Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to Herm (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello my dear Herm, How are you doing this days ? :)

My mood is so fine when I got your letter and pics, and have imagined that we are together and talk in person, It would be great:) Well, I had nice working day, 12 patients, at last in our clinic have delivered all necessary preparations and including anesthesia:) There is one more good news, a mine girlfriend Olga is let off home from hospital.. I was allowed to leave my work to meet her... My boss knows my girlfriends.. Our microdistrict is small, and it seems, that everyone knows each other..:) I could not visit Olga every day... But I did it every time i had an opportunity.. We've got a lot of news to each other.. And when we arrived to her house, I could not stop to talk to her about you:) she also is very curious.. I hope you are not against, that I speak to her about you so much?:) We could not speak for a long time... And about everything, I had to come back to work.. But I was glad, that I should see the letter from you Herm today:)

Right now, behind window, the warm rain like a tap-dancer beat off a rhythm. The window glass, deformed by water trickles, reflects like old mirror a gloomy sight of the grey sky. And the wind scornfully whistles among of old trees. And everyone here, glancing through window by indifferent empty eyes silently grumble about bad weather that spoils their mood and changes their plans. And I do not understand these people. How they can be so querulous? It is simply small rain - the gift of the nature, gift filling the air by delightful freshness, bringing an amazing, almost imperceptible smell of new summer. So many people in the world who dreams about rain; how many people who never saw a snow, who is deprived an opportunities to play the snowballs with friends. I always liked snowfall and rain. Hermel, Whether I asked what season you like more? All seasons are magnificent, don't you think? The winter covers all around with a delightful white carpet. Trees and roofs wear fluffy snow-hats and a frost draws by invisible tassel amazing inimitable images on the windows glasses. And when you, Hermel, hear snow crunch under your foot, and the sky slowly showers you with sparkling snowflakes, don't you want to take a slow walk with your woman? Or when the delightful gold autumn begins the most beautiful phenomenon in the nature - a fall of leafs? When the leaves, chased by a cool breeze, dances a waltz in the air and slowly fall downwards, undressing trees. And when you, Hermel, hear rustle of leaves under your foot, and when in the sky you see a flock of birds flying away with sad song, don't you want to take a slow walk also with your woman? Or when you hear behind your window an autumn thunder, or groans of blizzard, would you not enjoy being at home with your beloved, to enfold each other in a warm plaid, and telling each other ridiculous and funny stories? I think it is a big happiness when people are able to value such things. And I think, if the couple are able to enjoy such things in a life, it only strengthens feelings. I am sure, now you think that I am rambling on. Forgive me please, Herm. I do not know why I write you this. Probably because I feel conveniently in talking to you about such things. I will better stop, because I am afraid that otherwise you will simply cease to write me. :)

I wrote poem :

All my life I lived with dream,
To meet you ...
Waited for you,
As trees wait for summer ,
When all blossoms ...
The love is around - has come true dream,
I wish to be with you,
We will be together all the spring long,
And summer,automn,winter,whole year,
Forever ...

With thoughts of you I will wait for your letter!

PS: I made pictures for you, in my apartment and near a house I hope you like it.



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