Letter(s) from Natalia Tyuhtiy to Kiljan (Germany)

Letter 1

Hi there Kiljan,

My name is NATALIA TYUHTIY. I am 174 sm tall, my eyes are grey, my hair is light brown color.

My birthday is on 5th of AUGUST 1977. So I am 30 years old.

I am a LEO by horoscope. I do not really belive in it, but I think you should know it.

I work at the local hospital as a children's doctor. I have a diploma from the medical university.

I hope that if you are reading it right now it's a first step in your interest to me and this interest can bring us something special. I am very serious about what I am looking for and do not want to be alone any longer. I am a woman that would respect my man, care for him and love him forever. Family is very important to me. In a relationship there are a lot of things that are very important. Feelings, tenderness, caring, caressing, love, romance, sex and passion. As for me I am very romantic and passionate. It is very important to me. I hope that we both want the same things and will have much in common.

I would like to find someone for a lifelong relationship with a loving beautiful man who can give me the love, affection and devotion that I could and will give to my man to be for as long as I live. A man with the fondness for living life to the full, as well as just being alone together to those cozy nights in from the cold.

My favorite color is red, I can cook well.

As a woman I am very good. I am a good housewife.

I to believe that if you share your life with someone it should be with your heart wide open and hold nothing back. That way you can truly enjoy love with no regrets!! I will always cherish my soulmate.

P.S. Until your next letter i will be thinking of you!!!


Letter 2

Hello Kiljan,

Thank you very much for your letter. Thank you, that you like my photo and thank you for the nice compliments.

Well, I am from the village Georgievka, it is not far from Lutugino, lugansk region. I would like to tell more about it. The village that I grew up in sounds very beautiful and also a wonderful place to have grown up. The area that I live in now is mostly single family homes. It is a nice and quiet neighborhood. A good place to unwind from a hard day at work.

I live there with my small dog Kuzya. She saves me from my loneliness.

As for the phone, honey, two months ago I took on credit the phone. I used it a month and when I went by bus to my job it was stolen there.
And now I am paying for this credit and don't have any phone.

What is my attitude to you? I find you a delicate and wise man. I like such man, as you are. I think we get good friends and even more. I want to tell you that you can trust me. I don't make any games. All what I want is the true love, and a serious relationship. No lies.

I want to tell you that I am estimate you very much and I respect you. That's the most important things for a relationship. I think that we could be happy together. When I receive your letter it makes me glad. I like your naturalness. I like you how you are. I hope, that we get closer to each other soon.

I have rather concrete ideas of my partner. I need an independent man. All what I want to have is gorgeous, ardent, sensual, tender, charming, natural, reliable, kind, honest and humorous man. Like you are. I want to share with my partner of all. I want to give all my love to my partner. I want to give all my heart to my partner. What is love. What is life. What is life without love. Emptiness, sadness, loneliness, everybody need's love! I don't need any fairy-tale Prince, because I am realist. Important in relations is trust to each other,respect to each other, talks together about everything, open and honest. No lies.

I look forward to your next soft letter.

Sincerely yours, Natalia

Letter 3

Hello again Kiljan,

Thank you for the reply to my last email, it was good to hear from you again and I hope you have had a good day or night, it seems that we have difference in time.

I don't remember whether I have told you or not, I speak only a little English, I have learned it in school, and now I almost forgot it. I know only some simple words, just as "Hello", "I love you" etc.

Please do not worry about the language barrier between us, it is really a minor thing in comparison to finding someone who fits you like a glove. Languages can be learnt & if you want something work you will always find a way.

Like you, I am not interested in letters for a long time. I feel person to person is a lot better. I want you to be sure of your intentions up front as I do not play games and I am a person who makes things happen. If you and I are to be together forever I cannot wait to be together and start a life with you. I know all of this seems fast but I want you to know my intentions from the start. And what you can expect from me.

I wish to meet with you soon so we can get to know for real if we are meant to be together do you think that is possible for us to meet soon please tell me yes its can be so.

There are many things I like. But mostly, I like to be outdoors. I like the fresh air and sunshine. I like to visit the many parks in the area. I like to do this when there are not many people since I enjoy nature more when it is quite. I also like to visit amusement parks.

I am looking overseas for my fiance for many reasons. Ukrainian men are very greedy, materialistic, self centered, and very career oriented. They put their career first, money second, their children third, and their wife fourth. I want to be first in my man’s eyes! I met a man for some years ago. We dated a few times, but both of us knew there wasn't any chemistry between us.

Money is only necessary like the things needed to live. Most things that can't be bought are more important. Friendship, love, trust, and honesty, are all values that millions of dollars cannot ever buy. While money makes life easier, it doesn't buy happiness. It never has, never will.