Scam Letter(s) from Carol White to Mattias (Sweden)

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Letter 1

Hello My Name Is Astra,
I am new to this online relationship seeking,How are u doing,Do you know that men and women are angels created with only one wing? And they need to embrace each other to be able to fly... I Hope to find my angel whom i can fly with forever. Went through your profile caught my eye,I will like to get to know more about u will like to know what u looking for in a relationship,As for me i am looking for a Man who is honest loving caring kind hearted open minded who has sense of humuor understandable considerate loyal polite calm and generous person who has a prestige and intergrity.i would like to see some others pictures of ur self and i will also exchange mine with u as soon i get ur picx or u could send me ur email where u would want me email me some of my pictures to u.I look forward to hear from u soonest and see what goes on from there don't forget to tell what ur lovely Name is HandsomeI need a man that would be ready to make me happy,a man that would heal the wound of my broken heart,a man that would see the better side of me,a man that would not be aggressive and who would not want to hurt my feelins,i need real love and truth including honesty from my man,trust is the basic foundation of a lasting relationship and i desire that we uphold our integrity towards each other.Can you be that man i seek and desire?my email is or

Letter 2

Hello...Thanks for your mail.. you actually sound like somebody I can get along with.. I feel I should let it out... to you since you are interested in getting to know me..., I was actually into a very wonderful and sweet relationship... we had everything going well... he was my dad and mom... because I did grow up not knowing them, he was everything to me... He was the best thing that ever happened to me .. untile one night... it was like a turn around, everything that ever made me want to remain alive went away just within a night... I caught my boyfriend cheating on me with my Bestfriend.... I couldn't think straight for some days... I wanted to leave, wanted to be left alone... go some where very far away from home... I then thought of an online friend that has wanted me to pay her a visit... I had to go... and presently I am in lagos Nigeria... it was okay for the first week... you know how its when you are in a foreign country.. I was being treated has a queen... the situation I have here now is that... the friend I came visiting became ill we had to take her from one place to another...I was scared I would lose her... she was seriously ill...this is the 5th weeks here not taking note... because I actually had to concentrate on her, I wanted to make sure she didn't die on me, since i couldn't be there for my parents... i didn't want to lose the most periouse thing I had left...I was carried away didn't look up for my was suppose to last for a month... even at the moment I am telling you this, she is still at the hospital and hope she gets well soon... so i thought I did be heading back to the state, since my stay here was already due... when I visited the ticketing office they said I would have to make a re-schedule, and that I can not afford now... that was really stupid of me... not to remembering my flightschedule.... I have spent everything I came here with on her hospital bills....I really wana get back to the state real soon.... I don't know how to askyou... but I feel i have got no choice but do this... i feel I am a victim of circumtances nothing really works well for me.. how come no body wants come I never grew up to know my parents... this questions I get to ask my self... every day... can all this wounds really be healed?...I hope you write back soon..



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