Letter(s) from Oksana Rakovskaya to Sam (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Sam!
First of all, i'd like to say, that even I did recive some of e-mails from men of all over the world but all of them wrote the same things like: "you are wonderful... you are beautiful... I want to make love with you" I want tell you, that i'm looking for not only a handsome man outside and have sex with him, but mostly a wonderful man inside! I want a man who can keep up with me, in every area & so that is why I am looking to you ... By the way i can't write to you on the weekend because I write from the Net cafe and it is close on Sunday as usual. My Dear, I think that it's better at first to tell you about my family and my life with the people surrounding me. I have a very nice family. I live with my mum Nataly and my sister Kate. I don't have a father. My parents were divorced when my sister was born. My father found another family and now he lies in Russia with his new family. Once a year he comes here to me and my sister. My mum works in the library. She is a librarian. She is very nice and kind woman. She teach me all i need in my life. She is a very good friend who can give me the advice, she is a very good collegue, because she always know what is better for me to do, and the main her features is she is a nice and wonderful Mum. She has given all her life to me and my younger sister Kate. By the way Kate is 12. She is a pupil at school. Our family is not rich but we have everything for good and happy life. We live in small flat in multistory building. The city we live in is called Uzgorod, where I spent all my childhood. I was brought up in the loving family. I am kind and romantic, able to make compromises in the relations. Though I have many friends I understood that I am desperately lonely, I believe that there is a person in this world who is able to understand me and to love me as I am. Maybe the God create us for each other??? We will see.. By the way, I can cook very good, and not only our traditional dishes, but much of foreign food. I love to taste different kind of food, I dont know how to cook the foreign dish but i'm sure they are delicious! I like my home be light and clean.Because without that, there will be no any comfort.
We are still at the beginning of our relations, there are still so many things to know about us, i wanna discover you slowly like when you tenderly make the love with somebody, i wanna taste every step we make.
Dear,tell me more about yourself.
Thank you for you sweet letter once more. I will wait for another warm words from you impatiently. Bye for now, my dear
Regards, Oksana

Letter 2

Honey Sammy!
How are you.I have been thinking of you and I am happy that we have net. I am excited to think that soon we will be in each others arms.I want to see your smile for myself in real life. I will do all I can to help you keep that smile on your face and try not to ever disappoint you. I would never hurt you by cheating on you. I want to be everything that you ever dreamed of and make all your dreams come true. Either way we will make this happen.So you will know that i am telling you the truth. I can truly see that you are ready to be with me.I know we can get along as long as we keep our relationship in are own hands.I know that we have to put it in the hands of God. I just mean we cannot listen to what others say. Gossip,lies and jealousy can destroy us.Believe me when people are happy others will try to destroy them so we must be aware of this. If we have ups and downs we have to share them together to solve themWhat works for others may not be the same solution for us, So we must stick together through thick and thin.I know that you understand me and we should not be concerned about this but i want you to prepare you for what others may try to do to destoy are love for each other. We must communicate and be prepared at all times. Dear, I have booked the flight on the 10th of July. Till that time we should arrange the money for the medical nurse for my Mum otherwise i will not be able to come to you. Please be with me. i want to be in your arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am sure we will never have to deal with this as long as we love and care for each other. I will talk to you soon.
Your Oksana

Letter 3

Honey Sammy!
It is a pity that we are losing the days for our meeting....
I thought that we will do my medical paper this week and in a few days we will be together... but not yet.....
You know today the weather is so beautiful. The trees are with the green leaves and blossoms. Today i don't need to go to work because it is the Day of Victory in Ukraine.
We have a big parade and then there will be the concert party with the salute....
Honey but I did miss you a lot.. ....I can't express with words what I feel.
As days pass I feel closer and closer to you.
I imagine our embraces and first kisses, first looks. I'm so excited about being together with you soon. I'm happy, I'm smiling and I feel like wings are growing on my back! For I live for now is YOU.
Honey, how are you today?????
How is your life???? I have become addicted by your writings to me.. I even can't think how can i live without getting your letter....... but of course it will be better to see you in real life every day in my ear in the morning..... hmmm I can imagine it!!!!!!! Honey, it will be so pleasant for me to start the day with saying :"Good morning, my love", to say hello to sun, birds,green leaves and to you , my dear! Since the time i met you i fell in love with you. I would also like to thank you for all the warm and tender words that you always write to me... Thanks a lot.. Well, my dear, I am sorry my letter is going to the end this time but I need to go for now...but i will be thinking about you a lot....Does that sound good to you?
Soon all of our dreams will come true.
Missing much and cant wait to hear from you soon ,
Your Oksana

Letter 4

Dear Sir!
Our agency has come from Kiev embassy and we have some information for you. We need to inform you that your girl needs to have the travel money for her trip to UK. It is the condition of embassy that the person should have at least 50$ per each day of her staying abroad. It means that she is not going to escape a living there otherwise she will be stopped on the custom and they will return her back. As your lady has the tourist visa for three month it means that she needs to have 50$ for every day. As soon as she approves that she has the money we will give all the documents to your lady.
We are ready to help you at any your question.

Thank you for cooperation.
Truly yours, Leontina Podkopaeva

Letter 5

Honey Sammy!
I hope there in the airport you will be waiting for me....and we will meet.....My dear, i can't wait to see you soon....I know it will be wonderful!!!!!! I see that you also like me missed and want to have me next to you... I think it will hot there together.... How I love you, you even can't imagine what great felling i have inside me.....
It is like a stream of hot water,
like a rain in spring,
like a snow in winter,
like a wind in autumn,
like a sun in summer....
It is all you for me. Every morning i wake up and the first i have on my mind where you are, what you are doing that time....every evening i am thinking about you,Every passing day i feel more and more attraction to you...Every passing minute i want to kiss your lips, to touch your body, to be hold by your strong hands, to make love with you for the whole days and nights.... I want to do it only with you....I really so much love you... i can tell this for the whole world because i am the happiest woman in this world... because i found you in my life, because you are so beautiful, you shoed me the real lovely felling, you showed me another wonderful world, you showed me that i can be loved and you gave me this felling too.... i thank you for this very much... Honey, I want to thank you for your lovely words about me and your help in organization the trip for me.. My love, i was at the agency and they told me that my documents are ready Everything is ok just I also want you to know that i have ready the embassy laws and there is the point that none can come to your country without having the travel money with herself in order to have the meanings for the living there....Dear, I need to tell you that I should have about 50$ for every day of my being there with you. I need to have the money for the whole period of my staying with you. But if i don't have such money I will be stopped on the custom and i will be returned back to Ukraine ..... i hope you can understand me.... Dear, I will get the travel checks not the cash from Western union and will be bale to use this checks only in UK. Honey, we can't lose any minute we need to make everything ready for our meeting because it is only several days and we will be together... Dear, don't worry i will give you all that travel money back to you when i will come because i know that being with you i don't need anything ...only you... and your attention.... Honey, please smile.... I am only yours and i know it will be fun for us!!!!!!!!!! Well I need you to be careful and healthy.
Kiss you, I miss you very very much and think only of you.
Your Oksana
p.s. Honey, you can check everywhere that it is true that i need to have the travel money.