Letter(s) from Olga Malyutina to Stan (USA)

Letter 1

Hello my dear Stan. I so missed that weekend without you.
How are you, i hope that you are fine. I am very very happy to see your mail.
You really have no idea how much happy you make me.
I like to see your picture very much. You are very good.
It is like gpoing on the clouds.
I really hope that age difference may not be a problem for us
In fact I prefer older man who has sincere and serious appreciation for a mixed age relationship.
I think maturity and life experience can teach many lessons and certaily how to appreciate woman and the value of a special relationship. You will not play with me as young men do it.
I do play with me self when i think about you
I'm full of initiative and active,
I really hope that you like these features in a woman Of cour?e I can be gentle and malleable.
I like sex very much and I will like everything new, I don't shy anything in bed, but I prefer to do it only with a person I'm in love with. My love of course I would done evrything for my man and i would be open my mouth to you. May be I was just a little exciting in my last mail. And probably you are right.
That night I have seen you in my dream.
I so wanted to hold you and to feel you in my arms.
Yes, I dream about you. It is cool outside. Summer is not summer.
That weekend we have gotten the hot water and it is wonderful, I have spent so much time in the bath. I have made different masks for body and face.
I have bought at the shop "Gel Clarte" from Lancome. I have heard that it very good
Cosmetic firm. I dreamed to take the bath together with you.
Also all the weekend I have made the cleaning of the apartment and together with my mom we have gotten rid of unnecessary stuff. I have washed all the windows, doors...
I have washed all the clothes and even all curtains. Oh it was very nice to see the very pure place. I adore Cleanliness, did you have heart that "Cleanliness is Pledge of health"
I would keep our home in very good care and cleanliness.
Today one of neighbour's girl has visited me and asked me to help her to make
Hairdress and make-up to tomorrow's day, she will have the Final evening at school.
I agreed to help her and tomorrow I will be busy, making her lady.
I really love very much to make person beautiful. Today I have given the task to her
to buy different hairpins for hair. Well, my dear the day is going after day and
my dream to meet you in a person someday.
Well I will be ending my mail and write you again probabaly in one day.
I will go to the shop to buy bread, milk and hen. Today I want to cook the stewed hen with potapo.
I can't wait the day when you will be able to taste my cooker.
Well, write me please soon.
Your OLga

Letter 2

Hello Stan!
Finally I found time to write you the letter. I so missed without your mail.
I am very very happy to see that you ahve written me.
You always make me more better.
Oh I know that I didn't write you for a time. I had very big problem.
My grandmother was ill and I should was urgently to go to her.
She is old woman 62 years old and it was necessary to look after her.
As I am on vacation, it was necessary for me to go to her, because my mom is working.
Now she is better and I returned home and came to the cafe to check your mail.
I am not sure that you understood me rightly. I am on vacation, and I will start work in September will be the new school year.
I teach little children the basic knowledge, reading, writing, painting, mathematics.
The age of my pupils start from 7 and continue till 10 years old.
Next year will the release of my class.
At this time the age of my pupils 9 years old, that is the third class.

You know my mom alway taught me to tell the truth and sincere feelings
I don't know what occurs with me? I thought of our relations and about my feelings.
I already became attached to you. It is need for me that you write me constantly.
Your letters makes my heart hot and full of happiness. I so want that you feel the same.
I so want that you desire to see me and hold me in your arms!!!!
When I read your letters I full of emotions and your letters raise my mood and I am happy during all the day.
I do not know what to do when I can't write you letter and receive yours.
I am always think of you. Your presence and existence need me.
I can not make anything with myself. Just please, understand me.
May be I am too naive and fool?
But I am young and I want to love and to be loved by you right now.
I think that for this time that we write to each other letters, we have known enough to each other.
I feel how you are necessary for me. If you only know how I want to be your lady.
I would like to share each minutes with you. I want to organise romantic dinner and night for you.
I know that you will admire of me when we meet each other whenever.
I believe that the time of our meeting will come true someday.
Yes, my Sweet!!!!! I want it very much someday, no it would be better in the near future.
I constantly think of you, you have stolen my heart.
I can tell you only the one. Understand me, please I can not find man in Russia, which loved me and respected. But I see this person in you!!!!!!!
I am romantic person and I love candle light and dinners. I like to kiss and hug, to make passionate love.
I beleive in love and I have strong feelings to you!!!!!
Don't laugh please, I am not joking with you!!! I am very serious when i tell you it.
I think I will be not able to sustain if you reject my love to you.
Please tell me your sincere feelings to me. I have thought with my girlfriend how to show my love to you through such many miles and we decided to make a note with telling I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!
I hope you will like it my dear.
I wait for your letters with so soooo grat impatience and I can tell that they became for me more than just simply e-mail.
I think of you very often and I like to communicate with you!!!!!
You makes me very happy and I look forward to your letters.
I send you my kisses and please take care!!!!!!
Your Olga.

Letter 3

Hello my love Stan, I couldn't write you earlier. I catch the cold.
We have here practically each day the rain.
I had very good time that weekend.
We have celebrated the birthday of my girlfriend
Nadya. The day was rainy and she has invited us to the dance-club.
I don't remember when I have danced so much.
I want to be with you very much and day, when I will see ech other at first time,
will be the most wonderful and the sex which we will have at this day,
we will be remembering all our life.
I think the first night can give a lot to know each other.
The simple contact, talking, quiet music, I consider this all relax and open person completely?
When I will come to you we should get to know each other better and sex is right way to teste us.
I think in speaking I will have some problems, but you will teach me.
I love you very much Stan and I want that each day would special for us.
You know how wonderful I can cook.
Do you like a jellied meat? Probabaly you don't know this dish, we you will be tasting it.
I like this dish very much and for New Year Eve I prepared it.
It was very tasty. I have welded meat and have put it under by beautiful form on the plate.
In addition I have put cooked carrots which cutting by form of flower, also it should add a little bit of greens and also you may add some green peas, but it is not necessary, not everyone love preservatives
But as for onions cutting by rings is very important at this dish.
Also you can put a half cooked egg.
Well in conclusion you should spread out all these componentes
out beautifully on plates and to fill it with a broth diluting with gelatin.
Then to put the dish in a refrigerator for cooling.
It is really very tasty, beautiful and nurishing dish.
As for me this dish reminds to me about the transparent water
of the sea with the water world inside and it very good dish for romantic night with a bottle of champagne or vine.
I don't drink, but we can use it just a little for our first meeting.
You know, I just recently have learned, champane should not drink with sweets.
It is very good to drink it with meat dish.
Did you know it? I subtracted it in newspaper recently. Maybe I am mistaken.
But I ahve to tell you that I have never drink to be silly.
At home I always go without bra and it is very good.
I would like to go naked at all when I will be with you.
I really very happy that I have met you.
You are my knight in shining armor and I miss you very much.
I hope this letter find you in good health!!!
I really miss you very much and dream to meet you someday!!!!
Write me soon plese and I will reply you as soon as i have the time and possibility.
my information to you
name: OLga Kostina

location: Russian Federation, Russia Republic
address: Main Street Prospectus, Petrova-25
country code: 428000

Your OLga.

Letter 4

Hello my love Stan, how is your days? I hope you are fine.
I am very happy to get your mail. No, I have the headaches not often.
Actually it is Tomara take my pic. You have seen my boobs, haven't it?
I want start to kiss you and massaging your cock and you will let me stroke your fully erect your cock and I will undress you while you undress me and I will get down on my knees and perform oral sex on you until you reach orgasm and you will bend me over and have sex with me "doggy style" and then you will lay down and let me get on top of you and "ride you" and then you will let me perform oral sex on you some more and we will have wild, wild sex all night. Would you like that and have you ever thought of it or fantasized about it? please tell me your most erotic dreams and your most intimate fantasies.
It was busy days and I couldn't write you, my mom tell you hello we have spent the time at the garden. We have pulled out a part of an onions and now it is dried, we also have collected the tomatos, while they are green but with time they will be getting red. Tomato gets red on a root very seldom
Also i have visited my grandmother, she is fine and we have cooked the pies with cabbage and Pork meat together in the furnace. It was tasty
Also it was need to pay for using of internet at the internet cafe.
I have paid, while i can write you.
Well, I really miss you and love you very much, i hope to hear from you soon.
Your Olga