Scam letter(s) from Gulsina Gaptullina to Raul (Mexico)

Letter 1
Hello the my dear new friend Raul!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope, that I can name you in such a way. I am glad that you have answered mine The letter in which I have noticed, that you wish to get acquainted with me much more close. Trust me, you will not be disappointed by me. So allow me to be represented. As you have already mentioned, that to me of 28 years. My name - Gulsina, a surname - Gaptullina. My birthday of 21/04/1978. And when - you birthday? I trust in God Jesus. I never was married. I have no children. I am sensitive, kind, Thoughtful and easily surprised. In opinion concerning my close friends, I Kind, cheerful, clever and intellectual, purposeful, sociable. I live in City Cheboksary which are capital of Republic Chuvashiya. My city Is very beautiful. There are many areas, parks and beautiful Places. I love my remarkable city very much. Most of all I wish to tell To you, that my favourite season - Summer! The sun heats brightly And I like to go in park, listening to singing of birds both fresh air. And what your favourite season? I was Born here. I was spoken that by my parents Given up from me, but I do not know the reason. I live with mum Marina and the brother. My daddy, unfortunately 3 years ago has died. I love all children who lived With me in a shelter. All of us it is still communicated with each other. I think it You would like to know, where I live now. Well, now I rent an apartment and Work as the teacher of English language in an elementary school. Studying in The school my favourite subject was English. There I dreamed to finish The school is included also into institute. Thus my dream was carried out. Now I have Everything, that I should live in the simple way. I not reach, but I Think, that money not all in our life. They only spoil the person Also do not give him happiness. But I think, that the happiness is enamoured. I dream of my own family with loved by the man. I love Children and I would like to have them in the future. And you love Children? I not the person of career. I love cookery. Everyone speaks, that I prepare very delightful. I think, that you Interested in why I have decided to find my second half through The Internet. Well for approximately one year ago my best friend Irina has reached Acquainted through the Internet with Trevor and now they are very happy Together. Now She is in Australia with loved by the man. She is pregnant and Their family is very happy. Irina has found Trevor through the Internet. We worked and studied together. She is a teacher of English language also. And Now she works above school there. She teaches Russian in School. Thus I have decided to make the same. I hope, that all will be Very good and I shall be happy. I can speak and write English language. I saw your structure and loved it very much, and I have decided to write To you! About my friend I have absolutely forgotten to speak you about my parameters, My growth - 169 centimeters, and my weight - 57 kg! Also tell to me about parameters! Wowww, I have written to you so! I did not think That I can write about me directly so, really. I finish my e-mail To you, I shall be grateful so if you will write to me about Independently how I have made it. I would like to know about your family. Whether really your family is big? Tell to me also a little about your city where do You live? I never was in other countries, and I shall be very glad To know about your country. Well, allow me to finish my e-mail, I hope to see Your answer soon! I apply my photo. I hope, that you will find mine Good photo. Well, good while, I hope to see your answer soon.
Yours faithfully,
Your new Russian friend,
Letter 2
Greetings my favourite Raul!!! Yesterday I to investigate all, concerning my arrival to you. I have entered into the Internet-cafe to,inform you that all well. I should let out my visa, the passport and, the document concerning insurance upon health. They will be ready in 7 days after payment. I shall be capable to be in your country only 90 days, but if you Will I am urgently borrowed can to come back home earlier. Such opportunity to me lowers time in a life to be in you so, soon on visiting. I very urgently love you, and I dream of a meeting. Whether I know, that there will be it, but I so love you and I wish to see you in the person. As I to have inquiry to you. I require your help. Send me 450 dollars, for registration of my documents. In us, everywhere quotations in the American dollars. And nevertheless it is,necessary on any charges. I should transfer medical survey and pay for insurance and The passport for travel abroad. Then I shall study on, the account of tickets and to speak you. If you can send it today so to me, I shall be more silent, also will not worry, That something I shall not have time. Also my love Raul. I went to bank and have learned as you can translate me of money for documents. In bank there is branch MoneyGram, is the fastest and reliable way of remittance. You will require the some data from me. It is the address: MoneyGram in CHEBOKSARY: System "MoneyGram" SVIAZ BANK 44 YAROSLAVSKAYA STREET CHEBOKSARY RUSSIAN FEDERATION 428000
My full data: RUSSIA Gulsina Gaptullina My road Raul, I wish to ask you when you will be, have sent this, References behind the help of 450 dollars, it will be necessary for me to which you should Send me the important information which demanded, in a package of money. ({Number-MTCN of the Control of Transfer of Money). It is number you will have in The receipt which work the operator, will give you. My road Raul, you Should to send me it so the important data in e-mail. Without this MTCN data I can to receive references behind the help which are necessary for My arrival to you my favourite. To me full name and a surname from you also have send. My love, I understand Completely that is big money, but to me is more, on whom I can To rely and on it, I ask, you about your help with this charge. Mine Love, we - I, and you love each other very much, and we shall be Together, simply, I assured of this my dear!!! I wait and I dream for an instant of our meeting at your airport my favourite!!! Ishall cry during this moment when I shall leave from air pass and When, I shall see you. Because it will be with our happiness mine Road. I close my eyes, and I imagine about this so happy Picture. My love, I dream, as we shall live together my favourite, to go On walk, storage for our hands my love. I want it you Will show me your native land, places where you like to go for a Go and where you like to spend more than your time. I want To get acquainted with your relatives and the close friends! I want To be with you very much, such big my love! I love you, and I grieve without you my most dear love! My dear, I Wish to tell to you, that I spoke with my mum, also with mine about us again and again, especially about my arrival to you. I Wish to tell to you, that my family has many happy smiles for us and They approve our close feelings of love with you!!! They - so Happy because we love each other very much!!! They have told to me That we shall be happyyou!!! They wish us the big happiness Together! They see my feelings and my happiness from our love with You!!! They understand me, that we we can not without each other Also wish us big love at this time and our future life also! Simply Big congratulations from my family to you!!! Allow me to finish my most my dear e-mail, I wait for yours
The message so it is a lot of mine the man of love Raul!!! Desire to be with you such big my love Raul,
Really, your lady of love for ever.
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