Letter(s) from Julia Zhirova to Fred (Netherlands)

Letter 1

Hello my liked!!!

I am glad to read your letter again. If it is fair, to me it was a little bit insulting, when you have said that I can escape with your money. It injured me, but I understand all, as now many girls deceive. I never could act so because I like you and it is very bad in relation to morals and the law. I think of the future. Weather at us today better than yesterday. Yesterday all the day long there was a rain, and the sun today shines. But tomorrow again promised rains. I ask you a pardon that I write to you so late, but I have not found more time for this purpose. As to my address it is not necessary for you to know it as in the Western union this information is not required, but nevertheless I shall write to you that you knew:::: uzer box 48, kazan, street Novaya 12 - 46, index-420032. I too will need to know your address and the everything else to receive money, but I already wrote to you about it in the last letters. I in fact in general shall go from mind on you now. I cannot think of anything except for you. You the most expensive, that are in this life---you my most treasured and biggest love. I very much very much wait for the middle of August to meet you. On it I finish the letter and I shall go home to sleep. I am very tired.

Your liked Anastasia!!!

Letter 2

Hello my dear!!!

How you in Spain? How are you doing there? I today went in to receive your money and at me there were problems. When you sent me of money for my name, you have incorrectly written a name. My full name ANASTASIYA? a you have written Anastasya. You have passed the letter "i". Also to me have said, that is not your full name, and I need to know your full name. It is necessary for you to come in office of the Western Union and to correct the data on which you sent. I again send to you them. My exact data:
republis Tatarstan,
city Kazan,

Please do not do more mistakes as I had to test today a lot of experience when I went to receive from you money. I have learned, that you can correct my data in Spain. Only it is necessary for you to come in office of the Western union. I very much want you to see and what problems will not prevent me. Tomorrow at midday I shall come to the Internet of cafe to read your letter and to learn the full data on your name. I like you!!!!


Letter 3

My love, I very much waited, when you will get into with me contact to say to you, that I have bought the ticket today. I am very glad!!! My flight will take place on August, 18 in 800 Moscow time, but at me now awful mood, whether as me have asked I am insured. I have said, that I am not insured. At the airport to me have said, that me will not let in other country as I am not insured. I need to be insured. I do not know where to me to find money for it. All my hope only on you. It is the minimal payment. It will make approximately 1000 dollars. To me have said, what is it all is done with a view of safety that at me were money when I shall come in Turkey. When I shall come, I can take away this money in bank. It is done that I was not lost there without money. You understand me? I want to appear near to you and I very much hope, that at us all to turn out. It seems to me, that we are made the friend for the friend and the life puts on our road of difficulty and checks our feelings. I have learned, that it is possible to send money from Spain. You will help me? To me have said that you receive all money back when we shall meet. We together descend and we shall receive money in bank. I have despaired and I do not know that to me to do. Please calm me. I like you very much very much!!!

Yours Anastasia

Letter 4

My love, I am very glad to read your letter, but today I cannot brag to you good mood, as at my family serious problems. We cannot sell our apartment as the sum which it is necessary to pay for it is very great. As I already spoke you, I the daddy went in bank to take the credit, but to him have given up, as they do not give monetary credits to pensioners. After that he has gone to other bank, but there have said the same. I have decided, that to me will give the credit and itself my salary too small that to me gave such sum descended in bank, but. Ours the family has despaired. To mine to the daddy it became very bad both he has fainted also to me it was necessary to call first aid. In hospital surveyed it and have said, that fortunately there are no occasions to worry, as as the reason of his bad state of health that there was a hot weather has served and he has simply overheated. But he nevertheless is afraid for our old apartment as it is necessary to sell her. At that time, while we went in banks, my mum was engaged in crossing. We have employed for this purpose loaders as it is very hard to move furniture. When mums has learned about happened she very much was upset. We for a long time talked to her about it and have decided to ask your help. It is very a shame to me, but I cannot do anything with myself. It is very a pity to me of the parents because they so dreamed of a good life. Fred, I want to ask for you on loan this money, but my family all to you will give, after we shall sell an apartment. Mum has said, that when they will sell an apartment we already we shall be in Turkey and she will send your money there and you will take away them. I have asked the girlfriend about that she was with me on communication and wrote to me letters through the Internet of cafe when I shall be in Turkey with you. They will send money and you receive them back. Do not worry about it. I already have thought over all also to you it is not necessary to worry about it as we shall be a number. We have already found buyers for our old apartment, but we cannot sell her as she still belongs to the state. Buyers appeared the cousin niece of mine of the daddy with the husband. It is very reliable because they our familiar. As I already wrote, it is necessary to bring in 3 % of cost of an apartment was 45000 roubles. In dollars it will be approximately 1800 and I hope for your help in it. I understand, what is it huge money, but you should know, that they to you will return, when we shall be in Turkey. I hope, that you will not give up to me and all will be good. You should understand, that I very much want, that my parents and I were happy. As to our new apartment today we shall already live in her. My mum is engaged in crossing and in the evening, I shall go not to an old apartment, and in the new house. I am very glad to this, but I am tormented with conscience because I cannot provide the parents. On it I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you to me. I like you!

Your love Anastasiya

Letter 5

Hello my love!!!

I have been a little bit injured by that, that you have written to me, but this your right. Why you accuse me that I to a deceit of you. Unless I allowed to you an occasion for this purpose. At me and so now and more you write problems to me such. I do not force you to give me this money. I have simply asked, hoping on your kindness and trust to me, but I was not right. It is not necessary to accuse me and to injure. If you do not want, do not send me the help. This your business also it was not necessary to injure me. Understand me correctly, but I would believe you. We are already familiar 2 and a half of a month and only it should force to believe you to me, but this your business to trust me whether or not. We simply do not have time to conclude what that contracts and receipts. At us can take away an old apartment and we can remain without money. You unless cannot understand it. You want times, that I have proved to you the honesty I shall prove to you it. Simply say to me, that it is necessary to do:? How I can prove to you the authenticity and honesty??? I hope, that you will understand all complexity of our situation both will understand my position and will understand me. I with impatience shall wait your answer with your ideas in this occasion, but I shall hope nevertheless that all of you will help me. Tomorrow I shall try to borrow money at my familiar and I very much I hope that I shall find the sum necessary to me.

Your liked Anastasiya