Scam Letter(s) from Marina Murasheva to Paul (USA)

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Letter 1

Hello my new Friend Paul !!! How are you today ? I hope you fine !!! I am very happy to receive your letter !!! It is very pleasant for me that you turn up your attention to my profile !!! I have never search men via Internet, and now I try to find my future destiny here, because I can not live without good and careful man beside me !!! All right I shall tell you about in late !!! And now I shall tell you about me !!! My name is Marina !!! I am 27 years old !!! I was born on the 10 of August in 1980 year !!! I am a Leo on mark of the zodiac !!! I live in Russia !!! I was born in Kazan, I lived there five years !!! Then my parents decided to live in to Moscow !!! Then I lived there and studied there !!! After ended the school !!! I entered on the economic Faculty in Kazan State University and ended it very well !!! I met my husband there, with which divorced 4 years ago !!! Perhaps we were very young !!! I was 23 years old and my husband was 24 !!! We often quarreled and abused to each other and so we decided don't to pull out nerves !!! We had not child, we lived only both !!! And so at me anything also has not developed in private life, since time I decided never connection my life with Russian men !!! And now I still hope to find my latter half on all peace who knows where is my fate my be !? All in life happens also good luck and sorrow ... So I always hope for one more chance in my life !!! I very like such men which are loyally to there lover which are ready to help in difficult minute, which are always will understand and will support and the trust is very important !!! It is impossible to build any relations without it !!! Are you agree with me ? I want to listen your opinion about it !!! If you can to send me any photos I shall glad to receive it !!! I want to see you very much !!! I shall send you my photos which helped to made my girlfriend Veronika !!! I very much like to pose in all photos so you do not think that I the model !!! I very much like such style of photographing because all photos then become bright and colorful !!! Sorry for my English and please you are free to ask anything you like !!! Be sure, I'll try answer to you !!! Sorry let me finished my letter !!! I shall wait for you answer with impatience !!! Your new friend Marina !!!



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