Scam letter(s) from Victoria Krivoshekova to Jad (Cyprus)

Letter 1
hello my sweety Jad!
Thank you for your letter...
I was received your letters...but it was long time ago...
how are you today?
What are you doing?
Will wait your letter...
Letter 2
Hello my sweety Jad!
Thank you for your answer , I was really pleased to get it...
My sweety ! My mailbox was not full I had some problems with my study...
I have my vocation now about 1 month...
I miss you , my sweety Jad!
Will wait for your answer...
Letter 3
My darling Jad!
I was glad to receive your letter again so soon. You know that they use to bring you to me by pieces,and may be once I'll have all parts of you. I want to tell you few things: about my family,I must say that I live with my father and mother,we are a very friendly family,and we surely have quarrels sometimes but the reasons of our quarrels are always trifles. I have no brothers or sisters,but I have cousins. I study at the state University,where I study literature,both foreign and native. Plus some general subjects as politics,psychology and etc. I am still studying and I am going to be a teacher of Russian language and literature, but I also can teach history, when I finish my education. It is such a wonderful work, but at the same time it is art,cause to find the key to the heart of a person is art. And I like their happy laugh and their strive for knowledge, and their new, not ordinary look to life. Every new pupil is like a new diamond with thousand of sides, sparkling and giving rainbows to this world, which is full of mistrust and evil, and I wish the only one thing to bring up a personality, who will search for kindness,who will act kindness,making this world better with every minute of their life................... And I should tell you that I also work as a teacher of Russian literature in the school. My pupils are not small children and they are not adults, their age about 12-13 years old.... The age when you still believe in mystery but you are already sure that your pretty grown-up person..... I think it is very important to inculcate in them taste for poetry......I took responsibility to do it...........Do you believe in me??????????? :-) By the way, do you like your job?........and if you would have chance to change it for anything........what would you choose???
thinking of you ....
Nata P.S I have my vocation now...about 3 weeks
Letter 4

Hello my sweety!
How are you?
I did not reserved any your letters...
>Please writing me...
Letter 5
Hello my sweety Jad!
Thank you for your letter , I was really pleased to get it. You are one of the best persons I have ever communicated with in my life. Though we communicate via e-mail I believe this is not much different from a real talk tet-a-tet. In past I did ignore Internet connections with somebody and did not realize that it could be so vivid and delightful. Before writing you something had changed in my mind that said me to try ("why not"). And now I'm happy that it has occurred. I wanted you to tell me a little bit about your past. Did you have women? What life experience have you got? If you find my questions a kind of rough do not answer them, alright? I understand that it is a private sphere which is inviolable and untouchable. But I think you want to hear about me. And I decided to tell you about myself. I had a friendship with one guy from the same course of the Institute. We got acquainted on the third year of our study. I would not say now that I loved him. I just liked him. We spent some time together. We walked, went to movies, theatre, exhibitions - were kind of happy. We were together for about 4 years but we did not have a common housekeeping. One day I thought to ask him to be my husband. And he agreed. But he agreed an a way which says that "I'll see... or maybe". I just felt it... Later I saw him together with another woman. You know what did I feel......? We could marry and what would wait for me - the same what waits a lot of newly married couples - divorce. But at the same time I was sad. And I had understood that all our previous relationships was an illusion of love. Actually he was not even interesting for me- I understood this later. The time cures.
Several years gone. I did not have anybody else in my life. Now I feel lonely.
I would be happy if you share with me also a secret from your past.
Well I need to go now!
I'll be waiting for your letter!
Wish you all the best today
Letter 6
Hello my dear Jad!
Thank you for your answer , I really was pleased to read it...
My honey! You wrote me about your past experience...
You sent money...Boy you know I think you have to think about your future , but not about your past...
If you come to Ukraine I think we will meeting with each other...
What do you think?
Nata P.S You look very handsome...
Letter 7
Hello my sweety Jad!
Tank you for your letter.
My sweety! I am understand you want to come to me...
You want to see me face in face...But I want to come to you at first...I wrote to you I need Passport and visa...
You asked me about my photos..Some of my photos I did in Photo studio...and some were taken by my friends...
I a pleased you like my photos...
Ok will waiting for your answer...
Letter 8
Hello my sweety Jad!
Thank you for your letter , I was pleased to get it.
My sweety! I asked about International Passport , went to the Travel agency...So I have to pay for it 220 USD. My love Jad! It is expensive for me...
I belive you understand me...My dear! Please , can you help me with this? I kiss you , will wait for your answer...
Letter 9
My sweet ocean of devotion!!!!!!!!!
The sweet love of my life. What are you doing this rainy day? You know I wanted to write you "this rainy evening",but I do not know what time you are having now. I want to say,open the door and come,but I do not know what you are doing the same moment,I'm writing this. I do not know what you are eating in the afternoon,what you are saying when you buy a newspaper,what you are looking at,driving to your work. But I do want to know all this. If it was only possible to put a invisible camera ,so that I always knew what you are doing the definite moment,so that I saw all the emotions that are reflecting on your face,all thoughts that are dancing in your mind. I wish I could have the mirror of your soul, the mirror of your love,the mirror of your have you..the whole...forever.........
My love! I wrote to you about Passport to go abroad...
So I think you will help me with this...
I want writing to you my address Ukraine
city Makeevka
street Lenina 15/84
Nata Makarova
Western Union Will wait for your answer...
Love you ,Nata
Letter 10
Hello my dear Jad!
THank you for your letter , I was pleased to get it...
My dear I did not writ to you about tickets...I wrot to you only to help me with Passport and visa...
You know...I think everybody had the bed axperience...
But it was your past...
I want to live my future , I think you do.
Ok , You will make solution...
I want to be happy...with you...
And what about you?

Letter 11
Hello my dear Jad! how are you? I am fine! I want to talk to you seriously. I don't know, maybe I hurry up. Frankly speaking, it's hard for me, because I don't know what to start with. And I always remember my promise to be honest and frank, it gives me confidence! I want to ask your help. I don't insist and demand, I just ask. In order to correspond with you I have to pay to the translator from the Internet cafe, whose service I use. For me 100 USD is rather big money. I don't want to ask my parents to help. As far as I decided to make such a serious step and create a family, I think I am adult enough woman to solve such problems without their help. And it is natural that I addressed you first of all. MY sweety! I want ask you to help me to pay for the Internet , I belive all will be ok... I want writing to you my address Ukraine
city Makeevka
street Lenina 15 /84
Nata Makarova
Western Union I think you will help me.....Nata
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