Letter(s) from Larisa Vicky to Mal (Australia)

Letter 1

Hello Dear,

Thanks for the lovely mail that you send to me,also sorry to get back to you as i was too busy at work i really appreciate it , and it make me learn more about you . You really sound so lovely, caring and romantic and this make me long to know you more better and even to meet you in person one day.

I will like to introduce myself to you. My full name is Larisa Vicky, i was born and brought up in france paris, and i also live in California USA for one year, i went there to study, my birth date is 20/03/1978. , my height is 5.6feet and my weight is average. I am single and i never marry before. I believe in a real and true love, that could finally end up into marriage.

I did not be able to finished my study in USA when my father got sick and this make me back to paris to stay with him and after some month, he died in the hopital. and this make me to decide to relocate with my mother who is working as a missionary in Africa country called Mali. As i said lost my father one year and one month now, and my mother was in africa working as a missionay in a country called Mali.My mother was there in the country for the past three year serving as a missionary and i am the only child for my parent.

I am a simple,nice,caring,sincere,honest,faithfull,loyal,sharing,giving if I have,generous, understanding, loving, and with a sense of humour. I would love to spend the rest of my life with a man that will at least have, half of these my qualities, because no one is perfect in life ! . I am a good christian, i was bron and brought up as a catholic

I am still single though i have been inlove with a man before in paris, where i am living i love him and he show love to me too, but he is a business man and he always went to moscow for business, and one day he went to moscow and i did not see him again till this year when i learnt that the man had married with another woman in Russia, he is a french man like me too we are both living in paris before he travel to Russia and since then i have decided to stay lonely till now , But now i want to settle down and to start my own life and i also need someone that i will love and who will love me in return and someone who will not let me down or break my heart.

This is my first time to look out for man from internet and my dream is to meet someone who will show real love and care to me.Though it was so easy for me to fall inlove if i meet and see all the quality that i need from man, but i dont like to be hurt anymore again and by now i still never believe this internet of thing. But i pray that all is true and i pray not to regret.I am openminded girl and i like to express my feelings so that people will know who i am, and i always proove myself to be honest in anything that i am doing so that people will have trust in me.And i wish to meet the same thing from you.I like truth and someone who is straight forward.

Well, i believe that we just know each other now and with time we get to know ourselves very well. I will stop for now till when i will read back from you, till then take good care of yourself and have a nice day.

With all my love

Letter 2

Hello Mal,

You really make me feel so much happy when i read all what you write to me today and you make me feel been loved and cared for by someone special. to say the truth, you sound so special, lovely,caring and i can bodly say that you sound like the man i am praying to spend the rest of my life. Well, i pray that all what you told me about yourself is real and true about you.

I have been in California before, i stay there for only one year, i came there to study, but i did not be able to finished my study when my father got sick in paris and i am the only child, so i decide to back to paris and after some month my father die in hospital and this make me decide to with my mother who was in african country for the past three years now working with catholic as a missionary. I am working right now with SONY ELETRONICS COMPANY as a store keeper. I make this decision to come and stay with my mother when my father die my mother was here in a african country called Mali in the cty called Bamako for the past three years now working as a missionary and i am living in the same place with her by now.

Though i am not a reach girl likewise my mother too, but i am living happily with mother and we are well okay with all what God provide for us .As i tod you I decide to come and stay with my mother after the death of my father. Though it's a big pain to lost our love ones. But i am happy and still give thanks to God that i still have a loving mother.

I will like also to brief you about my hobies. firstly, i like cooking and i like to learn how to cook new food that i have never cook before, i like pet, though i did not have the one of my own but my mother have one dog. I like basketball, soccer, swimming and i like going to beach to play with my friends. In my spear time, i like listening to music, i use to sing at church, i like watching movies and sometimes reading novels to improve my english level. There are many thing that i use to do durring my spear time.,as you said on your mail to send me with CDs my mom said that i should let you know that same time seding thing through our mail Box that ir get lost that it wil be best to send it throught DHL ,USP,EMS the easy way and selty way to send a park, i will be happy also to join together with you on my vacation time that i will come soon it will be great to have you by my side and feel close to you

I will love to know you more better, and i believe that in such way like this we can get to know each other more better and if you have any question please try and ask me, i am like an open book. I will stop for now till later in the day or next when i will read from you.Till then take good care of yourself and have a nice day. Here is my home address!!!

BPE 65

With a lot of kiss