Letter(s) from Anna Krylova to Gord (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello !!!!
I'm glad to receive your letter. Well …. I don't know from what to begin our dialogue. :) I never got acquainted on the Internet, and the first never started gets acquainted with the man. You probably think that I'm the next silly girl. Lol Ok. Probably it's interesting to you why I have written to you on a site? And why I get acquainted on the Internet. I read many profiles … but my sight has stopped on your profile … .mmmmm ……. normal the man (has thought me) when read your profile …and has decided to write to you. I think, that the Internet gives cleaner dialogue because in real I can't gets acquainted with guys. Yes many guys try will get acquainted to me …. But they see sexual object. They don't see me! They want only sex. I want relations!!! On a site to me offered virtual sex … it ridiculously …. Group sex turns out. (computer, girl, guy).
Opssss ….. there is some platitude. LOL
I hope, that have not frightened you. Now I need to go. I'll write more about myself in the following letter!
Ok. I hope to receive your letter and your new photos.

Letter 2

Hello hello hello !!!
WOwwww …. You are have written to me. I have not frightened you?? LOL
Ok. I promised to write about myself. Hmmmmmm …. It is difficult to write about myself. I'm best girl in while world. LOL
You are ready to learn truth about me?? Ok, let's begin …..
My name is Diana. To me have told, that I have named in honour of princess ….. but I don't think that I'm princess because I don't have prince. You will be my prince? LOL ….. Yes I'm 26 years old. Already old that to be princess. lol ….. Ok. We shall start with the present: Now I live in London. I have arrived in London 3 months ago. I'm student. I study English language here. You probably have noticed, that I make many mistakes. But I think, that you can read, that I write. My training soon comes to an end. It's only rates of English …. Yes I would like to study English top-level …. But I'm tired to be the student … Now the past: I'm from Estonia. I was born and have grown in city Tallinn. It's capital of Estonia. (there is some geography). I have left school in Tallinn, then I studied at University … … ohhhhhh ….. it there was good time. You remember the youth? I studied as the economist. I have received the diploma of the economist. Then to me have told, that if I want to be the good expert, I should learn English. I'm a little tired to be the student. But the daddy speaks me, that education opens doors during life ….. it's not right. I think, that the most important in a life is happiness!!! The happiness cannot be learnt at University, to buy in shop, to receive as a gift ….. happiness is given to the person once!!. And if he (person) has missed the opportunity ….. it's a mistake of a life! It's my opinion. What do you think??? My parents live in Estonia. My mum German, daddy Russian ….. I don't know who I'm?!. Lol But I think I'm Estonian ….. cheerfully. LOL I'm only child in family. I don't have native brothers or sisters …. Probably my parents lazy. LOL I have 2 cousins. They live in Germany. I have the best girlfriend Vera. We are friends in since childhood. Vera has forced me to make the profile on a site. She has got acquainted with the guy through the Internet. They communicated 2-3 weeks. Then she informed me, that they meet. I was in a shock. He in Australia, she in Estonia. She has told, that flies to him. I have told, that she is crazy!!! But they listened to nobody and has departed to him. Yes, his name is Matthew. Now they are happy!! They gather marries. It's surprising! They have not appointed date, but have told, that I learn the first! And still Vera has told, what she will not start up me on wedding if I shall be alone. lol Will you help me to penetrate on wedding Vera? lol … … … you will go with me?
Ok. Now future…… but I don't know the future, I am not able to predict the future …..
You are tired to read probably…. I chatter much. But I hope, that you have read up to the end. LOL
I wait your answer.

Letter 3

Hello!!! Hello!!! Hello !!!!
How are you??? What new?
I have excellent mood today!!! All is cool!!! I read the book about grammar of English language now. Yes it's boring.... But I need to receive examination. I admit many mistakes in the letter? Yes I know, that much! It will be fast at me examination. It is last examination!!! Wowwwwwwwwww.... soon my training will end! Yesterday I went to park. I went with new girlfriend Julia. She from Germany. We were in cafe. There the most tasty ice-cream. My favourite ice-cream is strawberry. And what is your favourite ice-cream? I have found some pictures from my house in Estonia now. I have signed it so, that you can see my apartment. You can see my room. My room is a part of my childhood. And do you remember the childhood? The childhood is best time in life. In the childhood I had many toys. Ok. Stop about the past, it's necessary to live by future. Once one guy has told me - present is past, and the future is already present. So, that we shall live hereby. This guy was my the neighbour. His house was near to my house. he was always cheerful. I'm surprised... Him had a lot of energy. I saw him last time 2 years ago. he was going to visit Africa. He is crazy guy. Now I don't know, where is he. His dream was to visit North Pole. I don't, there can be it to him it was possible. Sametime I accept fast decisions. I love adventures, I love romanticism. I love romantic appointments. You imagine burn Candles.... wine....And only you and me....
Ok. It's only ideas. But may be once it will becomes a reality:)
Well.... Now I again need to read....
I'll waiting for your letter.

Letter 4

Hello my Dear !!!!
I'm sit and prepare for examination. And what are you doing? Yes, now I looked the pictures. And I found some pictures from my life. I have found the pictureeee..... wowwwwww..... it was final evening at University in Estonia. It was cheerful!!! Many people have not sustained, but on the picture there were the strongest! That evening we have drunk champagne much and the life seem to us happy...... But it was only an instant...... Still I have found the photo from my travel. this picture I did when travelled in Denmark. It's very beautiful country. I still had many impressions from this country. Especially I remembered, as we marked Kristi's birthday. She is the girl which is right from me. (From left is Jeni) I have got acquainted with them at museum's excursion. They are from Estonia too. And we lived in one hotel. We celebrated in a bar of hotel. It was cheerful. We danced much.... Had fun. It was in 2005. Cheerful time. We shown to everyone how it's necessary to have fun. When I have come to hotel suite, my legs were ill. But it didn’t excite me, because the most important is good mood!!! I hope that the picture don't frighten you.lol Yes, but it's not all yet!!!! Now detain breath.lol I has found the picture when we were on a beach with Vera. It was in the summer. We were on a beach till late night. First we simply sunbathed. We have not noticed how evening has come. But we didn't want to go home. Not far from us some guys sat. They have invited us to them. They have treated us with beer. We sang songs. hehe Yes....... From that time there were only memoirs. The life does not stand on a place. Same pictures I have attached to the letter. What do you think about my girlfriend? I have written to her yesterday, that I have got acquainted with you. She asked your picture? The answer No I’ll not accept. LOL Vera kill me if I'll not send her your picture. LOL Do you want my death? (black humour... Excuse) Yes Vera sends hello to you!!! ohhhhhhhhhhhhh......... boringly..... A little sadly. I hope that you are not tired?! You are very interesting man. And it's pleasant for me to communicate with you. Where you were earlier??? Why we could not get acquainted earlier??? Why in my life there were only mongrels. I thought that normal men don’t exist. I was mistaken. Now I have met real man! Each girl dreams of it.
Ok. Now I should read, I'll take a shower then....
Well.... I'll waiting your letter. And your new pictures.

Letter 5

Hello my lovely !!!!
I’m glad to receive your letter!!! ohhhhhhhhh..... I hate grammar of English language.... Yes I again read.... I hate studies!!! Excuse.... I'm tired. Massage is necessary for me. You will make to me massage? I now shall close eyes and when I'll open eyes you will be here.... And......... The miracle has not taken place. It is a pity... I have now recollected as we celebrated birthday Vera 1,3 year ago. September was. We sat in cafe, chattered. There has come evening. We have decided to go to walk in park Tallinn. In park we have thought up competition - a unusual photo. Yes I was the best because I could rise on a column. I have attached the photo. You can see my record. Ohhhhhhhhh.... it was very ridiculous. rise on a column it was difficult, but it will go down from a column more more difficultly. When I went down Vera held me, but she could not hold and I have fallen to her. We long laughed! To us it was cheerful together....
You know correspondence with you gives me force! Thanks!!! I'm glad very much that have got acquainted with you.... I again started smile.
Now my mood again good!!!
Ok. Now I need to read again. I with impatience waiting your letter.
I miss you.......

Letter 6

Hi my lovely !!!!
I'm glad to receive your letter. Ohhhhhhhhh..... tomorrow my examination.... I worry very much..... But I the optimist also am sure that I’ll receive examination!!! Yes I still have news. Today called my father. He has told, that when I receive the diploma I should fly in Moscow to visit the grandma. I didn't see the grandma long time very much. She is mum of the my father. Last time I saw her when was small the girl. Father doesn't love the grandma. She has given him all life. She brought up his one. He told, that she worked on 2 works to feed and dress him. And to him it is indifferent.... Father loves nobody. I don't understand the mum, that she has seen in the father. Why she has grown fond of him.... I don't understand..... But if she didn't marry on the daddy I would not be now. Destiny...... ok.... I don't want to speak about the my father more. Today good day. I today have received the letter, from the cousin sisters. At me in Germany there live 2 cousins. I didn't communicate with them, after death the grandma. She is mum my mum. And today I have received from them the letter. I have been surprised. They have sent me the photo. It is a photo, we did some days prior to death the grandma. Has passed 3 years. I have not changed almost.
Interestingly... Today day of my grandma's!
Ok. now I again need to read..... I miss you. I hope, what tomorrow you will help me?!
I waiting for your letter.
BIG Kisssssssssssssssss

Lovely it is my home phone number - 020 7870 5679, United Kingdom (+44)

Letter 7

Hello my Dear !!!!
I’m happy to receive your letter!!!! At me excellent mood!!! I have received last examination.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The simple test has got to me! I'm glad!!!!!! It is possible to tell, that I already have the diploma!!!!!!!! Wow........ I worried very much. It is last examination. I don't know.... I'm happy. Tomorrow to me will give the diploma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is cheerful!!!!!!!!
I worried very much..... But now all is gone. Now, all!!!!!!
Thanks you my lovely. Dialogue with you helped me very much. Now I should that to make for you. What do you want? Only not an eternal life. LOL.
Ok.... ok.... ok...... I'll not speak all any more about University.
Now I any more the student. I should speak... I want to speak much.
But.... All... I'll stop. WOWWWWWWWWWW..... I can't stop!!!!!!!!! Why you not near to me???????????? WHY????????? I want to divide the pleasure with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m happy, that I have met you!!!!! You have changed my life!!!!!!!! You the wizard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are angel!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes Julia has invited me in cafe to celebrate reception of examination. She the same has received examination!!! ohhhhhhhhh......
ok. stop.
Now I need to gather. Julia has told, that will go for me in 3 hours.
I now go in shower.
Ok. I waiting your letter. I miss you!!!

Letter 8

Hello my Dear ! it's me again!!!
Now night to London. I'm tired...... We have cheerfully sat. Julia with the guy have still remained in a bar. I think, that since morning they will not leave from a house. Especially Braen. He is guy Julia. He has drunk a lot of beer and fault. He was already strongly drunk, but they have remained. Ok. Their two they will not be gone. I have taken the shower..... I simply laid on a bed.... I thought... Thought of you..... Probably it is ridiculous.... But it is the truth! I wanted, that you appeared near to me. I want to feel heat of your body. I want to be in your embraces. I didn't have man for a long time. Last guy at me was 1,5 year ago. He has deceived me. He met one girl. It was very difficult.... It was sad.... I hate lie!!! I remember that evening when I have seen him with other girl. I was in a shock. He apologized. He spoke, that I not so have understood...... He counted me a silly woman. I felt like awfully. I have gone to Vera have told to her all. She calmed me..... I cried much. Then she has told, that it is necessary for me take a walk. At home she had her younger sister. She the same has gone with us. Yes.... This evening is difficult for forgetting. You can see my condition. I never drink so a lot of alcohol. I was strongly drunk....... And the most interesting, that sister Vera has taken with self the camera. And she photographed us when we have got drunk...... When next day I have seen that we did with Vera I has been surprised. Vera the same that evening isa lot of saw. I’m very grateful to her. She my best girlfriend. And in some days I have overlooked about former...... But it was difficult. But Vera didn’t allow me to miss..... It was cheerful time. Every day we walked.... That did. But I long could not communicate with men. Yes, I the cheerful person, I sociable. But I don't want to be deceived again. I don't want. I have attached the photo of that day. It is the photo anybody except for me, Vera, and her sister did not see. You the first!!! Only be not frightened!!! LOL You have made magic. You do my mood good. ohhhhhhhhhh......... why you are not present near to me now that I could nestle on you..... To kiss you.... mmmmmmmm.... I want to feel your lips... Your kiss..... mmmmmmm..... lovely..... I'm now excited very much...... But you are not present..it is necessary to fall asleep in loneliness.
I miss you.

Letter 9

Hello my Dear !!!!
What new?
Yesterday, I have gone to bed, and I saw wonderful dream...mmmmmmm............... I saw our meeting. I flied by the plane. I have left all, and have simply went to you. I have forgotten about everything. I simply sat in the plane, and have departed. I was happy, I was happy very much!!! I have flied for a long time. Then the plane has landed. I have left the plane, there there were many people, and in this crowd I see you. You stand with a huge bouquet of roses. I have run to you... You have ran to me... I have embarsed you. We have merged in a kiss. Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.............. I had looked in your eyes, and I... I’m happy.... The roses smelled with sweet aroma. It was aroma of love. We have gone.... We didn’t mentioned anything... all was indifferent..... We were together!!! We have came on the beach. We ran on the beach... we sunbathed on the sun... I like to sunbathe naked:) And do you like to sunbathe naked?:) Sun shined very brightly. We were pleased.... We were in beams of the sun. The evening has come.... We have gone to cafe... burned candles... there was red wine in our glasses... We sat and looked at each other... Than we came to your home..... into your bedroom... We kissed each other...... I have slowly turn off your clothes..... I have undressed on music.. We burnt with the desire..... It's passion!!! We have completely plunged into passion....... You have put me on the bed... You caressed my breasts..... I'm excited very much..... My body was covered with spasmes.... You kissed me, and I lost consciousness..... Then you have lain on a back, I have lain on you, I kissed you.... I kissed you on your neck.... I kissed your body, your hot body, it has burned from desire. You are inside me, I have shuddered under you... Our bodies moved fastly and fastly..... We have merged in movement, we didn't come off.... You were in me, I was in the heavens from orgazm..... you have put me on my back, you moved slowly, but your movements became faster than..... ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... my dear...........I feel this.. I feel orgazm...... you have shuddered....... We received orgazm.... Our bodies have been weakened..... We can do nothing..........
We laid, I was in your embraces...... I was happy!!!!
Then I have woken up.....
Maybe this dream becomes a reality..... I want that it became a reality!!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn’t wanted to go.... I wanted to return to my dream, but it was necessary for me go in University to receive the diploma. I have had breakfast and have gone to the University, but my mind were with you..... I was in the sky of happiness I felt..... I went along the street and smiled. I’ve had excellent mood. People surrounding me probably thought, that I'm crazy!! Yes, I'm crazy.... and I like it. I want to be crazy..... because for some thousand kilometers there is a man, the man I like, the man I have not seen yet, but I want to be with him!!! And a name of this man - Gord!!!! Am I crazy Gord!??? I have come to University. Yes I have received the diploma.... But for me the diploma was indifferent!!!! I have received the diploma and went for a walk...... I just walked.... I'm happy. I can't believe that I’m happy. I have finished the University I have met the man of my dream..... What else do I need??? I want to embrace you!! I want our first kiss!!! I want you...... This is all I want!!!! Yes, probably I'm crazy!!!! Yes I to fly to Moscow. I tomorrow buy tickets. I want to be with you!!!!! You hear???? What do you think of our meeting??? I'll be at the grandma 1 week. I know, that the grandma will not take offence if me to fly to you!!! What do you think of our meeting??? now I’m going to communicate with the my agent travel to Estonia. I ask that he has given me the information for travel. And I'll ask, that he has advised me good tourist firm in Moscow. Lovely what you will tell???
I'm waiting for your letter.
I miss you...........

Letter 10

Hello my Dear !!!!
I’m happy to receive your letter!!!
At me good mood! I now went and have bought the ticket up to Moscow.
I walked on London a little..... London good city!!! In this city my life has changed. Yes I have met you!!!! You have changed my life. When I went to London.... I could not think, that I meet the man about which I dreamed..... You are angel!!! You has gone down from the sky also have changed my life!!!! Ohhhhhhhh..... I would like to cry..... But it is tears of happiness!!! Yes happiness!!!! You are my happiness!!!! You do not leave from my head...... I lie down to sleep I think of you.... You come to me in dream.... Since morning I wake up and I speak – good morning..... I probably crazy!!! But I want to be crazy!!!! You my are happiness!!!!! Yes I have printed out your photos. Now you always will be with me!!!! But I want to be with you in real!!!!! I want my dream!!! I want happiness!!!! Yes today I have received the answer from my tourist agent. He has told, that travel to Canada is not a problem. It is necessary to make the insurance, and some documents for travel and certainly tickets. He has given me the site tourist firm. He has told, that one of the best travel companies in Moscow. At them the best service of service and the lowest prices. It is their site: www.agentravel.com. Well... Lovely that we shall do??? Now it is necessary to make the decision! If you want our meeting it is necessary to order travel!!! I looked a site. Travel can be ordered in online.
you are necessary my details order travel. These are my details:
Name - Diana Horwell
Number of the passport - 36208235356
Date of a birth - on September, 1, 1980
Flight from Moscow.
I think, that we should be together 2-3 months. We should check up our feelings.
I miss you very much!!!!
BIGGGGGGGGGG Kissssssssssssssss
Your Diana.
You are my happiness!!!

Letter 11

Hello my Dear !!!!
I’m glad to receive your letter.
Yes.... It is last day to London. I have already collected all things.
For me it is a little to leave sadly from London..... Probably because in this city my dream was carried out! I have met you! I dreamed to meet you..... Every evening I fell asleep in loneliness.... I thought, why I one?? But now my life has changed. My dream becomes a reality. Now there was one step!!! One step and we shall be together, one step!!! I want our first kiss at the airport, I want our first night of love.....mmmmmmmmm..... lovely!!! I want to prepare you for a breakfast, a dinner and a supper!!! I want to wake up in your embraces..... I want love!!!! I’m tired to be one!!!! I think that you can order travel for me in travel agency. I shall visit them when I shall arrive in Moscow. I want to be with you as soon as possible! I cannot wait.
Well.... This last letter from London. I’ll write to you when to arrive in Moscow. I miss you very much!!!!!!!
BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Kisssssssssssssssssssss
Yours Diana.

Letter 12

Hello my Dear !!!!
I'm in Moscow now. Flight was well, and the plane has not fallen .lol Yes black humour. The grandma has met me at airport. ohhhhhhhhh.....we cried, when have met. Then we have gone to the grandma's home. She has made an excellent dinner. I'm sure, that you never ate such dinner. The grandma has told, that will give me the recipes. She is excellent cook. Yes, I have told grandma about you. But she has not understood how we have got acquainted, she doesn't know the Internet. We long chattered..... I have asked at grandma about phone. She has told, that she does not have phone. She has told that uses street phone to call. Then I have told that the Internet is necessary for me to write you the letter. We have gone on street. In the street I have asked passers-by where it is possible to find the Internet. You know, in Moscow there are special places where it's possible to leave for the Internet. It refers to the Internet-cafe. And now I in the Internet-cafe. The grandma is near to me. The grandma does not know English. Therefore we can chatter about all.......Yes the grandma sends the regards to you. Lovely I thought of us much. You have made me happy!!! You are an angel!!! You have gone down from the sky, and have changed my life!!! And now we should overcome distance to be together!!! Ohhhhhhhhh...lovely......I want to you....I want to be with you!!! I want to love, lovely!!! You know, that I didn't have man very long time!!! I want you!!!! I want to make love with....... I want to take together souls...... I want to feel your sweet kiss....Mmmmmmmmm..... lovely....... I want you!!! I'm tired to be one!!!!
Ok. Lovely. Already evening in Moscow. Now we shall go home. I'll be tomorrow in the Internet-cafe. I waiting your letter.
I miss you very much!!!
BIGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Kisssssssssssssssssss
Your Diana.
You are my angel!!!

Letter 13

Hello my Dear !!!
I'm glad to receive your letter!!! I have good mood now. Now day in Moscow. We with the grandma are going to go on shops. Yes grandma sends the regards to you. She is dared over me. She speaks, that I'm in love.....Yes I'm happy!!!..... Yes I have fallen in love.... Probably my words sound silly.... I don't know that occurs to me... Now I write that I feel... I know, that we never saw each other, but I feel, that we always were together!!! I feel, that I know you for a long time....A strange feeling..... I don't understand.... I don't want anything to understand!!!!!!!!! The most important, that we have found each other!!!!! I'm right lovely??? I constantly think about you.... You not leave my head. Do you know how my day begins??? I wake up and I speak you - good morning lovely!!! All the day you are in my ideas.....I don't know that occurs to me..... When I down to sleep, I speak you - good night lovely! It's my day.....I don't know lovely.....Anything isn't necessary for me in this life!!! I want only happiness!!!! You are my happiness!!!! I waited for you, I dreamed of you, and nnow I have found you!!! But we are divided with some thousand kilometers....... We should overcome this distance!!!!!! I want to be with you!!!!!!
I shall go to travel agency and I shall learn all about my travel to you. I think, that we require the information.
I miss you very much!!! I waiting your letter. Now we need to go.
BIGGGGGGGGGGG Kisssssssssssssssss
Yours Diana.

Letter 14

Hello my lovely !!!
I'm glad to receive your letter. I'm happy because in my life there is a man about which I dreamed!!! You know a name of my man??? A name of my of the man is !!! I miss you very much!!!!! I want to be with you as soon as possible!!! I want to be in your embraces!!!!!!!!!!! Yes today I have excellent mood. We with the grandma today went to cafe. Since morning we with the grandma chattered, and the grandma to me has told, that she did not eat ice-cream 3 years.... I have been surprised. I have told, that today we shall go to cafe. We had breakfast and have gone to cafe. We have cheerfully spent time. Grandma sends the regards to you. She does not allow me to write, she want that I ask you - you have familiar grandfa? She has wanted will get acquainted to the grandpa.... I long laughed, when she has told it.... Yes, it's my grandma. She is cheerful person very much!!!! One qwestion: Have you received something from travel agency? I have already made some steps to you. I have already granted some sum for my travel.
Ok. lovely. Now we need to go. Now the late evening in Moscow. I miss you very much!!!!!
BIGGGGGGGGGG Kisssssssssssssssss
Yours Diana.

Letter 15

Hello my Dear !!!!!
I'm glad to receive your letter.....But I'm sad....I'm sad, because I'm alone, and guy about which I dream is far.... It's insulting..... You know today I walked in moscow streets. I saw enamoured pair. They were in embraces each other.....They radiated happiness!!! ohhhhhhhhhh......I want happiness......I want to be happy!!!! I want to be in your embraces!!! I want to feel your body!!!! I want to feel your sweet kiss!!!! I want to wake up with you in a bed!!!! But you are so far, and I can make nothing......I'm ready to give everything to be with you!!! I called today to my father. We swore. I asked that he has given me money for travel to you, but he has told, that will give nothing. He has told, that it will be ridiculous, if he will pay for my travel to you...... After these words I have sent him to hell!!! I have told to him, that he is mongrel!!!! And our conversation has ended!!! These are news of my day.....I would like to cry......... Have you received any message from travel agency? I tried to order travel to you, but the tourist agent has advised to learn full details for the order of my flight. I have already brought a part of money for my flight.
Ok. lovely now I need go home to the grandma. I'll wait for your letter.
BIGGGGGGGGGGG Kisssssssssssssssss
Your Diana.
you are dream!!!

Letter 16

Dear mr. ,
This is Michael Fufanov.
Mr. , to us came ms. Horwell. She wished to order travel. I have explained to her, that for the order of travel is necessary for some information on you. She has told, that you should inform us this information.
We need to know-
1. Your name and a surname.
2. The name of your city.
3. Your address.
4. Your phone number.
This information is necessary, that we could make tickets and the visa for ms. Horwell.
I will be glad to give answers at your questions. Feel free to contact me directly via e-mail fufanov@agentravel.com
Sincerely yours,
Michael Fufanov

Letter 17

Dear mr. ,

This is Michael Fufanov.

Ms. Horwell asked me to send you the information on travel .

Here is the flight details. This is the cheapest one and one of the most comfortable flights available at this time.

Traveling to Toronto

Tue 31-Jul-07
Moscow (SVO)
Depart 7:05 am
Frankfurt (FRA)
Arrive 8:20 am
Terminal 1
Duration: 3hr 15mn
LH Lufthansa
Flight: 3189
Economy/Coach Class, Snack, Airbus A320

Frankfurt (FRA)
Depart 10:00 am
Terminal 1
Toronto (YYZ)
Arrive 12:20 pm
Terminal 1
Duration: 8hr 20mn
LH Lufthansa
Flight: 9586
Operated by: AIR CANADA
Economy/Coach Class, Meal, Boeing 777
Total distance: 5,203 mi (8,373 km)
Total duration: 11hr 35mn (13hr 15mn with connections)

flight Wed 31-Oct-07
Toronto (YYZ)
Depart 6:50 pm
Terminal 3
Moscow (SVO)
Arrive 11:10 am +1 day
Duration: 9hr 20mn
SU Aeroflot-Russian Airlines
Flight: 304
Economy/Coach Class, Boeing 767-300
Total distance: 4,674 mi (7,522 km)
Total duration: 9hr 20mn

1 Ticket / Roundtrip
Moscow to
Leave: Tue 31-Jul-07
Return: Wed 31-Oct-07
1 adult $1278.45
Taxes & Fees $95.33
Booking Fee $5.00

Total $1378.78

All prices is in US dollars.

Ms. Horwell has paid the first payment 400 USD. Still it is necessary to pay 978.78 USD. Closing date of payment of travel on July, 25.

There are different ways of paying for the travel. Unfortunately, we have suspended payments using credit cards at the moment because of the fit of fraud transactions using credit cards. Here are another payment methods we accept:

* Cash.
To pay cash you need to visit us at: Mamonovsky pereulok, h. 5, Moscow, 112980, Russia

* Bank transfer.

Here is our bank account details. These details should be specified at the bank transfer documents:

Beneficiary Bank:
SWIFT: CBGURUMM; Account with correspondent bank: 04413603;
Name: VTB 24 (JSC); Address: 35 Myasnitskaya st., Mosnow

Beneficiary's account: 40817840156001000025, Beneficiary's name:
Khaliullin R. S.; Address: 35 Myasnitskaya st.,Mosnow

Payment details:
Private transfer to Telebank client 617706

Here is the Intermediary bank details. You should use this information if your bank will require this to make the transfer:

Intermediary bank:
SWIFT: BKTRUS33; Name: Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas; ABA:
021001033; Address: 60, Wall Street, New York, NY; zip code: 10004

Account of Beneficiary bank in Intermediary bank: 04413603

You should address at any bank division engaged in international transfers. The bank managers should help you to fill the paper correctly.

Please make the scan copy of bank confirmation that the transfer were done (customer's copy of receipt) and send it at order@agentravel.com in the attached file, or via our international fax (1-309-213-1708).

I will be glad to give answers at your questions.

Sincerely yours,
Michael Fufanov

Letter 18

Hello my LOVE !!!!
I am happy to receive your letter!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh …. Lovely…. I miss you very much!!!! I know that soon we shall together!!!! I know, that we shall be the happiest in the world!!! To us remains a little …. We still had one small step!!! I wish to make more quickly this step and to be with you!!! You know ideas about you give me force …. I see our future!!! Yes our future!!!! Our happy future!!! I love you !!! I want more quickly to you!!!!!!! I wish to spend with you every second lives because the best time in our life - time of happiness begins!!! Yes we have deserved happiness!!! You have changed me lovely ….. You have presented me a life!!! Yes!!! You have presented me a life because you have made me the happiest girl in the world!!! I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, the grandmother sends the regards to you! she has told, that is sincerely glad for us!
I miss you very much lovely!!! Soon we shall together!!! I love you!!!
One million kisses!!!!!!!
Yours FOREVER Diana.
You my life!!!

Letter 19

Hello my love !!!
I'm happy to receive your letter!!! You know yesterday I have come home. Grandma has prepared for an excellent supper. We had supper.... Then chattered. The grandma asked about you. I have told, that you send her greetings. Yes, she the same sends the regards to you. Then I take a shower and have gone to sleep.... But I could not fall asleep... I thought of you. In the street there was a night.... In the sky there were stars..... And one star was the brightest. I have presented that you now the same look at this star..... I have felt your heat.... I felt, that you think about me..... And I have fallen asleep..... ohhhhhhhhhhh.... lovely.... I want faster in your embraces!!!!!!!! I want faster to you!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!! I want to fall asleep with you..... I want to feel heat of your body....... mmmmmmmmm...... your kiss..... Your words - good night my love!!!! I need you so much!!!!!!!! I want to be with you!!!!!!!!!
I miss you very much..... I love you !!!!!!! Do you hear me???? I love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok. Lovely.... Now I need to go home. I'll be in the Internet-cafe tomorrow.
One million kisses!!!!
Yours FOREVER Diana.
You are my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter 20

Hi my lovely !!!
I'm glad to receive your letter!!! Yes, style of your letter as imitation mine is a good joke. Today was interesting day. Since the morning I have woken up.... Thought of us.... I need you lovely!!! I don't understand what occurs with me... Probably you think that I exaggerate, but I speak truth!!! I want to be with you!!!! It's necessary nothing for me in this world!!! You are necessary for me only lovely!!!! You know I become more and more crazy.... today walked... I have seen the poster. On it was image man. And IT was YOU!!! I was in a shock!!!! But when I have approached closer, I have understood that it's not you...... Is it hallucination? To me it became a little terrible..... I have thought of a second, that you do not exist at all..... I have rejected all ideas and have run in the Internet-cafe. I have come to the Internet-cafe... All places have been occupied. The manager the Internet-cafe has learned me, because I'm constant visitor. He has allowed to use his computer. I have opened the e-mail.... have seen your letter and have calmed down. Lovely!!!! We should be together!!!! I love you!!!!!!!! I love you very much!!!! I don't know that will take place with me if there will be no our meeting. You are my happiness lovely!!!!!!!! DO YOU HEAR???? YOU ARE MY HAPPINESS!!!! You are my life!!!! I waited for you very long time!!! And I have found you!!!!!! Yes, I have found you. I'm sure, that you waited for me!!!! We was born for each other!!!! We shall be the happiest in the world!!!!!!
Ok. Lovely. Now I need to go. I miss you very much!!!
I wait your letter!!!!
I love you!!!!
One million kisses!!!!
Yours FOREVER Diana.
You are my happiness!!!!!!!!!

Letter 21

Hi my lovely !!!
I'm glad to receive your letter.... But I'm sad today.... I'm sad, because I miss you very much!!! You are very necessary for me, lovely!!! I cry today.... But it were tears of happiness..... I don't know what will heppan with me, when we shall meet at the airport. You are dream of my life.... And here my dream becomes a reality!!! I shall rush to your arms and I shall not release..... I love you lovely!!! I love you very much!!!! I live becouse of you..... You allow me of force per day.... With ideas about you I fall asleep. .... I see dreams how we spend time..... We are engaged in love.... mmmmm..... lovely..... I want you!!!!! You are necessary for me only and as soon as possible!!!!!!!! I want to appear faster in your embraces....... Yours a sweet kiss.... Your gentle hands which will caress my body...... ohhhhhhhh...... I want faster to you!!!! I love you!!!!! You should take some days of the days off because we shall not leave a bed!!!
Ok.... it's necessary for me will stop.... I'm excited.......
Lovely you are wizard!!! Yes, you are my prince!!!!
Now I need to go..... I miss you!!! I wait your letter.
One million kisses
Yours FOREVER Diana.
You my life!!!

Letter 22

Hi my lovely !!!
Lovely in this huge world there is a girl... The girl which thinks about you.... The girl which worries for you... The girl which lives only you. I think that you know a name of this girl!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! You are my pleasure in a life!!! Now we are divided with thousand kilometers..... Time has stopped..... And only one step will begin movement. Movement which will change our lives..... Movement in the new world!!! The name of this world - +Diana = LOVE!!! Yes we are created for each other..... And soon our hearts will merge in one heart!!!! We can overcome all!!!! Anybody and anything in this world cannot interfere with hurricane of love!!!
Our love is our weapon!!!! I feel you.... You allow to me of forces... You make me happy!!!!!
I love you very much !!!! Inform me when I can go in travel agency. I wait our meeting with impatience.
Ok. lovely. I need to go.... I wait your letter with impatience!!!!
One million kisses!!!
Yours FOR EVER Diana.
You my happiness!!!!

Letter 23

Hi my lovely !!!
I'm happy to receive your letter. Thanks you that has explained to me a state of affairs with travel agency. Now, when I have some representation I have less excitements. I think that all will be good. I shall visit travel agency necessarily. Cheerful day today was. We with the grandmother went to circus..... ohhhhhhhhh..... I don't remember when I was in circus last time.... I have felt the child. There were some circus statements. But I liked air gymnasts.... They soared as a bird above a dome of circus.... It was excellent. I have bought to you some cheerful gifts. Lovely I want to be with you as soon as possible!!! I want to be in your embraces...... Mmmmmmmmmmm.. .... lovely.... I with impatience wait for our meeting!!!! I'm ready to fly up as air gymnasts and to land in your embraces!!!! But it's impossible. I can fly up only by the plane. I want to jump in this p lane which will connect our love!!!!!
I miss you very much!!!!!
Yes, the grandmother sends the regards to you every day.... But sometimes I overlook to tell you.....
Sorry lovely.
I wait your letter!!!!
I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One million kisses!!!!!!!
Yours FOREVER Diana.

Letter 24

Hi my lovely !!!
Lovely... I have bad news. I don't know what to do.... Today I have gone to travel agency. I was happy. .. I ran in agency...... I have come to agency. Talked with manager. He has told, that they have made my travel. He has given me tickets and documents for travel. He has told, that I should go in embassy and confirm documents. He has told, that it's usual procedure. I have come to embassy. In reception of embassy to me have told, that I need to address in a visa department. I have gone to a cabinet to the visa officer. I have given him documents and the passport. he has checked up documents. Then he has told, that my documents in the order and that at him are only one question. He has asked - how much money I have for travel to Canada? I have told, that I have 300 $. I have told to him the truth. he has asked me - how will I live in Canada if I have only 300 $. I have told to him, that I travel to you. He has told, that you are not my relative, and you don't carry the responsibility for me. Therefore I should have a minimum for residing at Canada during 1 month. he has told, that I should have 3000 Canadian dollars. I have told, that at me will be money when I'll come in Canada. He has told, that I should confirm the solvency here in embassy. He has told, that this rule of the Canadian government. He has told, that I should confirm my solvency. he has told, that I should not worry. I should show only to him 3000 $. This money it's not necessary to pay. If I don't confirm the solvency, I cann't come in your country. I hate these rules!!!! I don't know that to me to do lovely..... I don't know.... The Unique way to travel to you, it's to show 3000 $ in embassy.
Now I'm going to go in travel agency and to talk to the manager. Probably they can help.... I don't know.
... To me it's bad very much..... Why????????? who has thought up these rules........... I hate............
I only want to be with you!!!!!!! It's necessary nothing for me!!!!!!!! Why they don't understand??????
Why?????? I ONLY WANT TO BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Ok, Lovely. I'll write to you in some hours when to come back from travel agency.
Yours FOREVER Diana.

You are my happiness!!!

Letter 25

Hello MY LOVE it's me again.
I have returned from travel agency now. I talked with the manager. I have told him about our problem with embassy. He has been surprised. he has told, that embassy should not apply a rule of confirmation of solvency to me. He has told, that this rule apply to citizens Russia. I'm not citizen Russia. Then he called in embassy. In embassy have told, that now this rule is applied to all citizens of the East Europe. Manager asked, why they don't inform about this rule erlier. To him have told, that at the majority of visitors never it happens problems with confirmation of solvency. Therefore this rule private. A unique way to travel to you it's confirm solvency in embassy. I should show them these fucking money!!!!!!!!!! Manager has told me, that the unique help which he can begin travel agency it's gives their bank account. And also the manager has told, that we should inform him if we change dates of travel. We should change dates because I don't know when I can find money. Lovely now it's necessary to think where we will find 3000 $ to confirm solvency. I have 300 $. Now I'll go home and I'll talk with the grandma. Probably she can find this money..... I don't know that I should to dome….. I'm shocked! But I'll not stop!!!! I'll struggle for our love!!!!!! We shall be together!!!!! Nobody can prevent us!!!!! Rules will not stop me!!! We shall be together!
!!! I love you!!!!!! Our love will win!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you !!!!!!!!
YOURS FOREVER Diana!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are my happiness!!!!
I'll struggle for you!!!

Letter 26

Hi my lovely !!!
Lovely I again in the Internet-cafe. Grandmother near to me. She has calmed me. She has told, that it's necessary to solve a problem, but to not cry about a problem. grandma has told, that can give 800 $. Still tomorrow she will go to the girlfriend. It possible the girlfriend of the grandma can give still some money. Now I have 1100 $. It's necessary 1900 more $. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.... lovely.. ... It was awful day...... I to cry much..... But tears are indifferent for all. Nobody will help.... .. The severe world!!! We shall make this world better. We shall be the happiest in the world!!!! I'm right lovely??? I love you very much!!!! I don't know whom else it is possible to ask help. It's a shame to me very much..... It's a shame to me to ask you about the help, but I not know who else can help! This money for 1 day are necessary for me. You have made for much.... Very much much... You have changed my life. You have made me happy!!!!
I love you !!!
I'm tired very lovely.... I have a headache.... I need to have a rest a little. I'll be in the Internet-cafe tomorrow.
I miss you very much!!!!
One million Kisssssssssssssssssssssssss
Yours FOR EVER Diana.
You are my happiness!!!!

Letter 27

Hi my lovely !!!
I'm happy to receive your letter!!! Ohhhhhhhh.... Please contact the tourist agent. He is ready to help us. Please ask him to transfer my flight for date convenient for us. He is good person, I respect him for readiness to help. Lovely.... You don't represent that I feel now..... I went to the Internet-cafe .... I have been upset very much.... It was terrible.... Today I saw an awful dream. This dream before my eyes till now.... I saw the usual day... I have woken up, had breakfast... Then did some affairs. Has then gone to the Internet-cafe to write to you the letter. I have come to the Internet-cafe. Has opened my e-mailbox, but your letter was apsent.... I was in perplexity.... I tried to write you the letter, but I received a constant error, that you e-mail does not exist..... It was awful. I tried again and again! I already lost forces and self-control, I didn't know what to do. I was frightened and I have woken up.... My body shivered.... I had a hysterics..... I tried calm down.... I understood that it's only a dream..... But I could not calm down. I did not sleep all the night long. I thought about you..... I spoke myself, that soon we shall together!!!! I love you!!!! I long could not dare to go to the Internet-cafe.... But then I have gone!!! I have come have opened the e-mail have seen your letter.... Also has sighed..... ohhhhhhh..... Probably it's sounds silly...... But for me it was a shock. Lovely I want that we were faster together!!!! I want to you!!!!!!! I want to be with you!!! Nothing is necessary for me!!!! You are necessary to me only!!!! I love you!!!!!!
Now I need to go. I wait your letter.
I love you !!!
One million kisses!!!
Yours FOREVER Diana.
You my happiness!!!

Letter 28

Hi my lovely !!!
I'm happy to receive your letter. Yes.... Yesterday there was a difficult day. Don't worry the lovely, today I saw a good dream...... :) I saw that we are together.... We went shopping.... Walked in park.... Sat in cafe, ate ice-cream. .... Laughed much. Then we have gone home. I have made to you a dinner..... We had together dinner..... You promised to make a supper. Yes, you have made a supper..... mmmmmmmm...... It was magic.... You light candles..... Has included melodious music....... ahhhhhhh..... It was romantic very much...... In your eyes the passion flared.... You wanted me very much..... You have invited me to dance..... mmmmm...... You began to remove my clothes slowly....... Lovely.... I cannot write further.... I am so excited, when I recollect this dream. I should stop. Lovely.... I want that all our dreams became a reality as soon as possible!!! I want to be in your embraces!!! I want, that my day began according to - I love you !!!! And you speak - I love you very much Diana.
This is true happiness for me!!!! The happiness cannot be earned, it's impossible to win.... It's impossible to buy....
The happiness is given once in a life!!!! We have received chance fortunately!!!! And we should not miss our chance!!!!
I love you very much!!!!! Soon we shall together!!!! We shall be the happiest in the world!!!!!
Ok. Lovely. I need to go. I wait your letter.
I miss you very much!!!
One million kisses!!!
Yours FOREVER Diana.
You my happiness!!!

Letter 29

Hi my lovely !!!
I couldn't write to you letter because of absence of Internet connection. The Internet-cafe has been closed!!!! I could wait for its opening only. I sent message on your e-mail address from postoffice. They render service ciber-post-office. Have you received this message. I'M HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M HAPPY LOVELY!!!!!!!!!! YOU HAVE MADE ME HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! YOU BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhh..... lovely...... When I have read your letter.... I have cried yahoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, now all.... Now all problems are solved!!! I worried because of travel... I thought, that there can be problems and we shall not meet, but my excitements were empty. IN 2 DAYS WE SHALL BE TOGETHER!!!!!!!!! I'M HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! Our dreams will be a reality!!!!!!!!!!!! You hear lovely???????? I LOVE YOU LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lovely I'll now go to agency Ok. Lovely. I'll write to you when come back from travel agency.
I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, and still - what weather will be in day of our meeting??? What me to put on???
Soon come back!!!
One million kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yours FOR EVER Diana.
You are my happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!