about it in my next letters!
I was born March 18, 1979. I’m 5’5 feet tall. I weight 119 pounds. I live alone. I’ve got fair hair and dark-green eyes.
I don’t smoke or drink alcohol. I’ve never been married and don’t have any kids.
My mom lives near me – it takes me two hours to get to her place.
I work in a company specializing in the production of food for children. I’m the chief QC checker there.
However, now I’m on vacation and I’m getting all the documents required for the trip to your country ready.
That’s why I’m writing from a cyber cafe now.
Guess that will be enough for the first letter? Write me about yourself, your job!
I’ll be waiting.

Letter 2

Hello dear Tavis! How are you? How weather?
I hope that I don’t disturb you and it’s not difficult for you to answer my letters.
I really can come to your town and meet you. I can get a stopover in your airport, and then move on to Alaska!
But I have to solve the problems with the fortune my uncle left me.
I wonder if I can start a small business in your country. I guess you can advice me something.
But first of all we should get to know each other better, right?
I wrote much about myself. I can tell you even more… My main responsibility is to control the quality of the products on the factory.
It’s much of responsibility. It’s hard, but I love my job. I’d studied at university for 5 years and graduated in 2003.
I have higher technical education. I live alone in my flat now. My mom lives not far away from me and I often visit her at weekends.
I work from Monday till Friday, Saturday and Sunday are my days-off. But now I’m on vacation and preparing for the trip.
I’m really excited - it’s the first time I’ll cross the ocean! It’s interesting. Please tell me something else about you.
It’s so amazing for me to read your letters! You are a good company.
If I don’t answer some questions, please don’t get offended. I really do my best!
Hope to get your answer again!

Letter 3

Hello again Tavis!!
Are you ready to read my letter? Aren’t you tired of all my stories yet?
I’m sorry if I didn’t answer some of your questions. I’m trying hard to understand your letters and write everything correctly.
About the relations with men. I had several attempts that didn’t work out very well.
I don’t want to talk much about it. It all was about deception.
That’s why honesty is what I value the most in relations! Do you agree with me?
I want to trust my man – and I want him to trust me! That’s the main thing!
I’ve been working outdoors a lot today. In the evening I had a chance to write you!
When I have some free time to spend I’m meeting my friends.
I love going to the pool, I often go to movies. I don’t like loud parties,though.
That’s why most of the time I stay at home alone – I read books and watch TV.
I can stay in USA many time! I tell later about it!
Have a nice day!

Letter 4

My Tavis.
I have some free time to write you a letter.
Last evening I told my girl friend about our relations.
Her name is Noari. She's married and has two children. I often visit her and play with her kids. I love children and dream of having mine.
I think that family is the most important thing in our life.
I dream of having a really happy family! Do you think the same? Do you dream about it too?
What is your dream?
I love spending weekends at home watching TV. Sometimes I go to the cinema to watch movies.
I love comedies and melodramas. Do you like cinema?
I'll be waiting for a letter from you. Every single day it’s getting more and more interesting for me to read your letters.
I’m waiting for them. It's such a pleasure for me to answer you!
My visa is almost ready and I shall fly over ocean soon and I shall be in your country! Cool!!!

Letter 5

Hi my Tavis. great russian!!!
I’m so happy to write you again! Sorry, if I write to you seldom.
I don't forget you! I think of you every day and it's gives me new forces!
Sorry for my English today...
At first. News about my visa. Literally in a week I shall go to embassy for registration all documents.
My visa is approved, because my uncle was citizen of America, and I should receive its document and the inheritance personally.
I plan travel at the end of this month! You are pleased? I can come in your city before Alaska.
Probably, I can solve the problems with the inheritance not visiting Alaska. I can find all of this in your country.
Sole problem for me now - mum. I'm single child also should care of her.
Especially my mum old and is ill a cancer. Therefore I give many time to her.
But in any case I'll fly to America in July!!! This are new impressions!
I heard - your country beautiful and interesting! What you'll want show me in your city?
I can tell you about Russia so much. We even can visit to me!
After visiting your country I'll have huge money! 250000 $ for Russia - big sum of money!
Are for your country too? Simply interestingly))))
Write me! It is very pleasant for me - correspond with you!
HOT kiss for you!!!
Sorry for my English today once again. I dont have possibility write on English now (its inernet-cafe's problem)
Therefore I use translator. Hope your understand my letter.

Letter 6

Hi Tavis!
I know today is Independence Day - 4 July - Major. This is a big American holiday.
I want to congratulate you!
God bless to you and USA.
Have a nice weekend. I wait your letters!

Letter 7

Hello dear Tavis!
I’m missing your letters.
I’m so happy when I see a new message from you and I get really sad when I see that my mailbox is empty.
I’m thinking about you every single day. I’m glad that we are writing to each other.
Do you like reading my letters? I hope it’s not boring for you. I really hope so.
I’ve learnt so much about you in the last few weeks. I think that you know a lot about me too.
That’s why I can say you “my dear Tavis”. Is it OK with you?
I’m interested in you and it’s a real pleasure for me to communicate with you!
Maybe our correspondence will turn into something more…
I can fly to you at the middle of July! MY VISA IS READY!! It's valid up to 2008.
Now i can getting for trip! My mom say "Hi" for you! She feels more better!
I will write you later. Blowing a hot kiss from Russia to you!

Letter 8

Hi! How are you? Hope fine!
It’s so pleasant to read your letter!
First! I’m glad to hear that you are happy because I’m going to come to your country.
Please, write me which international airport is the closest to you.
If I have a choice, I will arrive to that airport at first!
I will try to find out the exact dates of my trip. It's will be very soon.
My dear! I get so anxious when I think about our meeting. I want it so much. I hope you do too.
I can’t express my feelings in this letter. It all is in my heart! I hope that you understand it...
Oh...I think about you every single day.

Letter 9

Hello, my dear Tavis. Nice foto!
I will try to fly to the country via your airport.
I can stay with you several weeks! If you want! We solve it in airport!
I’m getting ready for the trip. It all makes my hands so full.
I don’t forget about you, though, I’m thinking about you every single minute!
How are you, the weather, your work, your family?
I will give you the exact dates of my trip as soon as I find them out!
Most likely, I will have to go in the end of July!
Every single day brings our meeting closer! That’s the only thing I keep thinking of!
My heart tells me that our acquaintance on the Internet wasn’t occasional!
Tavis I grateful Destiny and God! Heavens helped me to meet you!
What is your favorite Flower? rose
Favorite Color? red
Favorite Food? ? Russian!
You are in my heart!

Letter 10

Hi Tavis!!
I’ve got really good news for you.
I’ve got everything ready for the trip to your country! I will write the exact date of my arrival in the next letter!
I’m so excited… I’m writing you and my hands are fluttering! )))
I dream of meeting you. I will be looking for you in the airport. I’d be so grateful if you met me there!
I’m starting to think that my heart will jump out of my chest when I see you! I’m afraid that I can swoon.
But I hope that you will catch me before I fall… (LOL) I can’t stop dreaming of our first meet together.
Yes, we talked a lot at dinner, drank wine, and danced slowly,
our faces close, cheek to cheek, each of us whispering in each others ear,
kissing tenderly, our bodies firmly together moving gently to the music, desert
was mouth watering. I took my spoon and fed you a piece, as my spoon approached
your lips, you slowly slipped your tongue over it while looking in my eyes,
and drew in the food with an umm sound. At this time I felt your foot gently
rubbing my leg under the table. You invite me on slow dance, during dance your
hand on my thigh squeezing. Again, you reach over and kiss me, the stars lit up
as fireworks. We continue to dance and kiss from lips, to cheeks, neck, ears, hands,
fingers, arms, until our bodies have been consumed by lips. Then we go in a bed...
I kiss you soft and deep....Our eyes locked in sheer amazement of the explosive passion between us....
I give you more and more until you scream with happiness.... Tavis
I love to look at your sexy body lying naked on bed.... Tavis
As you slowly take me into your soft lips, you sense my pleasure and me.... Tavis
The pleasure you give me is like nothing I've ever felt.... Tavis
I want you to love me forever....

Letter 11

My love Tavis!
I’ve arrived in St. Petersburg. I did my utmost to get all the documents ready today.
I was so happy when I was flying to St. Petersburg. I have both good and bad news.
I will be able to arrive to you with the flight if you will help.
I can fly on Fri 10-Aug

7:20 am Depart St. Petersburg (LED)
Arrive Sacramento (SMF) 10:41 pm

Air France 2899 / 388 / 9062
Connect in Paris (CDG), Atlanta (Hartsfield Intl.)

The ticket’s price was $1100. However, I found only $400 in cash.
I spent all my cash to buy meds for my mom. I think it was a right thing to do, wasn’t it?
I told my mom about it all – she was crying for so long. Then she left and told that she was going to be back soon…
She was back in a couple of hours – she brought me $350. I asked her where she got that money.
She told me that she pawned the golden chain and all the jewelry she had on her. That was all she had!
I tried to argue with her and make her get her jewelry back – but she told that she wasn’t going to!!!
She told that it was my money. I promised to buy her jewelry out of pawn.
Please, understand that it’s hard for me too. I don’t know whom else to ask.
I’m asking you to lend me the money. I will give it back to you as soon as I arrive.
I will even give you more. I will give you 600 usd. BUT I NEED 350$ now.
The situation I’m in is a paradox – I HAVE MONEY ON UNCLE'S ACCOUNT IN USA!
But I can’t find lousy $350 to get out of Russia!
I will repay your kindness fully. I can value the help which, I hope, you will give me.
I will do whatever you want me to for you. I trust you.
I hope that you won’t forsake me being just a step away from our meeting.
I’m puzzled by the things that have happened. I ask you to help me. I beg you.
If you love me and wait for our meeting, please, send these money to
me until August 9.
Tell me, Tavis. Will you be able to help me? If yes, do it as soon as possible.
So, please go to WesternUnion and transfer the money in Russia.
You can send the money for: Elvira Karsakova(that’s my full name)


1. your full name
2. your full address
3. confidential numbers (Money Transfer Control Number)
4. exact amount money

I will pray for you to help me! You are my only hope!!!!
If you can understand the situation I’m in and if you agree to help me,
I will be so grateful! If you can’t, it will be really hard for me. But not catastrophe.
My mom and I will be praying for you!

Letter 12

Hi my love!
Sorry once again ..... it is a shame to me - ask your help.
But it sole way now.... Thanks! You not reject me!
I understand your situation... But I love you!
I want to be with you! I'll wait your letters and your help...
I make attempt to find money too! But it is hard for me now...
I don’t ask you to give me the money! I’m asking you to lend it to me!!!! TRY TO UNDERSTAND IT!!!
I'll try a delay the payment for the ticket. Don't worry!
I'll wait your help at any time!
I love you! I think of you every day! If I think about our meeting I excitation very much.
You my prince! You in my heart!
I wait your letters next couple of days.

Letter 13

Hi my prince Tavis!!!
I have a little problem. But we'll together!
I can wait your help today!!! I love you!
I want say you that I was wait moment of our all my life and I thank the destiny that I find you Tavis.
I trust you and love you. I'm sure that it's not mistake and you are the All for me in this world!
Please tell me my importance for you, I want to know all what you think and feel.
I want to be the part of you. I want that we will be together always.
We'll meet we will speak about many things. I so want it soon, I want to see your face, to see your eyes, to hear your voice.
I want to take your hand and feel your love.
There are many good things in this world but the best thing is love, I found it and I don't want to lose it, I'll do all for our love Tavis.
We'll meet soon . I can all for our meeting because I LOVE YOU !!!!!

Letter 14

dont worry my love! Today i can pick uo your help and shall be reservation ticket!!! Wait my information!!!!

Letter 15

Hi my love Tavis!
Today I went to bank and have received money.
Then I went to my the visasfirm and paid for the ticket. Many thanks my love.
Every day I thank the God that I found you in this crazy world!!!
I could not register in time the ticket on today.
Therefore I shall be a few little delay. I shall register the ticket on Tue 14-Aug

9:50 am Depart St. Petersburg (LED)
Arrive Sacramento (SMF) 6:15 pm

Rossiya Airlines 235
Connect in Paris (CDG),
Air France 46
Connect in Seattle (SEA)
Alaska Airlines 170

Dont worry! We will together
I never tired to say you Tavis that I love you all my heart and I'm waiting this beautiful day when we'll be together and can speak hug and kiss. It will be the best holiday in my life. I want you in my life Tavis I want to lie down to sleep with you and wake up with you Tavis and everyday. I want to be yours and I shall be with you! I think you love me too and we must do all for our meeting, I trust you very much and I'm sure that this day which I'm waiting comes soon because I truly love you and want to be with you, it's my dream now but it's realizable. This day comes nearer, I feel it and I think you feel it too. I want to say hello to you from all my friends and my relatives they wish love for us.
IT's a beautiful life now for me because I have the man which I love.
It's you Tavis and I don't want to lose you!!!!!
We will be together!!!!!!!

Yours love!

Letter 16

My Tavis!
Every day I thank the God that I found you in this crazy world!!!
I never tired to say you Tavis that I love you all my heart and I'm waiting this beautiful day when we'll be together and can speak hug and kiss.
It will be the best holiday in my life. I want you in my life Tavis I want to lie down to sleep with you and wake up with you and everyday.
I want to be yours! Today all the day I think only of you.
I today am bad to sleep and to think of it. I dream both I dream and I dream.
It is impossible to present as I shall take You for a hand also I shall tell to you these three words.
My heart is beaten very much frequently when I think of it. I cried from pleasures that we have found each other.
I truly love you and want to be with you, it's my dream now but it's realizable.

Letter 17

Hi my Tavis!
I'm in St.Petersburg, at the airport.I have decided to have registration at once to not worry tomorrow. I have gone to a department of registration of tickets and the control of luggage. And I have one trouble. I have my visa and the air ticket. But it was insufficiently for visiting your country. The men from Airport Service has told me, that I should have extra money (not less than 700 USD) To be in territory of America. I have answered, that I haven't extra money, and it was the truth: when I've left my home I've had visa, air-ticket, the train-ticket and a little money(about 900 Russian rubles (35$) for a meal and other charges) They have explained me that extra money is necessary to convince the Government, that I'm a decent(right) girl, and when I will get on the American territory, I shall not become the tramp or the prostitute, and that I should have money for the hotel as any tourist. I have told them, that I really am tourist and I have shown them my tourist visa. But the man has smiled and has told me that he never saw tourists without money. These words have offended me very strongly. I have told them, that I will be met by my beloved man, and that I fly directly to him. I wanted to give them your phone number, but they have refused call to you. Unfortunately your phone number was for them not too convincing argument. He has told, that there can be something, for any reason you, cannot meet me. It can be, an automobile fuse, accident, breakage of the machine, or any accident. In any of these cases, I shall stay one in the another's country without money, and without anyone familiar. I shall be compelled, to beg or steal, or to be engaged in prostitution. I have been very much indignant and upset with these words. I swore at them, and spoke that not such girl. On what, he has answered me - all so speak, but it occurs, and is a lot of such cases. He has demanded from me to show him at least 700 American Dollars. And I have answered, that I have no such money. I was confused. I for a long time swore at them. But in any case I should pay 700 USD. When I shall have money, I will receive ticket on nearest flight in this day. Otherwise I will not get aboard the plane. But you should not worry, because I will get this money back, when I arrive to you. I shall not spend, any dollar. This sum is necessary for me, for crossing border. I cannot write much because I use the Internet of cafe. I should spend night in St.Petersburg in a waiting room. It is much more terrible than I thought. Tomorrow I again will take advantage of services of Internet-cafe to receive your letter.

My love Tavis as soon as possible send me 600 USD. I has been able to find 100$!
Can you send me money using Western Union again. It is located not far from the Airport where I am.
I am so frightened. You can send money in Russia! It is not necessary to specify city.
It is convenient for me more!! I receive money and at once reservation the ticket!
I cannot be in St.Petersburg for a long time, because I have no money for a meal and a for the night lodging. I only have slightly meal which I took from a house for my trip in a train. Now already evening. I should have money as soon as possible because I cannot be in St.Petersburg for a long time.
It is so terrible. But I try to keep calmness.

You can send money in any branch in RUSSIA!

Can your help me last time? please!!!
But you should not worry, because I will get this money back, when I arrive to Sacramento.

Forever love, ilia!!!

Letter 18

Hi my love!
It is a pity to me..... I understand you....
Thanx for the hope! My love! Thanx for your ex-wife!
I shall try find money. It's hard for me too...
I wait your help! Remember! I'm back your money in your airport!!!
I'm praying for a miracle too!!! I love you!!
I fly to you!
I love you!
Elvira (Ilia)