Letter(s) from Kristina Danilova to Fekri (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my darling Victor, I'm so glad to get your letter. I like you as a man,as a person and i even can imagine you as my future husband. I appreciate honesty a lot and that's why i hope that we can be open with each other:) Till the next letter, Send you my hot kisses and hot photo:) Yours Kristina

Letter 2

My sweety, I'm very thankful to you for everything we had during this correspondence and i'm really interested in you like in a man. But now i have a great problem and i can't write you anymore. I even don't know what you will answer on it but i can say the only thing i can't pay the translation firm anymore.I want to keep in touch with you so much that i've even tried to send you the letter with the help of the electronic translator but everyhting in vain because the text is absolutely misunderstadable. If you have the same desire as me to continue our relations you can help me to pay the translation firm and i'd be very glad to continue that wonderful correspondence we had..... Here is their address : Translate-Staff@mail.ru But sure i'll understand if you won't decide to help me... Anyway i'll miss you very much.... Yours Kristina