Letter(s) from Maria Somova to Ron (Canada)

Letter 1

Hello! How are you? It's Mariya. It's nice to get your reply! I think it would be very interesting to learn some more information about you and your country. I want tell you some more about myself, after I will ask you few questions too, I hope you don't mind answer on them. I begin tell you some more about me! I was never married and don't have kids. I don't have boyfriend. Because if I had him, then I never write you. I hope you understand that. Most of people that cute girl must have boyfriend. This is not true. My birthday is November, 25 1981 year. So I'm 26 years old now. I live in Cheboksary, Russia. It very nice city. I was born in Moscow. I finished Moscow State University. I have degree in management. After that I moved to Cheboksary. I will tell you about it in next letter if you interested. I live here already 5 years. I enjoy living here. I work in building company. I work like office manager. I work six day per week, so it's around 53 hours per week. I want to tell you about my interest. I like sport, I visit sport club 3 days per week, take fitness. I like swim. I swim in public pool usually on Saturday. I like outdoors. At home I like keep my house clean, cook, read books or magazines. I like go out with my friends and have fun! I sending you few pics of me. So please tell me in next letter what do you think about my pics? So here is my questions. What city you live? Tell me some more about your city. Where are you born? What is your profession? Where you work? What do you do in free time? What do you do for fun? How often you able to get Internet? This is all for now! I hope to see your letter later! Bye, your new friend Mariya!