Scam letter(s) from Elizaveta Mihaylova to Martin (Belgium)

Letter 1
My most dear man Martin!
For me so it is good and it is warm on my soul while I communicate with you.............!
Therefore today I descended in a tour agency and have learned that is necessary for our meeting. The manager of a tour agency all is detailed Has explained to me and I have well understood him. He have told to me that for our meeting it is necessary to issue the visa and the complete set of documents For departure in Belgium.
Term of registration of the visa and the complete set of documents makes 3 weeks, it will cost 390 USD (it includes consular Gathering and gathering of a tour agency for the help in official registration of papers).
I shall receive Tourist visa which is given for stay 6 - 12 months!! On the basis of this visa I staying in
Belgium I can prolong my stay. For this purpose I can ask the new visa for two weeks before
The current visa expires. To me will give the new visa.
After we shall pay the visa and we shall start to make out it shall buy the ticket which price makes approximately 700 USD. It will be necessary for me to know the exact name of the airport in which YOU to meet me and the manager will look the exact price of the ticket. To buy the ticket it is possible even after we shall begin process of registration of the visa.
The most important now for us is to begin process of registration of the visa in fact this process 3 weeks (it so for a long time last: (!) And I so would like to see you in the person already now!!!
Therefore to not waste time the most important now for us to begin process of registration of the visa and in 3 weeks we already we shall be Together!!!!
All this that is necessary for our meeting!
But I nevertheless do not know as me to make it in fact I have such small salary... It suffices me only for a feed and sometimes to buy a few clothes... If I shall save from my salary that to me than 2 years is required more that I could pay the visa and the ticket...
Therefore now our happiness depends at you my sweet Martin!!!
I even cannot present as a lot of heat and cares we can give each other at our meeting.....!!
I want to see YOU in the person, to touch you, for a long time for a long time to speak with you...
In fact we so should discuss much!
I wait your resolute actions soon!!
My dear Martin I shall stop the letter and with impatience to wait the answer from you.
For all that time which we communicate you became me very much close the man.
I very much want our meeting!!!!!
I give you all my sincere heat!
kiss you
Yours Elizaveta......
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