Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Stepanova to Warren (Sweden)

Letter 1

It is Tanya. Do you have sincere warm feeling at heart? But you have not got anyone to share it with? Your heart won't be broken! I will hold you close when you feel lonely and look after you. Do you want to be with me looking after my life with you? I like the sweetest, the caresses, the kisses, the embraces and to create love with man, but I also seek a mental and cultural relationship with my partner. I would like to speak with him about many things and to learn very much. Do you want to share everything these with me? If so, write me at and maybe our correspondence will lead us to something more serious. I hope to have your letter tomorrow in my mail box:-)
Letter 2

Hello, Warren!
Thanks for responding to my inquiry. I hope everything is going well for you and that you enjoy my letter and like my personal information.
You are a very beautiful man both inside and outside, I am sure in it.
I have an intuition that we would make a wonderful couple together:-)
I think the best way to proceed if you want to get to know each other better is for you to review my personal data and if it sparks your interest then please write me back. Warren, thanks for the photos of you, I liked them very much and on my opinion, you are good looking man:-)
So, I will start telling about myself, and I hope you will do it in your reply to my letter too, OK? My name is Tatyana but you can call me Tanya. I live in Lugansk, eastern Ukraine. I like my city, it is not too big, but it is not small neither. It is situated on the border with Russia, but I have never visited it. I was born November,21,
1979, so now I am 26. Do you wonder of my family? Ok, I will tell you a bit. Unfortunately my father died three years ago from heart disease. Now, I should help my mother to keep house and earn for our living. As I am the only child in the family, all the responsibility was put on my shoulders. I graduated the college having the profession of hairdresser and stylist, and I have a job of a hairdresser in a beauty center.
People say, that I am open-hearted and easy going. I like spend time with friends, I have not too much of them, as I am sure that real friends can't be a lot! I am optimistic person and never give up.
Maybe in my life I have been unlucky with finding the right soulmate,
but I believe that in life everything happens for a reason - maybe relationships in the past have not succeeded because they were just not meant to be - maybe my destiny is to find someone over the Internet? Maybe with you? who knows, only time will tell.
Which man am I looking? I do not need anything special from you, just love, care and sense of humor. I hope, you are kind-hearted and open-minded as well.
Well, I am sorry, but I must close this letter, (or maybe you will be happy as you are bored of it:-) ), but I hope that you will answer me,
as we are looking the same - happiness and love. I will wait for your mail, Tanya
Letter 3

Hi Warren!
My heart nearly sipped a beat when I found your e-mail! I am very happy to hear from you again.
When reading your letter I couldn't believe how much we have in common already! We have taken the first step in getting to know each other as close friends. I want to share everything with you. I don't get very disappointed or saddened by a lot of things, so it will be mostly happy moments I will share. That's a good thing, right? This is where you smile now! You are a very beautiful man dear! I can imagine looking into those beautiful eyes and telling you one day in person. I realize the situation may appear that will make me to leave my country and part with my relatives. But I'm ready to accept it to follow my sweet dream.
At work everyone is talking about the World Cup, personally I have little interest in the football but I suppose it would be nice for my country to win, how do you feel about Football? or are you interested in a different sport?
I want to share with you one more thing. You see, I do not know foreign languages at all. I know it sounds strange. Why then am I looking for a man abroad? But I think that I should try all ways to find my second half. That's why I addressed for the help to the translational firm. They help me to translate and send you my letters.
At first I was skeptical about it, as it is difficult for me to trust my thoughts to the third person. But I met my friend the other day,
and she told me that she used the services of the same translational firm and now she is married with a foreigner and came to visit her relatives here. You see, her eyes shied with happiness, and I decided to try my fate too. Do I deserve for the happiness too?
Welcome to my life. It would be wonderful if we're born to to tell these words to each other. We have a chance to find out if we're able to complete each other's lives. I do believe our correspondence will help us with the matter.
I'll appreciate if you're so kind to tell me about yourself, spending your time, your life goals, ambitions. It would be nice of you to make it clear what kind of woman you're searching for.
I will wait for your reply, Tanya
Letter 4

Hello, Warren!
You know I have noticed one strange thing I really miss your letters.
I am a kind of pragmatic person and if someone told me few days ago that I will miss a person I have never seen I would just laugh into his or her face... But now I really miss you and think of you a lot all my day long. Warren, dear, thank you so much for the pics, on my opinion, you are very manly. I think hockey is a very manly game, and hockey players are very strong men:-) I think, I will feel myself protected with you:-)
I want to take walks with you and hold your hand. I want to attend movies together and enjoy concerts and festivals. Honey, I want to do everything with you.
If you could only imagine how I miss you and dream to see you!!! I would like to stay with you each second of your life!! Did you know that probably when I am with you I'll spoil you:))) How? Well, early in the morning you'll get a cup of hot tea or coffee just into the bed!! I'll surround you with my attention and care!!! I'll try to foresee all your wishes and dreams:)
Oh, but these are only dreams... I hate the distance that separates me from you, all the boundaries that make our meeting to be a sort of difficult thing. But if your feelings are at least half strong as mine I am sure that we will overcome all the difficulties, I am sure!
I still do want to know more about you. What was your last dream you have seen in the night? What was the last book you have read? If you were an animal who would you be?
Perhaps my questions are a bit unusual but I do not like doing usual things at all as it makes our life colorless. Besides that while answering unusual questions one thinks a lot and sometimes even founds out something new in himself:)
I do hope that you enjoy communicating with me and look forward to receiving more beautiful and interesting letters from you and some pictures. With warm feelings.
Letter 5

Dear Mr. Warren, we are sorry for disquieting you, but we must inform you that we can't translate Tanya's reply for you. The reason is that the money she paid us for the translation of your correspondence is over. At the moment she can't pay us for our service, because of the financial troubles in her family. As Tanya's intentions are very serious and she doesn't want you to worry, she asked us to inform you about the reason of her silence. If you are interested in continuation of your correspondence in nearest future and want to help Tanya with the payment, contact us and we will send you info about our service and our prices. Additional information you may get by the following telephones:
in Ukraine +380953880351 from 9.00 till 16.00 of local time
in USA 13158492835 Cordially yours
Top manager of "XXI Century"
Marina Pavlova
Ukraine, Lugansk, Radyanskaya Street, 65/12
tel. +380953880351 9.00 - 16.00 Ukrainian time
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