Scam letter(s) from Natalia to Ken (USA)

Letter 1
Hi my dear and new friend!!!
I am very glad that you have interested in me and I will try not to disapoint you and will get everything new about me. I am asking you to write me about you everything that you are able to say me. Your work about your family your close friends, your hobbies... When I read you profile it seems to me that you are very interesting person, handsome and simply good person. I hope that you are exactly good man and that in future we will become close friends and maybe wonderful couple. So now I would like to tell you about myself. I am siply Russian girl, not differ from others. Maybe to discribe myself it could be easyer if i do it for a first time. I did not hope that you will answer me and when i saw your letter I got choked in my heart and now i am sitting in front of computer and do not know what to write you. I am sorry if there are a lot of mistakes in my letter because i know English not very good. But I hope that you will understand me and if you have some questions I will answer them with pleaser.
Anyway it is time to say some words about myself.
My father died, when I was a child. It was an auto accident.
I miss him a lot!!!!Since 2 years old my mam grew and educated me alone, It was very difficult for her and I love her very much.
And now she is the best friend for me.
I'm the only child in the family and I don't have any children, but I dream to have my own family, children. My mum works in Cheboksary in the hospital as a medical sister. I have never been married before and I have no children. I am healthy woman and I do not smoke but sometime I can offer myself to drink some good wine in good ocasions. Most of all I like red wine. From food i like Chines food and Russian food and I would like to teast Europian and West food. I am not exactly that I want to have a child because i think that first of all I want to find a man who will become my ideal ****** partner and simply good friend for my heart. So I was draduated from University and now I am working with children at school. By my charecter i am kind person and trying to enjoy everything in my life and trying to distroy all diffuculties in my life.
So, lets go further. My friends say that i am attractive even beautiful young woman. But unfortunately this fact didnt help me to create my own family. Now i am sick and tired of my loneliness. I am an openminded and communicative, but sometimes a little bit shy, girl. Now i want to find that someone who can make all my dreams come true. In my turn i would be very glad and happy to do the same thing for my beloved man. So what do you think about it?
By the way, i like sport very much. I am not a sportsman ofcoarse. Just inorder to be in good form. I visit the gym three times a week. I like to swim in the swimming pool. But to tell the truth, i am afraid of water. But try to overcome this fear. Sometimes, not very often, I love dancing very much. I can't say that i like a particular tipe of musik. It depends on my mood, what type of musik i would like to listen to. But usually i am very busy to have some rest and to do things i love to.
Well, what else? I even dont know what to tell more. In such case i will finish my letter. I am waiting for your reply! Good bye, my dear friend!!!!
If you can please send me your pictures.
I will be glad to get your letter and pictures.
I am sending you my smile to make you feel happy.
Your Natalia from Russia.
Letter 2
Hi mine lovely Ken! How your mood? Ken I today have tried to take funds in a duty from my mum, but she unfortunately has no funds to help me.
Ken I do not know where to me to find funds to buy the air tickets.
You speak, that you have found 200 $. It turns out that you now have only 300 $. I am right?
But to buy the air ticket I need in 650 $. Ken I do not know that to me to make .
I very much want to be with you, but I have no funds to pay the second air ticket.
I still have only one hope for you.
If you me want to meet, you to find a way how to help me.
Our meeting now depends only on you. I have made all for our meeting.
If I had funds I not when would not ask you about the help.
I nevertheless believe that our meeting is held. I wait your answer
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