Letter(s) from Anna to Walter (USA)

Letter 1

I'm happy that you're interested! I'd really like to communicate with you, but I can't to chat on - line. I invite you to write me to my e - mail: annastartoo@gmail.c om. Hope to find your letter in my box soon

Letter 2

Hi! It's really great we've met, don't you think? I'm truly glad to start our aquaintance like that ! I feel myself intregued & hope for the mutual interest. I think that communication by e - mails is more productive & private & I would like to try it. My e - mail address is annastartoo@gmail.com.

Letter 3


Thank you for your e - mail!

It's Anna (hope you remember;-) ) or Ann in English:-)

I'm from Ukraine - borsh, vareniki, Crimea, president Yushenko, maybe you've heard.

My inner voice has told me I shouldn't loose this chance to get acquainted with this guy, it's something like women's intuition, you know.

It'd be very interesting for me to know your better & hope that it's is mutual.

I use Internet dating to find my life partner. I also use now the help of private interpreter course I can't speak English & use a computer myself.

I should tell you that I do not know any other foreign languages as well, but eager to learn. So, if it's OK with you then I'll be waiting for your

Have a good day,

Letter 4

Hello Hugh!

Happy to hear from you! How are you doing? How's everything?

I do agree with you. I think while we communicate we should get know lots of things about each other. Do you agree? I'm curious to know much more about you. I hope you'll tell about yourself & all the news the next time. Would you?-)

O.K. when it's my turn, so I'll start. I live in the town Kherson. It's situated not far from Black See & is built on the river Dnepr. One of the central streets ends with an embankment & there's also a river port in Kherson. It's a beautiful town & i suggest you to visit it some day.
I was born a a nearby village called Pervomaisk, where my parents still live. I left for Kherson when entered the University.

I work as a waitress. I like this job course I communicate with people a lot. But still work can't be always pleasant:-( Anyway, it's really interesting for me to watch people's behavior & to understand their psychology. Of course it's not my dream career as well as it's a hard & stressful work. I also study part - timely at the University, I'll be a Sociologist when I graduate. I think this field of knowledge suits me well & like to obtain the secrets of this science;-)

I like to spend time outdoors, but unfortunately haven't got an opportunity to go camping or traveling for instance. I enjoy to cook & found of it a lot. I know that all men like delicious food, don't they?-) And what about you? What do you like to eat? I go in for aerobics to kip fit. In my spare time I like to go the cinema. So, that's me;-)

You know, I've tried to study English earlier. I've entered special courses, but haven't had enough time & money to continue. But now I'm willing to renew. Hope this might help our communication.

Till your next e - mail,

Letter 5

Hello, dear,
You haven't abused me in any way & you shouldn't appologize.
I'm sorry for the delay, but together with my Mom I leaved for my cousine's wedding who lives in a village which is situated pretty far away from me. I've managed to get some free time from work & now I'm back. That is why I couldn't communicate with you. I was missing you... I wish I would find your letter when I'm back! And it's here!
This is really great!
As for me, it doesn't mean how far we are from each other. As you know true relationship doesn't know any distances. Also, what are distances now when we have planes & so no? Just nothing.
I know that I can't speak & understand your language, but I'm sure that it's not difficult to learn it. And I really want to learn it & will do it as soon as I can.
Your Ann,
Have a good day.

Letter 6

Hello dear!-)
So very pleased about your letter! Have been missing you. Everything goes well here & what about you? Thank you for taking time to write me even early in the morning.
I liked the wedding very much! Bride was in a beautiful dress & everything was nice. I just like weddings in general, maybe as all girls are. And you're right I needed to go somewhere else to have a rest & to change the atmosphere.
Tomorrow is Kate's Birthday. She is my room mate - we rent a flat together. I want to choose something beautiful for her! Kate likes home flowers & I think I'll present her a violet in a nice pot.I hope she'll like it. And what is your opinion? You know, we live the same flat for 4 years already since I've entered the University. Kate is like a sister for me & i know that I can rely on her anytime.
And what is going on where you are? It'd be really interesting for me to know more about your surrounding there. I want to know just everything about you! I'm attracted to you emotionally very much & I catch myself that I always think of you, of what you're doing, how do you feel & what you're thinking about...
Your Ann.

Letter 7

Hi, Sweetheart!
I'm fine, thanks, & what about you. We have a very hot weather here these days.
Thank you for sending me your so very nice photo, you look great!
Also, thank you for the photos from you work & telling me more about it.
Thank you for being always there for me. I've been waiting the whole day long to get free & to come to see if you drop me a line...Today has been a really hard day at work & I feel a bit tired. But now I'm in a good mood to be writing to you! And how is your day? Is all good?
I hope so.
You know what I'm thinking about now?-) I think how it'd be great if you ask me out in the evening... & we'll go to some cozy small cafe & then we'll be walking along some beautiful alley holding hands & always talking about us... I want this to happen & I believe it'll be so one day. Have you been ever thinking about having a romantic dinner together? Just you & me? I think it might be great!
It's pleasant for me to know that you keep all my e - mails! Truly speaking I also have all yours from the very first one, but in a printed variant & translated into Russian.
Your romantic girl;-)
P.S. At the photo near Christmas tree I'm together with Kate.

Letter 8

Hi, Honey, At last I'm having your letter! I've been missing you so much! Hugh, I do think of you always... I liked your photo that you've send me the previous time. Why I shouldn't? Or do you have 6 fingers?-) I like you & I'm attracted to you. Also, I'd like to thank you for the complements! As you know, I work as waitress. It means that during my working day I serve for the tables, take the client's orders, bring them, then clean tables. In the mornings I clean chairs & tabels, water the flowers & so on - it's before the openning. I can't say that it's my dream career, but this work gives me money to live. I do not know anything interesting to tell about the work of the waitress. But if there is something specific you'd like to know, please, do not hesitate to ask! As you remember I also study part timely at the University. I'll be a Sociologist when I graduate. I think this field of knowledge suits me well & like to obtain the secrets of this science;-) Usually I wake up at 6 AM, cook the food, get prepared to the new day & go to the bass station. At 8 AM my working day starts. I'm at work till 6 PM. In the evening I like to watch TV or to read. When I have a studying week, then at 8 AM I'm at the University, I'm there till 2 PM. At 4 PM I go for work & stay there till 12 at the night. In my spare time I like to go the cinema. I like to spend time outdoors. I enjoy to cook & found of it a lot. I go in for aerobics to kip fit. I do not know how to start this, but want you to know that I've never tried to build the relationship this way & I also have never been as serious from the very beginning as I'm now. I have my goal to reach happiness & want do it together with you. I hope that it's mutual however. So, I'm open with you now; all my thoughts & wishes are here.I do not know if it's right but I'm sure that need to share it with you. For me happiness means to love & to be loved - it's the main. Please, understand me right, maybe you'll also support me & bring our communication & relationship in more serious & perposeful way. Do you want the same? I can't explain properly, but I'll try. I want to plan everything for us & our future at this stage. With love, Ann.

Letter 9

Hello, my Honey! Each time reading your letter I feel so glad & pleased! Day by day I'm waiting for it with anticipation... I like the way you're expressing yourself, the way you're thinking, - I like just everything about you! It's so easy for me to be open with you! Thank you for the complements, but I think that our outlooks do not influence our private life a lot. I think that I'm single course I haven't met my soul mate yet. Surely, I've had my experiences as well as we all have & truly speaking, I do not like the moral values & mentality of men here in my country. Truly speaking I do not know why things go this way, but it's my choice. Sweetheart, you're right, I really often feel the lack of spare time. But still, I think that to have something - you should do something. You've asked me about TV programms. So, here on TV we have reality shows, movies, news, cooking & history programms as well & lots of advertisemsnts. My favorite are reality shows & movies. As for cooking, so I consider myself to be a good cook. At least you'll be having an opportunity to check it by yourself;-) Darling, I want to meet you in person, to spend quality time with you, to do lots of things together, like all that loving couples that we watch around... I try to imagine how it'd be if you hug me, cuddle to me, kiss me... I'm lacking this a lot. I'd like such moments to happen with us... only with you... Does it happen to you that when you have a spare minute or when you're at your bedroom going to sleep you start thinking all these? As for me, I always do & I like it so much. But I'm sure it'd be much better to experience! I want this so much. I'm sorry for your negative experience from the relationship. You know, we have as much time as we need & no where to hurry. Yours only, Anna, forever.

Letter 10

Hello, my dear Hugh,
Today I've been informed that my contract with the translation company where I'm translating our letters & using computer is over. Now, I can't pay for it, I'm sorry.
I've wanted to tell you about it by myself & asked here to write you a short letter to worry you about it.
Whatever it is - I do not want to lose you!
Love you,
Your Ann.

Letter 11

Dear Sir,
Let us, please, inform you that Anna (annastartoo@gmail.com) has been using the services of translation and Internet access provided by our company "Easy Translations". We would like to notify you that Anna will be unable to reply your further e - mails for the reason that her contract with "Easy Translations" is expired till the time when it is renewed. It is possible to full fill the contract from both sides: Anna or you. In the case you might be interested in any details or have any questions concerning the given matter, you are welcome to forward your request in the e - mail.
Faithfully yours,
"Easy Translations".

Letter 12

Dear Sir,
Thank you for the e - mail. It will be translated to your lady.
Faithfully yours,
"Easy Translations".

Letter 13

Hello, my Love, I'm sorry but this is going to be a short letter (I've borrowed some money to write it). Hugh, I need you & please, do not say goodbye, please... I love you & can't let you go! I just haven't got money to pay for our correspondense now. I do not know what to do. And I didn't want to make you disappointed, I'm sorry. I feel lost. I love you, I need you forever, Ann.

Letter 14

Dear Sir,
We can offer you to choose one of the following contracts of using our translation services (right sight the prices in US Dollars are mentioned):
1) letter by letter translation ----------------- 6$
2) one month of unlimited correspondence ------------- 150$
3) three months of unlimited correspondence ------------- 400$
5) five months of unlimited correspondernce ------------- 650$
In a case you might be interested in sending/receiving photos we can offer you our services of scanning and printing:
1) - scanning one photo -------------- 1$
- printing one photo --------------- 3$
2) scanning and printing unlimited amount of photos per month ---- 30$
Let us, please, notify you that when applying for any given contract you forward the money dirrectly to your lady.
Lower there are the ways of easiest international money transferences are enumerated:
- Western Union
- Money Gram
To make the tranfer you should be aware of such personal data of your lady as:
- full name
- complete home address
If you do not have this information, please, contact us and we will provide you with it. Please, contact us on any other matter as well.
Our cmpany's e - mail address is easy.of.translations@gmail.com
Faithfully yours,
"Easy Translations".