Scam Letter(s) from Mariam Osman to Harry (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello dear one,

this is Maryam and it was really nice to haer from you.How is everything?Hope everything is cool over there.Once again thanks for your e-mail address.I have attached 3photos of me and i hope you would like them.Can you send me yours?Can you tell me a little about yourself?I would like to get to know you more and see if we could match each other.

A little about myself.My name is Maryam Osman.I was born and bread in Johannesburg,South Africa.My dad is an Egyptian and my mum a Ghanaian and an Ashanti.I am the only daughter of my parents.Unfortunately my dad passed away in the year 1997.So my mum decided we should move to Ghana to stay here for good.As at now i am currently living in Ghana with my mum.We are living in the same house together.I am a teacher by profession.i am 29years old and single.i am looking for the right person to spend the rest of my life with.

I am an attractive, outgoing, sweet and funny person, just looking for the right person to have in my life. I am looking for somone who does not play any games. I want someone to know what they want and are able to act on that. I am a very laid back person and like to have a good time, not matter what I am doing. When I am in a relationship I will do anything for that person, and would expect the same from them as well.

I am looking for a honest,loving,caring and down to earth person to share everything with.Looking for someone who can be my best friend and soulmate.You don¦t have to share all my interests but some would be nice. And I¦m looking forward to being introduced to new things, too.Do you chat at yahoo messenger or msn messenger?I would like to be chatting with you so we could know more about each other.

I will end here for now and i hope to hear from you soon.Take care and stay bless.

Tenderly yours,


Letter 2

Dear Mr Harry Horsburgh,

Greetings from Nayak Holiday Service,Accra-Ghana to all our valued customers.We greatly appreciate the fact that we are contacting you for the first time. A client by the name, Miss Maryam Osman was here in our office yesterday on the 24th day of October 2005 at 11:23am GMT for traveling enquires to Canada (Manitoba) and we have the name in our data for all visited customers. This morning at about 9:15am, she was her to hand over your informations to us as she claims she will be traveling to you and will be residing with you and you want us to contact you in person.

However, according your girlfriend Miss Maryam Osman, you will want her to come and spend a longer time with you so therefore, we will be securing her, The H1B VISA when she is recgonized as a successful clients(paid applicants).

Here, the H1B VISA, is the primary method for bringing in level foreign employees to Canada and with this type of visa, it enables Canadian employers to hire foreign professionals for a specified period of time which is can enable your partner to work during the stay with you. The H1B program allows workers in specialty occupations to work in Canada for up to a total of six (6) years. One of the things that makes this visa so desirable is that, unlike many other nonimmigrant visa categories, it is a "dual intent" visa. This means that a visa will not be denied simply because a person has intentions to become a permanent resident. The assumption is that if for some reason the permanent residency petition is denied, the person would still have the intention to return home.

Another advantage to the H1B visa category is that the recipient in Canada does not need to demonstrate that there is a shortage of qualified Canadian workers and, consequently, a labor certification process can be avoided. Aside from documenting that the position offered is in a specialty occupation and that the employee has the appropriate credentials for the job, the recipient need only verify that the H1B visa worker is being paid the prevailing wage for the work being performed and that employment of a foreign worker is not harming conditions for immigrant workers and also to the non immigrant. Further more, your girlfriend is going to engage with as the fiancee and we will show a sufficient financial resources of our firm to support your partner to secure her, a Canadian H1B visa.

However, when she came here to our office this morning, she has given us the assurance and with a great concern that she wants us to facilitate her traveling documents to you in Canada Manitoba. But in securing the H1B Visa, it will be within a period of 14 to 18 working days.

Aside from documenting, the position offered is in a specialty and that is Miss Maryam Osman has the appropriate credentials for the travelling. Mr Horsburgh, it was made known to us by your girlfriend Miss Maryam Osman that, you will help in the facilitating of her travel documents. We therefore inform you that, the total cost of her travel from Ghana to you in Canada (Manitoba) would be $2923.23, all charges includes Vat (12.5%). The total breakdown are as follows : Visa processing fee, processing of document to the embassy, Round Trip Ticket Reservation, Travel Insurance,Traveling itenarary,travel and tour charge,30 kilograms luggage weighing and any extra kilos would be taken care of by the client, vaccination and Innuculation card,and Aids Test Confirmation.

If you had listen to BBC news lately you would have heared that Ghana Airways is not at the moment in service due to some circumstances beyond their control. Beside Ghana Airways,we have KLM, LUFTHANSA, AIR ALITALIA, BRITISH AIRWAYS, SWISS AIRLINES ,AMERICAN AIRLINES ETC. We would give particulars of flight she would use, which is under our commodity.The travel itinerary of Miss Maryam Osman would depend on the time of booking the flight. We are assuring you of giving her an ecconomy flight,because her safety is our concern. We are affiliated with organisation that assist us in facilitating all documents in the shortest possible time which has been stated above in the fifth paragraph.

As a matter of fact, we have some list of clients that we are working on their documents for the presentation to the Canadian Embassy before the end of next week, and we would therefore be pleased if we can add her to the list, since we are going to apply for the Tourist Visa and a H1B type of visa for a client and this is the same type of visa your gilffriend seeks. We will therefore be pleased if you will e-mail us your details of informations that is, ( Your Full Name, Address, Fax and Phone Numbers) so we will enter all this informations in the applicants visa form to the embassy since you would be the recipient to welcome her in Canada.

Code of Ethics and Standards encourages our clients to provide the highest quality of informations that the travel will use and also to stipulates guidelines for relations between the agency and our clients. Membership in Nayak Holiday Service is a sign of this commitment to the highest standards of professional competence and integrity and merits the confidence of the traveling public.

However,due to security reasons, and since you will be of assistance to her in the payment of her traveling charges as said by your girlfriend Miss Maryam Osman, we allow all payment to be made at counter service,and in dealing with international corresponce, we allow all payment to be made or wired to us through western Union transfer ( With this, payment to us can be sent to any western union branch within Accra. Due to the problems we have faced in the passed with international correspondence, and also since that has ruin the company down and most of our money has been lost.

Less we forget, when she came here this morning to the companies premisses, she brought forward an amount of $620USD as down payment to be used in all documentations covering her travel but we had to turn her off since we will like to hear from you first before we can allow that. Further more, we would need all the relevant information regarding the Transfer and Money Control Number to be able to track the money and make pick up. Below is information to send payment to us:

Mr. Daniel Minto
22 Tetteh Quarshie Interchange,
Offlane Roundabout,
14th Lane-Accra.

Also, we will issue out an official receipt for any amount of payment made to us to Miss Maryam Osman and a copy shall be scan and forwarded to you while we would also keep another copy for documentations.In addition to that, Mr Horsburgh, copy of the ticket confirmation code as well as her travelling itenerary will be attached as to enable you to know her Departure time from Accra-Ghana(Kotoka International Airport) to Canada Manitoba at (Winnipeg International Airport)

We looking forward to hearing from you,do not hesistate to contact us anytime withing our Working hours which is Monday-Friday(8:30 Am to 10:30Pm),Saturday-Sunday(10:30Am-8:30 Pm). We currently rebuilding a network of operators in five West African countries, namely: Ghana, Togo, Benin, Burkina Faso and Cote D'ivoire. We are out of link on the internet since we are remodenising and entering necessary informations on our new companies established which would help in the new global business to the entire general public and we are sorry for any inconviniences.

We need your maximum co-operations in expediting this traveling schedules .Thank You.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Daniel Minto
Managing Director
22 Tetteh Quarshie Interchange,
Offlane Roundabout,
14th Lane-Accra.

Letter 3

Hello my sweetheart Harry,

This is nobody than your own beloved maryam.I miss you soo much and i hope everything is fine with you as i am doing.I came back last night and my journey was a very tiring one.I thank God that i am back home safely my dear.I wish we were already together.You are always in my mind Harry and i cant stop thinking of you.I have scan 3photo for you and i have attached it.I hope you would like them.I have to go to the travel and tour angency this morning,they asked me to come and sign the visa application forms.I will call you later in the afternoon so we can talk more.I really miss you Harry my love.Take care and stay bless.

Always love,




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