Scam letter(s) from Ekaterina Rechkina to Luc (Belgium)

Letter 1
How are you doing Luc? I hope, what at you all is good? I again and again receive your letter and I am joyful, that I can write to the person who is somewhere very far. At us now the Spring also is such time, when from This such time when thaws a snow kidneys on trees birds are dismissed sing. I shall tell to you about myself. My period of the childhood was very severe, but not rigid as my parents gave me a lot of attention. I was the only child in family and consequently to not have brothers and sisters. My education was not absolutely modern at that time, but my parents of me never beat and tried to give in all to me understanding of world around. My mother Belief until recently worked in a kindergarten where she worked as the cook and prepared for a meal for children. She was considered as the good expert of the class and was very much appreciated. Now my mother Belief works in security agency, until recently. And as work of the woman in Russia is not appreciated (at all female work here is not appreciated) pay very little. My father Alexander has died when to me there were 8 years. Has died on work when pulled out from fire the little girl, my father worked as the fireman. He has rescued this the girl from fire, but unfortunately itself could not escape. It was very hard to recollect it. When similar things occur to your close people it remains for all life. Probably therefore I have decided to go on such trade as the doctor to help people. Excuse, mine dear but my grandmother was ill also to me it was necessary to leave very urgently to it in village, she lives 50 kilometres from our city, I should gather and leave very quickly to it and I could not write you the letter. The grandmother in village did not have an Internet and I also could not answer you. Fortunately it had a usual flu, but all the same it at old men proceeds a little bit more hard than at young, and I had to be late there, I all time thought of you. As soon as to the grandmother I became easier at once have gone home and only today I have returned to a city and could answer you. I very much apologise, that I so have badly arrived with you and have forced you to worry, I hope that you will forgive me. You now know some details of my life and I want to tell to you about myself in more detail and than I like to be engaged. I very much like dialogue with people and consequently from everyone with you letters I try to take something good for myself. Understanding of the person very important for me. I like to dance and on a regular basis I I see off gymnastics to watch for the figure. I do not like to use also a lot of cosmetics, I think, that the natural beauty is much better than use of any cosmetics. Sometimes with friends and fellow workers I can afford rest and we go in a wood and there we do shish kebabs or we collect mushrooms and berries. I certainly can dare to go in such days of rest on a disco, but I do not like music. I give in music the preference to such great musicians as Bethoven. I very much like its composition " the Lunar sonata " if you did not hear necessarily listen to it Luc. I in general like classical and tool music. This music gains, except for that is pleasant on hearing. In the childhood I even tried to write verses and at me rather not badly it turned out. Probably I shall send you some my products if it to you will be valid interestingly. I already spoke, that I do not like to waste time simply and therefore I occupy time from a decline and till a dawn. I very much like to prepare for such dish (you probably heard about it) as Russian pel'menis. This very tasty dish. I also can cook to you and the Ukrainian borshch, but some products that I was able to do it in domestic conditions are necessary for all these dishes. It is really very tasty when you prepare. My mother speaks, that I would be left by the quite good cook and I could earn good money somewhere at restaurant. But I have chosen for myself absolutely other trade. You know, we do not presume to buy phone or a computer and consequently I write to you from the Internet of cafe which it is a lot of at us in city. I also shall give my address on which I live with my mother. You can see it. my name Ekaterina Rechkina
my full home address: street: LENINSKIY PROULOK 18
Apartment 29
postal index 428015
Country Russia Probably at me the address as my mother wants to change an apartment on cheaper for payment will exchange, but I in any case shall inform to you about it. Mine dear Luc as I have given you the address I ask you to give me the address and city in which you live. You know Luc? Excuse mine dear but I have no cellular telephone to an ohm that my salary Very small and I do not presume to myself a cellular telephone. I I understand that to you badly hear that I cannot with to communicate with you through Cellular telephone but me a cellular telephone I very{very much} would would be desirable to have want{wish} To stir{chatter} with you. At present I cannot communicate with you but when at Me will money I I can buy{purchase} a card. by means of which can To call and talk to you. As soon as at me will appear money I I can buy this card it there are 50 dollars. When I can buy a card I at once can call you you hope me understand. if knew your phone number. I shall try to receive the salary next week to try to talk to you. If I receive the salary I shall by all means inform to you about it and we can agree when to me to call to you. But I am usual can call only in the evening on time. On it I shall finish the letter and I shall wait tomorrow for your letter. Take care Luc! Your friend Ekaterina !
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