Romance scam letter(s) from Anastasia to Eddie (UK)
Letter 1
Hi my new friend Eddie, have good day, my name is Elena, but friends call me Lena. I looked your structure and I to love it. I wet to be fair with you from the first letter and is constant because I very much appreciate in people such quality as honesty. I want to tell that I do not live in your country, I live in Russia in Russian city of Nizhni Novgorod. On a site I have written that I live in your country because differently me would not register, and I have decided to make experiment and to write that I live in your country, I hope that this information will not prevent our dialogue because I want to have more dialogue with you. Now I want to tell about myself directly. My age of 26 years, I was born in the autumn, I lonely and live together with my parents. I very much like flowers in all their displays, I like to receive and give gifts to the friends and native, I very much love children as my work is connected to children, I work as the children's doctor in hospital for us in city to have this work I some years at medical university in my city studied. At leisure for an entertainment I like to walk with my friends on park in my city, I not frequently am engaged in kinds of sports from for insufficient a free time. I have kind enough gentle and romantic character, and you? I wait for the letter from you, your new friend Lena.
Letter 2
Hello my friend Eddie. Thanks for your answer to me on my address of e-mail. Wonderfully that my photo has liked you, together with this letter I send you one more my photo. I also want to see your photo. It is a pity that you have no a lot of free time to write to me. I understand that you have a lot of work. You can call to me and we can speak with you. My number 007-960-097-6305. in your letter you practically have told nothing about yourselves. How you work? Your work is difficult for you? Tell to me also about that place where do you live, on what the life there resembles? What character at you and what type of the man you? I want to tell a little about men. Pleasant to me in men the following qualities: good sense of humour, mind, honesty, skill to be close to the woman, careful, gentle, tender. I like strong personalities with individual character traits. My work does not allow me to have a lot of free time. My work is connected to children of younger age and I very much love them. I think you read my profile and saw that I have very serious of intention to get acquainted with good man for serious relations. I think will be interesting for you to learn more about my character. I do not know how will be better to start. Ok I'll try. I think that I'm very romantic woman. I like to communicate with people, I like good humor. I believein real love and I think that it's very important in live. I'm very jealous woman. I love when me present compliments and I'm ready to listen it indefinitely. For me very important that around of me were cleanliness and order. I often am engaged cleaning. Also I like cooking, esspessialy some tasty dishes. I like romantic relations between man and woman, but probably all women dreaming about it. But usually all relations very quickly come to an end. I have no intention to waste time on such acquaintances. I'm not met yet man, which I would decide to give back myself and my life. But I want to find him. I think that is my dream number one now. I think that for woman general in live not money or career. General for woman is have strong family and love man beside for care of him. Can you tell me about your dreams? What woman you dream to meet? I'm sorry Eddie, that I ask you about so a frank thing, you see we are familiar only couple of days. But it's very interesting and important for me. I shortly have written the sights on life, if you want to know something else will be free for asking. I'll wait your letters. Yours faithfully Elena.
Letter 3
Hi Eddie. thanks you for your letter. It is very interesting to me to receive each your letter and I was very pleasant to read attentively each your word. When I receive your letters to me at once it becomes more cheerful and more joyful. you sound really fine the man and very well that that you spiritual the man. You resemble that type of the man which I to search. I shall be very glad to learn you more and more and to communicate with you. I do not think that the distance will be a problem for our relations. We can learn each other through the Internet and then if your relations will develop it will not be good a meeting a problem for us. I allowed to you my number. Call me and we can talk to you. Tell to me your number also. I am glad that you like my work I think that this really good business that I do also I I enjoy my work. I understand that your work is difficult for you and I hope that you have a few forces after you stop your work to write to me. I did not receive your photo with your letter nevertheless. I hope that you will send me it with yours the following the letter. I send you the photo. In a picture I and my sister on coast of the river in my city. I have no photo of my parents because they do not like to be photographed. I hope that you wanted that I have sent them to you. Tell, me please about your family. As frequently you with them gather. I to you want to tell about the family. I live with the parents with mum and the daddy. We live in one apartment. The name of my father Alexander to him 55 years he works as the driver by the lorry. My father very much likes to fish. Still my father is fond of hunting. he seldom goes on hunting and he does not bring home extraction. Simply he with the friends spend time on fresh. They go in reserves simply to look at animals as they live on will where nobody touches them and does not offend the weapon. My mother 50 years call Anastas to her. She now anywhere does not work. Now she is engaged in housekeeping. She is fond of knitting and has learned me to this craft and now I to myself knit various woolen things. Earlier she worked as the tutor in a kindergarten. My sister works in shop as the seller of clothes. her name Olga and her 24 years. In the summer we frequently go on a beach and on fishing. Still I very much am pleasant like in an embroidery to this I have learned at lessons of technology at school. One year ago we have left the partner in life. I loved him but he frequently deceived me. Now he has found other girl but I do not hold on him evil because we with him had few general interests and we like different type of people. Now we with him it is simple friends. Now I need in the man which understood me and liked. Your friend Lena. P.S. I wish you good day and successes.
Letter 4

Hi Eddie. Thanks for your e-mail. To me very much to like to receive your e-mail. Thanks for your photo, me is very pleasant to receive it and I would be very glad if you will send me more from your photos. I have learned more about your family, thanks you for this information it is very interesting to me, you became more open person for me. Call me or send the message of the text that we could be in touch with you. I also have no free time because of my work. And I have decided to address to the Internet to search for the man. I am glad that we are familiar with you and that we can learn each other more and more. The Internet a remarkable thing, we have an opportunity to communicate with each other being at a great distance though nothing will replace dialogue in face to face. We communicate not for a long time but you are interesting to me as the person and now I with impatience wait for your letter. Now I would like to tell more in detail about my work. As I spoke I work as the children's doctor in hospital. This work to like me as I deal with children, and they to me are very pleasant. On work I have very harmonious collective. In 7 o'clock in the morning I leave on the and by the bus I reach before the work. My working day begins in 8 o'clock in the morning with survey of sick children, I go on chambers and I check their condition. It occurs till a dinner, after a dinner I am engaged in reception of new patients and their treatment. In 5 o'clock in the evening my working day comes to an end and I by the bus go home. Work leaves to me very few free time. I would like to have children in the future but I could not find the man of the father suitable for a role because I should be sure in him very well differently our relations I can end and the child remain without the father. I do not want that my child had such future. I want that my child had the light future and has been surrounded with caress and love his parents. I want that my future child has received good education and training. To me to like that we understand each other and we have some general interests. Please tell to me about your ideas, it is very important for me. On it I should finish conversation with you as I have not enough time today. I shall be glad to receive your letter. Good day. Yours Lena.
Letter 5
Hi Eddie. I am always indefinitely glad to receive letters from you. My affairs it is excellent and how yours? To a regret I do not remember that that I have written to you on that site because I have removed the profile from that site. I did not receive your messages of the text, try to send me it and I with pleasure I shall answer you. I understand that that you speak about children and I think as well as you. How is the weather at you? Here it is cloudy and it is warm enough. I today have met the old girlfriend who did not see about 2 years, we lived in one city, in court yard which are nearby from each other earlier, we long time were together, since the early childhood and till some moment when she has left to live for Moscow, we were earlier the best girlfriends she to me replaced the sister in what that degrees, I am very glad that have met her, she has arrived to the parents for 3 days, her name is Dasha. I send a new picture, I hope it to you it is pleasant. On this photo I together with my girlfriend today in one of restaurants in my city. She is that girlfriend about which I has told to you in this letter. To me very joyfully and sadly simultaneously when I think of that that she soon should leave, from one point of view to me sadly leaves for long enough term the girlfriend, but from other point of view it is good that my girlfriend lives and works in capital of Russia to Moscow, it gives her more opportunities for a good life as work in our city is more complex and is paid much worse than in Moscow, is especial my trade, I earn about 2200 euros one year, but not looking at a low wage level I like this work because it is really noble trade. I wait with impatience of your letters, dear your Eddie and more pictures. Yours Lena.
Letter 6
Hi, dear Eddie. Thanks for your letters to me, I am happy to receive them so frequently. I would like to see more than your pictures, they are always pleasant for me. I received those pictures about which you speak, thanks you for those pictures. Weather here too hot and is a lot of sun but it is replaced by a rain and clouds. You have what plans on week-end? You work in week-end? Today I read the book about your country and now I know more about it. Really the level and cost of a life in our countries is various. Quality of the goods and services in your country is higher than in Russia, therefore the prices are higher, for example at us the part of bread or milk costs 0.4 euros, to have supper at good restaurant in my city there are 10 euros, hotel accommodation during day costs 15 euros. For the last some years the life in Russia began to change, live it becomes easier, wages become higher, there are places for rest of youth and a place where it is possible to have a rest all family. I want to ask you about your future? You Have plans concerning it? You like to read books? You to love Russian poets? I very much like and I am fond of reading of literary works, especially such Russian writers as Pushkin, Lermontov, it seems to me their literary language is perfect. Reading their product helps any person to become more educated and to raise the level of knowledge, you so do not consider? Except for reading I like to dance, at me well it turns out to do it because in the childhood during 3 years I visited rates of dance and sometimes I and my girlfriends we go to a night club to have a few entertainments and dances. In my room I have houses a few plant and colors, I like to raise and look after them, at me it really well turns out, in fact caress and care is necessary for colors as well as people. I very much love flowers and I have their various kinds from usual up to really exotic. It is a little more about me, I am glad that our dialogue interestingly for both of us, I understand that you not only attractive the man but also the person which can sensibly think and understands women, thanks that you write to me. With impatience I wait for your letter. Good day, dear Eddie. Lena.
Letter 7
Hi dear Eddie. I had fine day today, not tired on the work. I send you a photo which my girlfriend has made. Thanks for answers to my questions in last my letter. I am similar to you practically never I have plans for the near future, but I have plans concerning my further life. I would like to have happy family with children and the beloved beside. I would like to have two or three children, the boy and the girl. I shall not send you my pictures in underwear. For me it will be a shame to do it because I have such education which does not allow me to show myself from this side. I have a computer of a house but it has no output in the Internet and I write to you from a computer of my girlfriend. Therefore I cannot communicate with you on MSN. I have no time for it unfortunately. But you can call to me. My number 007-960-097-6305, call to me, it is very pleasant for me to speak with you and to hear your voice. Tell to me also your number. It is good that you love plants. Many inhabitants in the Russian cities have sites of the ground behind city. My parents have a small site of the ground behind city, about 40 km away, this place is a garden site, a place where our family can raise some kinds of fruit and vegetables, also I the daddy has constructed the small house on this site that our family could be placed in the house for the night. In it I the daddy made this house and some furniture the hands during several years, I very much like that that the man can make what or things the hands, it so is fine, on similarity that that the woman can bring up children or bring up plants from not the alive ground, you agree? As it is not far from our site there is a small lake in which we sometimes bathe. In the summer in the evening I and my parents we have rest about fire on the site and we prepare I peep in a kind of fried meat on a fire, mine the daddy prepares for it very well, and it is impossible to receive really good fried meat from me on a fire, likely men are capable to make it only. We all family gather around of one table and we have conversation on various things, it is wonderful when the family can gather, is not that so? What plans you have concerning family dear Eddie? Tell to me about it please. Our site is located about a wood. I adore walks on a wood, Russia has the surprising nature and beautiful woods as in the winter and in the summer. In hot enough summer day I pass on a track between trees in a wood one and I have an excellent opportunity to think of various things, to think of a life. Sometimes it happens boringly to one to be there, you love such walks? Tell to me about your ideas I want to learn you more and more. I wait for your answer, dear Eddie.
Letter 8
Hi lovely Eddie. How you? I was good only to me sadly without your letters, on soul there is a melancholy and darkness, alarm for you, but all this dissipates as soon as I receive news from you and to become warmly and clearly as in summer day! I am glad that you enjoy walks in a wood. I hope that we shall have walk keeping for a hand. I shall try to send you messages of the text and you can receive my number that you could call me. I have very important question for me to you. What do you feel to me? Please answer me fairly because I have already been deceived former by the man in Russia and I do not want to be disappointed again in whom or because I very vulnerable person, was possible to offend me very strongly only one word. But with you I feel very much protected because you that person which to not offend the woman and is ready to assist her always. I frequently regret that at I have no that the man which I can take for a hand on which shoulder I could put a head, and we would be happy together, nothing could prevent to enjoy to us the friend the friend. We could be in what or a beautiful place for example at restaurant and to talk with each other or to dance slow dances together under smooth music. So would pass our wonderful evening and then our wonderful night and this day would begin would be remembered to us for ever as the best instant in our life. But only dream and I have no it a line of such person which would like the same. We could have with you such remarkable day, but you is very far from me but I hope that sometime we shall have an opportunity to see each other and to tell hi! A few my ideas and dreams, hope that they have liked you. On it I stop, with impatience I wait for your answer, Lena.
Letter 9
HI dear Eddie. News from you warms my soul! I send you a new picture, I hope to you it is pleasant. I understand that you feel to me. But I do not think that the present feelings cannot be felt through e-mail you agree? Though I very much miss under your letters always and I think of you, my lovely much. I have received good news from work, to me have told that I shall have soon my long-awaited holiday and now I start to think that to me to do during my holiday. I would like to travel a little during my holiday but I have not decided what country to choose to me. Today we have good weather here. I and my friends had small walk by beautiful parts of our city, not looking on cold enough weather in our city, walk was very interesting and cheerful, my friends speak that with me will not miss! I always find employment to be to cheerful me and associates. After this walk I still had good impressions. I saw happy pairs the man and the woman going on streets of my city, I was glad for them, but represented on a place of the woman of and on a place of the man of you. We would be remarkable pair, I represented as we would go for a hand and you whispered to me on an ear pleasant words. Eddie, tell to you women approach to begin dialogue and to get acquainted? Men frequently approach to me for this purpose, but I can distinguish good the man from bad, therefore I do not agree on dialogue with them. My small letter to you today, the girlfriend from which house I write to you today has many cares, embraces and kisses from yours Lena.
Letter 10
HI dear Eddie. It is pleasant to receive the next mail to me. Send me more than your photos, I to love it. I like each your word which you write to me in your letter. It would be good for me if my dreams will come true with the man is similar to you. You did not send me for a long time your photo. I really want to see it. Today I with mum have decided to make a small family supper to gather all family near one table. And I shall write the small letter because I hasten to help her. We have decided to prepare a little a traditional potato with meat and a few exotic dishes which recipes I have brought from Italy. When I was in Italy I had acquaintance to the local inhabitant which was engaged in preparation of dishes for ours hotel, I have asked for her some recipes of dishes that I could prepare for their houses at myself. Nevertheless at me it is impossible so to prepare as at that lady in Italy likely because in Russia not those seasonings which are available in Italy. What I prepare you like? I am able to prepare for perfectly various kinds of meal. I like to prepare and use in I peep salads and fruit. I less love meat as I keep up the figure. Mine the daddy fishes on fishing and brought it home then we with mum prepare for this fish to feed to it all family. We prepare an ear is a soup from a fish as we do a fried fish. We have such saying: the way to heart of the man lays through his stomach. So I with the help of the skill can prepare to win hearts of many men! Likely I speak much about cookery, but for me it too most as for the man football or other man's hobbies which it is difficult for women to understand, but the cookery is very pleasant for me. In cookery I can express as though myself and for my ideas in those dishes which I prepare. I prepare for a meal with soul and heart as well as I do other things. I send you a photo of me with colors and I hope that you love it. I Hope that with you and your family everything is all right. I wish you good day and success on work. Yours Lena
Letter 11
Hi dear Eddie. I am happy to receive your letter. It is very pleasant for me. I am glad that you like to prepare. I think that a good entertainment who from us the best cook will prepare and compete in that and to try the foodstuffs each other. I also take a bicycle sometimes and a meal on it when we have good weather. It allows me to hold my figure in suitability. You behave suitable? Thanks for your pictures. It is pleasant for me to see it and I shall be glad to see other pictures of you directly also. Today I looked film on local TV, this film is devoted to home life and family problems and in it some ways of the decision by it of family problems have been shown. Film very interesting and from it can be learned a lot of new of home life because I have no children and I have no the husband. In film the problem of that who the owner in the house rose. Certainly now there is no division of the rights of the man and the woman, both the man and the woman should have equal rights. But in home life and in the common house at the man and the woman it is frequently right also duties differ, it is more precisely even not right and family duties, you so do not consider? And how you think who is the owner in the house, the man or the woman? Without the man the family cannot normally exist, in fact on the man the device of a house keeps and children need influence of the father. But also without the woman the family cannot be family, the woman should grow children, prepare I peep, on the woman as many duties lay. So who the owner in the house? In film this problem also has been lifted. In Russia it is considered that the head of the family is the man and all keeps on him, well and the woman should obey him and help him to conduct family, you think that it correctly? Anyhow I should finish the letter. I wait for your answer with impatience. My kiss, Lena.
Letter 12
Hello my love Eddie. I cannot wait that moment when I shall tell to you hi personally. It is very pleasant for me to read yours words. We can wake up with you in the morning and I can see off you for your work. And to meet you in the evening and to carry out your free time after work with you my love. I shall fly in airport Heathrow. And therefrom to move to you. I have news to you. Today I have reached agency and have signed with them the contract. Under the contract the agency will give to me all documents and tickets during the shortest time. I Has learned cost of travel and it has exceeded mine plans. All travel Will be there are 600 pounds sterling. Today I have paid the first part. These are 150 pounds sterling, I have taken this money from my parents and all my savings. I need to pay the second part of travel these are 450 pounds sterling. But my money were terminated also I is compelled to address to you for the help as now I do not see other exits from a situation. I hope that for you it will not make for you any difficulties. It is very a shame to me to ask the help you but I have no opportunity to collect such money. I wait for your answer. Love Lena.
Letter 13
Hi my dear Eddie. I am glad to receive your letter. Your letter has made thinking upset. It is very a pity to me that we have faced such problem. I thought that I the strong woman and I can overcome all problems itself, but there was that it not so. If I could find other money that I would give it to agency right now and would not ask you about it. It is very a pity to me that you do not count me for real. Really which you wrote all those pleasant words to me were not the truth? I allowed to you my number. Call to me soon. I very much want to talk to you concerning this problem. My number 007-960-097-6305. I can send you a copy of the contract with agency that you were confident that that I really concluded it. My parents helped me with money and they allowed me all their savings to help me to pay the first part of cost. I think that your father also wants happiness for you and he can understand that situation which we have now. I love you Eddie very strongly! And I hope that we shall find an exit from this situation and I can arrive to you and allow to you my love and to receive your love. I wait for your letter as soon as possible. Love Lena.
Letter 14
Hi dear Eddie. Also it is not a pity to me that you can help me. The help differently I is really necessary for me cannot to arrive to you and I shall lose that money which has paid in agency. I do all here to arrive to you. tonight when I walked I have met the old girlfriend. We for a long time did not see her. I have told to her about you and about that we with you have collided what difficulties. She has told to me about that that probably to me can help me with our problem with which we with you have collided. She has told that she has business and that recently she has sold a large party of the goods to England. She is engaged in sale of a fabric. But unfortunately she cannot receive which that money to her should transfer, as buyers with which she works cooperate with bank which does not translate remittances in Russia. She has asked to me about that that you have helped her, she also will help me. She will give me money that I could arrive to you and then I shall send her back money. I to think that if you can help her so it will be much easier to arrive to me to you. All that to you is necessary to give it to me your bank account, then my girlfriend will contact there and people which owe to her of money and they will transfer money for your account and you will send them addressed to my girlfriend. You should not spend the money and thus I can arrive to you. I to think that it is good idea. I very much love you Eddie and I want that we could meet you as soon as possible. I to think of you is constant my love. To me it is very sad that you to not trust me, but I hope that now you can be convinced of that that my intentions to you original. I hope that soon I can receive your answer my love. I shall wait for your new letter. With love yours forever Lena!!!!!!!!
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