Scam letter(s) from Anna Timoschenko to Edward (USA)

Letter 1
Hello Ed, writes it to you Nargis.
Forgive for a delay of my letter to you.
I am very glad to receive news from you so soon. I am pleased, that you have answered me, also I hope, that my e-mail was the big surprise for you my friend. Truth? I do not know how me start letter, as I did not communicate on the Internet earlier. I want to speak you fairly, I wrote to 3 men from your country. But to a regret or fortunately you wrote to me only, and I am very glad to this. I very much hope, that we can be friends, and can be and more, in the future. You probably want to ask, why I search for someone through the Internet.I want to answer sincerely this important moment for me my friend Ed. I can name you friend? I had the friend from my city with which I was happy. I even wanted to become his wife and to have from him children, I counted myself the happiest ******* light. But this person was the ordinary deceiver. He spoke about a beautiful life and about the fine future, and I was naive and always trusted it him. Then I have learned, that he has other woman, I was necessary for him for the sake of entertainment or an game. My friend Ed, I not shall tire any more you with it. It is unpleasant to me to recollect it. Well my friend Ed. I shall not do it.
Simply for me it very much an important point.
Ok, I to want speak you Ed, not a lot about itself. I hope, that it is pleasant for you to communicate with me as well as me and also it is interesting to learn each other it is more. As I to write to you I live in Russia, in the city of Novocheboksarsk, republic Chuvashia, it very much fine city and which there are very beautiful streets and parks in which it is possible to spend time very well in the summer, it very much to like me to walk in the evening on to beautiful park of our city, isn't that so, that it is romantic? I have been given birth on December, 21, 1978. On a nationality I the Russian girl, on religion I the Christian also I believe in God Jesus, I never was is married and not have what children also. From opinion my friends and relatives I cheerful, clever, the girl possessing intelligence, for what to me very much it is pleasant to learn about itself such good words. The my dear friend I would like to return and more to tell to you about my city, Novocheboksarsk is approximately in 650 kilometers from capital Moscow. It is not so far, from the center of Russia, also in it city there are cold winters, because of what people should dress only warm clothes in winter time, and what concerning your weather? At us in the winter the temperature sometimes reaches up to -28, it is very cold. and in the summer also there is very warmly up to 30, it very much well, in general my favourite season this summer, to me very much to like when at this time year sing birds and to go somewhere on bathing, it is very pleasant for my soul, I think, that each person is individual and to it the character traits, the truth are characteristic??? My friend Ed, and what your the most favourite the season, is pleasant to you summer? I think, what yes as summer this time of holidays and resort trips. My friend I think, that it will be interesting to you to learn about my work so I to want to tell to you about it. I work as the hairdresser, seems to me, that - good work for me, I very well cope with it, and it is interesting to me to know concerning your work. I have higher education, on a speciality the lawyer. I was trained at myself in city, at university on this speciality. But unfortunately I could not find work of the lawyer. And I have finished college, on the trade - hairdresser. But it is good work, I never to feel like lonely, I receive there very polite dialogue from my colleagues on work and also from our polite visitors. My friend Ed, I want to ask you about mine english language, you understand my letter to you? When I studied at university I also studied, to the English language, I think, that you should understand me it is possible even with a smile, but me very much it would be desirable to learn your opinion in this occasion, well?
Also I, want, to tell you, that I write to you from the internet of cafe. I think, that I can always hold with you connection. Probably I cannot write to you every day, but you do not worry because of it, I shall necessarily write to you. Well, I shall finish the mail to you my friend Ed. I shall be very grateful if you write to me also. As your family, whether the truth that your city is big, well let me to stop on it. I have placed the photo and I hope, that you will find its good. Well my friend Ed, while. I hope to receive news from you very soon.
I speak you DOSVIDANIYA, is on Russian good-bye.
Sincerely, your familiar from Russia.
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