Scam letter(s) from Natalia Ignateva to John (Netherlands)

Letter 1
Hello, how your affairs? I hope, that all is good! I very much to be pleased, that you to answer me my letter and I hope, that we can begin interesting correspondence! I think, that you will like to get acquainted with me, I want to learn you better! It is pleasant for me to get acquainted and learn new people! I to see your structure on a site (, and very to want to get acquainted with you! I have written to you the letter because to search for second half, the love!!! I do not know you, but I think, that our correspondence can grow not only in friendly attitudes! I want to tell about myself a little. My name is Natalya, my age of 29 years, my growth of 168 centimeters and my weight of 55 kg. I was born on September, 15, 1977, I (maiden) on a horoscope! Now I want to tell about a place where I live! Probably now you to not want me to write it is more, because I live far from you! I live in other country, in Russia! Between our countries very big distance. But on the Internet we shall seem very closely to each other! I very much hope, that we shall do further fine correspondence with you! I live in small city Sovetsk, this city is approximately 800 kilometers from Moscow on the east. My city very small, but very beautiful. Here live 25 thousand person. It to be about big city Kirov. At us it is a lot of woods, lake and the rivers full fishes. Here very beautiful nature. It will be interesting to me to know more about your city and a place, where do you live! I studied at university and I have higher education in area economy, but I to not be proud of it and I think, that always it is necessary to aspire to the greater. It is good, when the person puts before itself the purpose and aspires to reach her! In my life was many rise and falling, but I always tried to struggle with all difficulties. Now I dream to find the happiness, I want to find the favourite person and to be with it up to the end of a life. You can ask me why I to search for the love on the Internet??? I to try to find the man in Russia, but it is bad to turn out. You too to search for second half on the Internet. Each of us has past and the present and it to not change, but we can change our future and it will depend only on us!!! Men in Russia like to drink ***** and to have an entertainment with different women, for me is not necessary such the man! I want to find kind, gentle the man which care of me to which I can present all love and caress with which it will be good me in any place with which I can divide all pleasures will be and a difficult minute we shall be support the friend for the friend!!! Here, in Russia to find such the man it is unreal, and I have learned from familiar people that is possible to get acquainted with men from other country and to find the love here!!! I know the English language and I have decided to search for my half here. To me have told, that in your country of the man very good and fair and still very beautiful!!! I have decided to try too to search for my love here!!! It is very interesting to write the letter to you! I very much to worry and have it is a lot of emotion now! I want to know more about you. You have family??? You live with parents or in the apartment??? You live one??? Than you usually do in the day off??? To tell to me, please it is more about your work and your hobby! You like the work??? It will be very interesting to me to know it from you!!! In this letter I to send you a little more my photos, and I hope, that to like you it! I too want to ask you to send me a little bit your photos! Here, in Russia we to have very slow Internet! Therefore I very much to ask you that you to send me your photos and to reduce their size! That I could receive quickly your letter with your photo! I think what a few to tire you with this letter and I shall finish it. For me it was very pleasant to write to you this letter and I really hope to receive from you the answer soon. I with impatience shall wait for your answer!!! I wish you good day, Natalya
Letter 2
Hello John!!!! I to be pleased, that we to start very interesting correspondence and to learn more and more friend the friend! It is very pleasant for me to read your letter. To me to like to tell about itself and to learn you better. Today again I to have fine day and cheerful mood. I very much waited your letter. For me to not have a difference age! To like me the man is more senior than me. Because they it is cleverer and better to know a life! I hope that our difference in the age of will not be a problem for our dialogue! I to not see your photo, but I to hope, that you will send them to me. I to rise easily in the morning and to wish you good morning! I to gather for work, but to think about a break for a dinner. Because I again can go in cafe and see there your letter. How passes your day??? To tell to me, please it is more about it! In how many you to rise, and to lie down in bed??? What usually you do in the evening??? It will be interesting to me to know it. I to rise in the morning usually at 7.00 and to gather for work. I to take a shower, and to have a breakfast. Then I to sit in the bus and to go on work. Usually I to have a break on work in 13.00-14.00, but if the buyer in shop is a lot of to go for a dinner later. It depends on my chief. Sometimes I very much to get tired, on holidays many people want to be beautiful. In shop there are also men and women! Then I many work and to have it is not enough time for a dinner! But to like me my work, and it is a lot of woman to thank me very much! I to try to find work on a speciality, but in Russia it is difficult to find good work! I can work, as the manager or the bookkeeper, but to be arranged in the big firm only through bed of the chief. The chief of the big firm to suggest the girl to be his mistress. I never to make it!!! I think, that in your country there is no such a rudeness!!! Or it not so??? In the evening I usually to walk on different streets or to go in for sports. Sometimes we to meet girlfriends and to go in cafe. We like to eat a pizza and to speak on different themes and news. I to come home not so late and to go to bed in 22.00-23.00. I like to go in the day off in a wood or to go in city and to walk there. Sometimes I to go in other village on a visit to my grandmother. Near to ours the village to be a pine grove. In this pine grove people like to ski, walk on foot. There very beautifully also lives many animals. Sometimes it is possible to see a hare, fiber, woodpeckers and other birds and animals. I like the nature very much. I like animals also. John, you to have houses a cat or a dog??? I to have a beautiful Persian cat. His name Bars. It to have gray-blue a wool, and it very clever and gentle. It to lift me every morning, and very to wait from work! I hope, that you now to not fall asleep when to read this letter. I simply want to tell little bit more about myself and the life. I to write to you what to search for serious attitudes. Each girl to have dream of the future! Each girl to dream of the prince, and the man of its dream! I think, that the main thing in the man - the Man from the big letter!!! It means, that it should be present the man which will carry the love on hands!!! I think, that present the man will be kind, open, gentle and care to the girl!!! It cheerful and dialogue!!! It protection and a support to the girl!!! It beautiful appearance and internal beauty!!! The big soul and warm heart! Love, trust and understanding should be at present the man!!! It the strong person, but it very sensitive to the the girl!!! I think, that it is ideal the man!!!! I want to base with such the man family and serious attitudes! I to get acquainted with you several days ago, but I to feel, that you the good person and pleasant the man! I hope, that with each new letter I shall open in you even more interesting and good!!! To me really to like to learn you more!!! I think, that now I need to stop to write my letter. I can write to you even more, but I need to go for work. I hope, that you will like to read it and tomorrow I shall wait your new letter!!!!!! I wish you pure the sky above a head and cheerful mood!!!!!!!!! Good-bye!!!! Natalya
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