Scam letter(s) from Olesya Kapusnyak to Ronny (Sweden)

Letter 1
Hello my dear friend. Thanks a lot you are interested in me. It's so kind of you. what data do you need?:) i am 27, never married, i have no kids, but i would like to. i am a hairdresser. my full name is Olesya,but i prefer to be called Lesya. i will try to give you an idea about myself. i am a normal person, and i will tell you everything in details in later. and now i would like to explain you my choice. I haven't used the Internet to get acquainted of somebody. So it's something new for me. But I suppose more will happen for a person if one is willing to go for opportunities. So I decided to search the Man of my dream by means of Internet. It doesn't matter what he looks like. The main things for me is what he has inside his heart. I think I'm lucky and I always go for it. I like people with character, strong spiritually, who can get everything they want. I'm sure good luck doesn't just fall into our lap, but we have to make it happen. I enjoy to meet cheerful people, to find out something new for me. I'm very energetic and never idle. I like fun and merriment. But at the same time I adore quiet places among trees and mountains or some quiet seaside place near the sea, with yellow sand and the sunshine. But the most important things for me are a family and wonderful family atmosphere. Nothing can be compared with them. I'm able to give anything my darling people want to get from me. There is no more happiness for me than to be surrounded by the happy people of mine. I was born to be happy and to make happy the people closed to me. My house will be full of joy, happiness and children's laugh. I hope to hear from you soon. Here is my e-mail address Best wishes,
Letter 2
Hello my dear, Ronny!!! It was great to get your letter. I'm deeply impressed by your nice attention. I was impressed by your telling of yourself. It's really interesting for me to find out your life style,your aspirations and your ambitions. I'm glad to have an opportunity writing you again. There is no doubt our corresponding is a nice chance for knowing each other better. It's my pleasure to use this lucky chance. As you know, I'm looking for a soulmate here, someone who could understand all my feelings, all my desires and thoughts. In the real life it's so difficult to find a man whom I could trust everything. So I decided to try to do it here . What do you think? Is it a nice idea? I know that there are plenty of kilometers between us, but through these letters we can learn a lot about each other and hopefully in future we might become closest friends and even partners :) Will you help me to find out whether it's a lucky chance about our meeting here or not? And speaking about "mothership".... I want to have children... my little babies, though sharing evenings and days with my beloved is also my dream... can I split myself apart? Now I'd like to tell you about myself. I live in a nice city named Lugansk. It's neither small nor big. It's situated in the eastern part of Ukraine. I like my native city because I was born here and my parents live here. My father and mother are the best parents in the world. We always enjoy to be together, support and give much of inspiration to each other. My father is a driver. My mother works in a cafe as a backer. Both of them are very good specialists. Their colleagues respect my parents for their professionalism, friendliness and sincerity. My mother's a very tender, quiet and charming woman. They say I took after her in my character. I have never met so noble, strong spiritually, honest, reliable and careful man, but my father. I'd like to find a man who has such qualities and who's able to care of his family. Besides, I have my elder sister. She's a nice and cute lady and a very good friend of mine. I love my family very much. I dream of such splendid family in the near future. Now I have ambitions to get higher education. I study at the University. beside i am a hairdresser now, i will get a certificate of designer in clothes and make up. My study takes much of my time now, but I try to find some moments for relaxing and enjoying myself. My interests are literature, music and cooking. I'm energetic, rather intelligent, friendly, patient, polite. I think I'm calm, never panic in a crisis, love animals and children and they love me as well.:) It's a pity I can't speak any other languages apart from Russian. So I have to use translator and computer services in order to write and send you my letters. I hope you don't mind, do you? I'll be looking forward to your next letter. It would be wonderful to know you better. Bye for now,
Letter 3
Hello my dear Ronny! I'm so pleased to get your letter again. I like it very much. I am really glad that we keep our correspondence. After reading your letter I have really a special feeling about you. I've been keeping you on my mind all the time. I have a nice impression about your personality. It seems to me, there is a link between us so my hope is flying high when I'm thinking about you. do you like my pictures? I loved reading your comments on my letter and answers on my questions. I hope to get such letters from you all the time... not so long of course... we must not be too slow with our meeting, ok? :) I think you should follow your friend... go to Ukraine. You won't regret that at all!!! I must confess I often find my thoughts going towards you. I am wondering where you are, what you are doing at the moments, what your thoughts are about? I have plenty of tenderness and warmness inside my heart. It would be my pleasure to share it with someone special. I feel it's a time for me to create my own family. I'd like to devote my life to a caring man who won't be able to live without me. I have many questions to ask you. Hope it won't make you bother to answer them. What do you think about Ukrainian women? Do you want your woman to be a housewife or to be independent and earn money herself? I just like to know all about you, your dreams, your secrets. :-)What kind of movies do you prefer? What is you favorite sport? I am not a light-minded, fast or careless girl. I want to have a serious, happy and peaceful relationship. I think loving atmosphere is necessary for bringing up children in harmony. I wish to have two or three the most wonderful kids the world has ever seen. :-) Of course, if my future beloved wouldn't mind it. I think there is a chance for us to become great friends with a possibility of something much greater. Internet helps us to communicate and, maybe, one day some travel agency will help us to meat each other in person. I'm going to dream about it and hope my dreams will come true one beautiful day. I'm excited about the opportunity to know you better I do believe our first personal meeting will look as a meeting of two loving hearts. What do you think of this? I'll be looking forward to your letter.
Take care,
Letter 4

10... 9.... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... FINALLY. I've waited a time before I was granted the opportunity to write to you, my lovely Ronny. it is very pleasant to hear back from you. Thanks for your letter! I like it very much. I liked how you answered my questions very much. I appreciate your point of view on the situation of housewife or career maker :) I would probably like to be a career maker as I want to do much for our family and the budget is important of course. I don't want to be just a spender... I wouldn't feel myself in comfort. I want to be equal with my man, to share some professional problems with him. My most important secret is that I have a birthmark on one of my private places :) There are not so many lucky men who saw it :) My movies are romantic of course! I like to express my emotions and watching some love story films is the best chance to do it! I must say that even if your letter seems to be short it's informative and useful for me to read. Today a lot is a hard day,feels the much nervous,only beautiful thing has been to receive your letter,would not more succeed to sleep without to read your letter,would want that you pits to house with me in order to you between my arms here,the fatigue go out and i would feel my self very well. I never tire of making up new descriptions of how good you make me feel. This evening some friends come to house mine in order to see some film they are going to bring,but my thought will be only for you,i want with all the heart that you are the companion of my life and the only man to love with all same me. Internet is magical as it allows us to know each other and gives us an opportunity to find each other amongst the millions of people on this earth. I love your letters, and your letters grow deeper in emotion and thought, they are significant to how we feel about each other and our connection, of course. You have an excellent mine and communication skills. The Key to a great relationship is communication, talking, writing, touching making love, looking at each eyes, body movements, all communication. i hope to hear from you soon.
Your Lesya
Letter 5
"A-Project" translating company
91055,Koroluova Street, 78, Lugansk, Ukraine.
+3 8 095 686 23 66
------------------------------------------- Dear Sir we apologize for interrupting your correspondence with lady Olesya but we are to inform you that Olesya has been using the services of letters translation and Internet provided by our translating company. unfortunately, we cannot translate your last letter to your friend, as her account is over and she cannot pay it anymore. she is very much interested in you and asked to inform you about this. Olesya hopes not to lose contact with you. in case you you feel like help her we are glad to introduce the information about our services to you. please write the request to the e-mail address of your lady and our managers will answer you as soon as possible. you can also get all the necessary information with the following phone numbers: +1 315 849 5771 (USA)
+3 8 095 686 23 66 (Ukraine) Please mind the time difference. our working hours are 9am-5pm. we are glad to be in service for you. Hoping for our future collaboration,
Faithfully yours,
Stanislav Denezhkin
Executive manager.
Letter 6
Darling! I missed you so much! But I can't continue the correspondence now... I am so sorry that I can't pay for it for myself,but it is really too expensive for me,I hope you will understand,I earn 150$ per month and to translate one letter for you costs 5$,so you see it is impossible for me now. But if you could help me just a little,just for several letters to translate,I would be the happiest woman in the world! In two weeks I will get my salary and will pay for our correspondence,but it will be in two weeks... I don't want to lose contact with you! You are the man of my dream,I feel it...I have to finish this short massage for you. I love you,darling! Yours forever Olesya
Letter 7
"A-Project" translating company
91055,Koroluova Street, 78, Lugansk, Ukraine.
+3 8 095 686 23 66
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Sir. Thank you for your letter. We are glad you want to continue correspondence with our client Olesya Kapusnyak. We couldn't translate your letter to her because the account is empty. We will wait for it to be filled. If anyway you would like to help Olesya you can use the information below. Here is information about our prices: -translation and printing of one letter - 5 USD
services of translator - 2 USD;
Internet services - 2 USD
printing of a letter - 1 USD
taxes and other payments - 1 USD
-scanning of one photo- 2 USD
-printing of one photo - 3 USD
-phone call translation- 6 USD 10 minutes If you interested in our unlimited service the prices is: "Unlimited translation" - we provide only translation services without printing or scanning photos: - one month "unlimited translation" - 150 USD
- two month "unlimited translation" - 300 USD; "Unlimited correspondence" - we provide not only translation of the letters but also printing letters and scanning and printing pictures: - one month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 200 USD
- two month "unlimited correspondence" costs - 350 USD Cost of phone calls is not included in any service. How it works: This service works like this: you e-mail a letter to your lady,then we translate and print it for her. She replies to you, we translate and print this letter. We type and send it you to your address. We will notify you if a letter is returned to us for any reason. While your account is over we will send you a balance with detailed report of your expenses. You can send the money through WESTERN UNION.
You should write in your document: name of the receiver: Olesya Kapusnyak
address: 91000,Zhukova Block,7,
city: Lugansk
country: Ukraine. You can use also your credit card to send payment through the Western Union service. You can do it on line on web site Dear Sir,in case if you wish to make for your lady a nice present to let your lady feel your love and care we can provide you with such a service. We cooperate with an Internet shop and on our site you can see all the assortment of nice presents and gifts. Please,we are open to your requirements. Our contact number is: +3 8 095 388 03 51.
We are open for all your suggestions. Yours Faithfully,
Executive Director,
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