Letter(s) from Svetlana Parshkina to Heinrich (Austria)

Letter 1

Hello my dearest and precious Lothar!!!!!!!! How are the things with you today??? What is new there?? are you OK??? How is your health?? is your mood good and are you in high spirits?:) I sincerely hope so, my dear:) Thank you very much for the money, now Ii wil be able to repair my teeth without any problems:) Thank you again for your care and concern:) Thank you for the invitation, we wil both gladly come to you:) I am happy to have your letter today:) It raised my mood:) How was your day yesterday??? Mine was really crazy:) I had a couple of events in the second part of the day. First, I went to see off a friend of mine who was going to Moscow, there were another couple of friends and we seemed to be the noisiest group of people who came to see their friend to the station:) It was funny. We wished a lot if good things to him and recommended to come home faster, because there was his girl friend waiting for him, they are going to marry in autumn and he went to Moscow to work and earn some money fr the marriage. Then, when we were about to leave home, when another friend of ours called and said that his wife Alyona is in the maternity hospital and is about to give a birth to their baby:) So, Maxim invited everybody there to wait for this moment with him , By the time when we arrived we found out that Alyona gave already birth to a girl:) They don't know how they will call herm, because they wanted a boy more. But not everything in this world is the way we want it;) To have a daughter have its advantages too, do you agree?:) Everybody was so happy, there were their parents waiting to see the baby, but by our rules nobody is allowed to see the new born baby during several hours only the mother. We stood outside congratulating the happy father and the happy grandparents, but it was getting dark and he invited us to their home, to celebrate the event. We drank some champagne of course and it was pretty late when I got home. It was about 11 p.m. and all I did was to wash myself and go to bad:) And what is strange I woke up today at 6 a.m. without even the clock. So, then I went to wok and now I am here to write you a letter:) You can see now what a hectic day I had yesterday:) It was full of events and different emotions:) My dear, I wish you a positive day too. I send you only best wishers, kisses and strong hugs:) Take care of yourself, because I need you here:) Your Lady:)

Letter 2

Hello my dear Heinrich!!!!!!!!! Good Monday to you !!!!!!!!:) Oh, how nice it is to get new letters from you:))) My Monday is certainly not hard at all because of this:) And how is your Monday????:) You know, they say that Monday is usually a very hard day, because it is the beginning of the new working week, but I totally disagree with this:) I love Mondays, because along with a new working week they bring me your lovely letters:) Isn't this great???:) How happy I am to read your letters today. I missed them so much at the weekend:((( I was thinking about you and what you were doing there, what interesting things were happening to you, what people you were meeting, were they polite and nice to you, what you were eating etc. well, actually I was thinking about you a lot:) And what about you?:))) Yes, I talked to Maria and she seems a very nice girl:) She told me about the money, but i was very pleased to know that you were thinking about me so much and that you are so crazy there:) i knew this:) Heinrich, how was your morning today??? How are you feeling?? Are you well??? Is my dear man ready for a new week and for all pleasant things which this week is going to bring him???:) I wish you only pleasant events for this week:) And how was your weekend??? How was the weather??? Here it is a little bit cooler, if one can say "cool" regarding to our weather;) It was not 44 C, but it was just 39,5 C:)))) No, not hot at all, as you can guess:) Yes, I went to the terrible Mr. Dentist on Saturday. I had just an examination of my teeth and a kind of consultation. I'd better stayed home, you know:) I need now to "repair" two teeth:( I shall call him and make an appointment for this week. He seems to be a very professional dentist and he is so polite and kind that I wasn't afraid at all. Yes, I will be afraid when I go this week, right? But to my mind, all these people who are called dentists should make on you only positive impression, do you agree?:) They shouldn't be rude and impolite. Of course he had to be polite for such a price. It will cost me about 100$, I though that it will be cheaper, but as my friends said he is a good one and all the materials and tools are modern and of high quality. The price includes the X-ray photograph and all the anesthetic shots, after which i will not feel any pain, but I am still scared a lot:(( As for Sunday, I was at the church wedding. The ceremony in the church lasted for about an hour. It was really nice, but I felt pity for those two people who hold for an hour the crowns above the heads of my friend's parents, while the priest was doing his job:) Do you have the same tradition?? After the church all people were invited to a small restaurant where the celebration continued with toasts, congratulations and dancing:) It was really nice to see those two people so happy having their second marriage:) So, this was my weekend which seemed to be lonely for me, in spite of all those events;( I was missing a close person by my side who could cheer me up while I was at the dentist and who could share positive emotions which I had at the wedding ceremony:) Heinrich, as for your visit, you know, i am still going to stay at hospital and i am not sure yet when i will do this. At the end of this week or maybe next week. And it will take me about a week, i was told:(( Then, we had a meeting at work and I have found out that I am going to have a trip in August. It will be a two week studying, which is going to be some advanced training courses . For this I will have to travel to another city and live there. The courses will start from August 16 and continue till the end of August. Oh, I really can't imagine how i will be able to live in another city for two weeks, but everything will be provided by my employer. I couldn't believe that this will be for such a long time, but at the same time, it will be good to change the surroundings... oh, but I can't believe that I won't hear from you for such a long time;((( You are going to forget me in two weeks, am I right about this???:(((( I really hope not:) Sorry for this sad news, next time I will try to tell you something more cheerful... So, you see August is not a good time for visit at all:((( I am so sorry. Maybe you can plan your visit for another time??? In September, for example??? Ok, Heinrich, I go now, but first I want to wish you a nice day and send you many many kisses:) Take care. Yours, Sveta