Letter(s) from Elena Danilova to Matt (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello dear Matt!
I am very glad that you have written to me.
I wish to tell more about myself and I wish to learn more about you.
and receive your photos.
So, my name is Lena. I'm 28 years old.
I was never married earlier and I have no children.
I live in the Izhevsk,Russian Federation.
I wan to know where you were born and where live now, Matt?
I'm interested in serious relations.
I have finished to study and im lawyer now.
Where you studied and where you work now?
I have received good education, I am independent and I think, that now time to create family.
For creation of family I want to find the reliable person on whom I can rely at any time, the person who can protect and understand, with which I can be surrounded with love and care.
You are probable, understand me! It is very difficult to be sibgle!
I want a to love to and mutual understanding.
I want serious relations, but to begin I want from friendship.
I think that strong relations begin with friendship.
I live alone, my mum with the daddy has died. The daddy has died, 4 years ago, mum has died 2-years back.
They have left to me an apartment in which I live in full loneliness.
I have a lot of interests. I like to listen music. I love books. I like to watch films.
I attend aerobics, and I am occupied in yoga.
Matt, also what you like?
If you have questions... Only ask me, and I shall answer them.
Do not miss my questions.;) I hope, that we learn about the each other!
All and we shall have the good union.
With the best regards!

Letter 2

Hello dear Matt!!
Today excellent day because I have received your answer and I do not hide the pleasure.
I hope that you have understood all that I have written in the last letter.
And I hope that my knowledge of English are clear to you.
If you not understood something that I have say ask me about it and I shall try to explain it you is more accessible.
Elena = Lena = Lenochka it's not a security purposes ;)
Elena - Officially
Lena - Simply
Lenochka - Tenderly

In this letter I want to tell in detail more about me.
Sometimes like to watch good film.
Usually I watch films on TV sitting at home. On TV show old films, therefore I like to go to cinema.
I like to watch on TV entertaining shows of the program.
Matt, what films you look? What did you look last?

I very much like to listen music. I listen music by radio, when a ride for work.
I like listen Fausto Papetti, Garry Moore, George Michael, Robert Miles and others...
From Russian it is pleasant to me of a "hand up", Dmitrii Bilan, Urii Shatunov.
Sometimes music helps me to relax.

Write me more about yourself, please.
I write you about my work. What is your job, Matt? What do you do at work?
My work not so interesting. It is a lot of papers.
My work not difficult. We have good collective.

I am engaged in aerobics because I keep up my figure
Also I want to look attractively and harmonously. I care of my health.
I am engaged in aerobics 3 times per week. I visit Fitnes-club.
I very much love walks or jogs especially in the summer and in the spring when at us it is warm.
Frequently I go to play tennis or badminton.
Usually in the winter I like to go on a skating rink or simply I put on a ski and I go to our pine grove.
There very clean and fresh air.
In general at us in Russia it is a lot of places where pleasantly it is possible to have a rest.
Our cities a little than differ from yours, it is a lot of machines and a lot of vanity.
Matt, in what sports you are engaged? Or maybe you don't engaged?
Has overlooked to tell you about my birthday...
I was born June, 2, 1978.
What is yours birthday?

On this I should finish this letter. I must to go.
I shall wait your next letter! And if your have photos i whould love to have them.
Yours Elena!!!

Letter 3

HEllo my dear, Matt!!!

It was very pleasant to receive new letter with cute photos from you.
I begin to understand that you the good person. Probably in what that degrees ideal:))
Dear do you have good sense of humour?
Sometimes I very much like to listen witty joke.
But I do not love silly jokes. In general I love company in which cheerfully.
Therefore we frequently gather with friends.
We like go to walk in park or cinema together!
Do you drink achohol ? Yes, sometimes. In special cases. Wine.

In the summer I like to go on beach and to sunbathe I very much like to swim.
And do you like to sunbathe and swim?
In the winter I go rolled on skates. Sometimes I like to take my ski and leave city to roll.

In general my loved season is spring. It is pleasant to me when all turns to green and blossoms.
In the spring air is very pleasant and warm. Do you saw sometime snowdrops?
I very much love these flowers. And in general my loved flower is Violet.

Matt, I think you want to know that involves me in person.
Mine loved quality in person is honesty and straightforwardness.
I am very much appreciate these qualities. I would like to create family with person kind and sympathetic, which will be to me not only husband but also the true friend.
I very much hope to find all this in you. I would be glad if you appeared that correct person.
I already feel now that we have something common.

As for me that is not unimportant how man concerns to children.
I very much want children and I love them. If my select as loves children that it very well.

I dont like not interesting people. And I do not understand those women which count a marriage as a duty.
They live on money of the husband and plus to all start a row.
I do not love quarrel and scandals. I think that the husband and the wife should be a single whole and live in love and the consent.
But I think will suffice about philosophy of relations.

Dear I want to ask and what you search in the woman?
What women like you?
What your intentions?
You prefer what meal?

On it I finish this letter dear.
I shall wait the answer from you soon.
Good bye,my dear Matt!
I'll be wait your letter! Your Elena.


Letter 4

Hi my dear!
How are you Matt? How are your relatives and friends?

I'm feel good, but to tell the truth I have very tired.
Today I have difficult working day. Today there was a lot of paper work.
Today I have woken up in 6 mornings. Has gone has washed, has made morning exercises, has had breakfast.)
And has quickly run for work. I reach work on municipal transportation, because I do not have car.
I am not able to drive it. I thought of buying a car but I think what bus is better. And car is hard in service. Besides I do not know what to do if it will break.
It is a lot of else. Therefore to go on a municipal transportation easier for me.
My working day begins 8:00 till 17:00. Since Monday till Saturday.
And how is your day?

Notwithstanding what i have such heavy working day. I have fine mood.
Because I have you. Because I have received letters from you.
I never could think that happiness beside me. It is very pleasant correspond with you.

I'm and many women in Russia in general happy seldom, because life is filled with different problems, cares, difficulties and obstacles.
All this prevails over little fortunes which woman has in her life.
How you think why to people difficultly iaeaoe each other and to love each other?
The world is huge, and in it it is a lot of people. Also there are no people similar against each other.
Each person is unique. And here we have met each other. I`m happy.

Let`s I shall tell little about sex..
What is important for you in sex? What do you think about what role concerning pair plays sex?
I think that it is very important detail of relations.
But for me it is not pleasant when the man begins to impose sexual relations.
Though in general I think that man should play here a leaging role.
But make so that it did not look only as satisfaction of own needs.
He should let know woman that first of all he wants to give pleasure to her.
And then she will do the same! Do you amorous person, you easily fall in love?
I always look narrowly at the person, I will find out him from different sides.
The main thing try to understand that this person have in soul. I never look at appearance or age.
On what are you pay attantion when get acquainted with the woman?
What the woman should make, that you have begun to trust her?

Yes, I have had relationship in past. Therefore I will tell summary about it.
I have never joke with feelings. I know it a bit too when other people play with feelings.
I have felt it on myself. He just played with my feelings. It was very hurt.
Has passed enough time and I have already forgotten him.
These attitudes last three years. It was 1,5 years ago.
I very much experienced, because I very strongly loved it.
Now I strictly choose persons with which I want to be. I do not want to be deceived again.
For this reason I have decided to find love under the Internet.
Because through the letters it is possible to see the soul.
Maybe it impossible to know all about person by letters, but something important we may learn.
Undoubtedly, I understand that people can lie through letters, but all this lie will be visible later.
There is a proverb: who deceives others, that first of all deceives himself!
Therefore I dont see reason for lie! On it I'm finish.
I with impatience shall wait for your letter.
Yours Elena.


Letter 5

Good day my dear Matt!
It's very nice to receive your letter today.
I would be glad if you send me more photos. I want to learn through these photos you and your way of life.
How are you now? How your affairs on work?

I very much experienced that I could not write to you earlier.. I had a lot of work. I am very much got tired.
And yesterday I have had a look my email and have not seen your letters. I was very frightened.
I wish to tell that at all there were no letters. And I very strongly was upset because at me
It has not been written down your address. And to me became very badly from an idea that I can lose you.
Then I have restarted a computer and all became ok. I have enter my email and all letters were on a place.
And I have became feeling better. Then I have understood how you dear to me. And I do not wish to lose you.
Because I so long searched you.

I'm not in good mood today. I'm feel lonely and therefore i am very sad.
I try to change something in my life, but at me it very badly turns out.
Because my private life develops not properly for me.
I believe in destiny, I hope that I will find happiness and my family.
I see happy families, children, parents. And I want it too.
Otherwise life is meaningless. It's very difficult to be the lonely person.
Who those is, for him life turns in a small monotonous way. I want to love and to be loved.
I want that my husband loves and wants only me, that when I go to bed of mine my beloved is waiting for me there.
When I wake up, he will kisses me and say "I love you." It is my dream I want it and I aspire to it.
I want such a man which would like to be only mine. We will spend all free time together.
I would like man to which I will trust and would not be afraid that he will leave to other woman.
I dream about somebody who will love me very much,will embrace me and will kisse me very often .
At my free time I thought about you. And I have understood one thing.
Only your letters bring me smile. I feel support in your letters.
Matt, I can tell you all that I can't tell others.
And what about you? Are you have something, that you can tell only to me? ;)
I'm telling you about my bad mood and it become easier for me.
As though you take a part of my bad mood and pull out it from my soul.
It becomes easier.
It seems to me that you are very good and decent man.
I do not understand why women, who see you in real, do not understand what a good man you are.
They are silly women. They do not see that they lose.
I think that I am lucky that I have got acquainted with you.
I think that you would be very good husband and father.
Your letters give me additional energy which helps me to live.

Also In this letter I want to tell you on how I think that relations for family are important.
The family is a cell of a society and she needs to be protected.
I do not understand those people who all over again marry and have children, but then they get divorced. I do not understand what for it is necessary to break family
In the first it is a trauma for children and in the second it is a trauma and for your heart.
Also it is not known how many will pass time while she will be healed.

The family needs to be kept in any case. If the family breaks up that it is necessary to find compromises.
Frequently families break up because of unfaithfulness. I deny such acts of people.
I think that if I shall find person whom I shall grow fond and these feelings will be mutual that I shall remain true to him for ever. And it not mere words. I speak it seriously.
I am already far from being young that thoughtlessly speak about it.
I was injured by other person and I know that such unfaithfulness.

You are see now, that all my feelings I try to write you.
Can you tell me about your fellings?
Maybe my letter very boring, but please try to understand me.
If you want I can not write such things later. Only ask me about it.
I'm the person who tries to say everything that I have on soul.
I think you understand, that I dont hesitate.
And what about you? Do you have something, that you hesitate to tell me?

I wish you successful day my dear Matt, and hope that you will have good mood!
I will wait your letter.
your close person,Elena


Letter 6

Hi my sweet Matt!!!

I am excellent! How you? What is weather in your city?
It was pleasant to read your new letter.
My days now are not similar one to another all of them different.
I feel each day differently! You such remarkable man!
It is difficult to stand against you and not give compliment for you.
I not understand where your women look?! I believe they are silly and blind! :)

My mood happens to be good than bad. In one word I can tell you that I live and I feel that I live.
It is very important for feeling that you live.
Something occurs in me now such feeling that I was born new.
Your letters lull me and I frequently re-read all of them.
It is pleasant for me to read them again and again.

I have warm feeling to you and I feel how it growing every day with each letter.
And it seems to me that soon it will develop in something greater than simply sympathy.
I can not live any more day not having received your letter.
It is incredible, but so much has exchanged in me, since I began to correspond with you.
I am again can open my heart already for a long time.
I receive confidence from yours letters. It never were with me.
Now i have fear that suddenly I shall lose you and you never will write to me.
It speaks about that you already means much for me!
My heart is filled with heat by reading your letters, this such pleasant feeling which I already long time did not feel.

Also I worry because that between us is a big distance slightly.
From time to time its seems to me that it is an insuperable barrier.
But then I begin to think that all probably and the love should not have barrier.
I want that my loved person was not afraid of anything and would be always ready to make all for the sake of me.
Then I would give answer to him.. all that is in me.
The Russian woman is ready to go both in fire and in water for the sake of love.
I do not know women from your country. I do not know as they behave probably at them main a priority these are money!
Probably I am mistaken but I think that the love cannot be mixed with money.
This light feeling and it should go from heart instead of from a purse.

What do you think?

I shall slightly tell you about our country. In general our people all kind and emotional.
Russian people always differed from other peoples by any special custom.
Probably because our country has passed many serious tests.
In general now to live in Russia it is not so good, though our economy is rising!
Now there is other problem! It is danger of terrorism. Now people are afraid of all!
I most of all would not like that my children were in potential danger.
I would like that they lived in a quiet country and it was nothing to afraid them! I want that they had future.
Our country is visited by few tourists now and I think that it correctly.
And if it will be fated meet to us, I would not like to meet in Russia.
I do not want to endanger my loved person.

I feel that you the correct person but also to me I was slightly terrible from that that so to you have come nearer.
Whether because I do not know mutually it? I as though want to be to you want to open to you heart and soul closer and something speaks me that suddenly he does not want it?
Lovely I has already told to my friends that at me you have appeared.
All of them want to look at your photo.
They congratulate also some envy me.
And I speak them what to envy still early as yet absolutely all it is known.
Dear and you spoke about me to somebody somebody from relatives already knows about us or may friends?
What they think of it? How they concern to our correspondence?
It is important for me.
On it I shall finish the next letter to you lovely.
I shall wait your answer with impatience.
I send you the first strong kiss and the first embraces.

With love and gentle kiss,your Elena!!!


Letter 7

Hello my sweet Matt!!!!!

I am very glad to receive your new letter!!!!
How you my lovely??? I'm ok and all is good!!!

I can say all is great! I'm happy.
For a long time I did not feel such feeling. And you probably understand why)) don't you?
From beginning of our correspondence something in me has changed and I began to be pleased lifes. It is possible to tell - you have returned me to life.
I do not think any more that all hopelessly!!!
I'm believe in sincere feelings I believe in kindness and love again!
Lovely, from this moment I only yours. I'm already do not think of anybody except you!!!
All my fears gradually leave me. And now in my heart - you.
And it fills me with a warm feeling to you.
My dear if the destiny will be favourable to us, and we shall be together, that I shall always support you. I never shall leave you. Because you are very dear for me person.
I think that two persons should be together, in sorrow and happiness.
They should pass through all. It is a pledge of happy family.

I already spoke, that family is the most important thing for me.
The family as a house from which you would not want to leave, and when has left that it would want to return back faster.
Now I can tell you that you match me.
You are clever and you have attractive appearance.
You have a rich private world. I want to tell that at you have a beautiful soul.
You the sincere and kind person. I like it very much!
That I searched I have found in you! I hope that you have found that that searched in me too.

I am not ideal but I very much want like to you because I'm think of you and about us every day,
i thin about it more and more. You may tell that it not possible... But then I do not know...
How it is possible to explain that I see only your photo and your letters in my eyes...
I think only of you each day. Even me afraid of the feelings slightly, I am afraid because
I think that probably you not concern to me as I to you.
I shall be quiet then when you will tell me that you feel to me.
When you will tell that I really something mean for you.
This such remarkable feeling to know that someone at the other side of the world loves you and requires you.
Even you do not see this person but you feel him. And even distance not a problem becouse i feel you in my heart.
I hope that I did not shock you because this is that I start to feel to you!

1. Does the internet identify fraud upset you ?
Yes it would not be pleasant to me if me have deceived on the Internet.
It would not be pleasant for me if me have deceived in a usual life. It is not pleasant.
2. What is exactly your work, A lawyer , Lawyers Assistance or A Lawyers Secretary ?
The lawyer of civil cases
3. Do you have any Brothers or Sisters ?
4. My full name is Matthew Nilsen what is yours ?
Elena Danilova
5. Have you got any relatives that live nearby ?
What do you do with you weekends off ?
As usual, have a rest with friends.
Do have any roomates that live or board with you ?
What meals do you like having ?
My favorite meal, specially prepared hen stuffed with spices with a baked potato and champignons.

Loved I think that to me is time to finish this letter!
I don't want to, but it is time to go. I shall wait your letter with the big impatience.
It is important for me to know that you think about what i have written in this letter!
Gently kiss for you and strong hugs.
Your Elena!


Letter 8

Hi my lovely Matt!!!!
Again I am your princess and only yours!!!
I don't know , if you receive letter why i don't receive any reply on it, or maybe i don't receive it. i don't know...
It is very a pity to me that we not together now.
And now I only can spend my hand on screen of computer touch you.
I so want that it was in a reality. Probably it so is good to feel heat of your hands and to hear your sweet words. I am ready to listen and listen you all day.

Today I tidied up at home and went shopping and bought products.
And all time I thought of you. Sometimes I reflected and even overlooked that wanted to make.
Tonight I am going to take the good book and read it.
Lovely that you wanted that I have dressed for you before dream???
And in general that you would prefer that your future wife put on before dream.
It is a nightgown or what it? It is interesting to me know it.
Probably once I shall dress on it for you lovely.

Matt, that it is possible to make that we have met because I very much want to meet you.
Whether so we can look each other in the face and so we shall understand really we we like each other.
Whether charm mine as you think probably that we shall together and we shall die in one day?
It as in a fairy tale but I would like that it was so.
From the moment of the beginning of our correspondence I live as in a fairy tale.
You my prince and I your princess!!! You for me as if a light beam in a dark empire.
Sometimes it is difficult for me to write to you because it only words and me so it would be desirable to be near with you.
Sometimes words are not necessary and necessary actions.
Actions and may show acts how people like each other.
If the man makes all for the woman that he loves her.
And if he concerns to her indifferently that it not love!!!
If my loved person will try for me that I shall make his happiest person in the world.
I give to him love and caress. And he always will be desired for me.
I very much want to meet you in person.
Tomorrow I shall find out that would be necessary for trip up to you.

Lovely Matt on it I finish this letter and continue to think of you.
I wait your answer soon my peach!!!

With love Elena!!!!


Letter 9

Hello my dear Matt!
I am very glad to receive your letter.
I want to tell to you, that I am very glad to see your letter in my mailbox.
My heart starts to beat strongly from it. I very much happiness,
That I can spend with you so much time, my love.
I want to tell, that I shall like to spend with you time very much.
I think about it and these ideas not allow rest to my heart.
Because I have a lot of excitement. I very much wait our meeting.

I have good news. All documents for arrival are ready. And I am ready to come to you.

I have money but it would not suffice what to buy tickets.
I have checked up flights to this week. The air ticket costs 1600 US dollars.
This sum include road to you and back.
I to want to take only one ticket up to you, but I have made the tourist visa and consequently it is necessary to buy the second ticket.
Unfortunately i don't have money for the return ticket.
It is necessary to me 700 US dollars on this week. Because I should reserve tickets during a week.
Only you can help me with this situation.

I think about you each minute my life. And I am very glad,
That i have you and we shall be together soon.
Now I go and wait the answer from you. A kiss and love, yours Elena.