Scam letter(s) from Elena Golovina to Martin (Belgium)

Letter 1
Hi my dear Martin!!! I am glad to receive your letter! I thought today of you and your letter all the day long! Excuse that I for a long time to not answer you your letter! I went and found out in travel agency what to me documents to arrive to you are necessary! I find out for myself! I have gone to travel agency with hope and pleasure that I can buy itself to myself the visa and international passport ! But when I to see the prices for the visa and the international passport I very strongly to be upset and I think that I cannot pay one my charges! I even now in in the place to not know that to me to do ? Because my wages are equal 120 $ in a month! And the visa and the international passport for travel abroad and costs all together 350 euro ! For me it is simply big money! I even cry a little that I can not find such money if I shall work on 5 to work at once! You probably should understand that at us in Russia very much to pay small wages! What to me to do ? I know there is an exit from this situation, but I think that you to perceive very seriously! I think that if you to me will help to pay to me the visa and the international passport I shall be very glad and with the big pleasure I shall make myself the visa and to fly to you! What do you think? I think that we with you together should struggle and think as us with you together faster to meet? I want our meeting with you! As it was not strange! But you strongly to sit in my heart and I to burn with the desire to see you in alive and to arrive to you! I have found out preparation of the visa in travel agency will borrow approximately 10 - 12 days. My visa will be valid during 2 months.I think that it is very good idea to be at you houses 2 months! For 2 big months we can find out each other very well and we can understand with you to become the husband and the wife! I would like to arrive to you very much more likely! I think that our meeting will be better than which we write 100 letters each other!Ok?Are you agree with me? And if at us with you all will be good to go that my visa will be at me on hands approximately in 2 weeks. And then I can fly to you! I to speak with my relatives and they agree that I fly to you! I will need to leave only your full home address and phone! Are you agree??? I shall wait for your letter with impatience! Forever Elena.
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