Scam Letter(s) from Inna Serebryakova to Richard (Canada)

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Letter 1

Hello there my sunshine!
Thank you very much for your sweet mail! How are you doing?
You are the light that every day enters in my window, that teaches me to know a new dawn. You are my first coffee,because I know that you are there, with me,feeling his aroma. You are the one that when I go out of house,you are dependent on every detail in me, how I dress, how I smell, how I look myself. You teach me to continue ahead I walk and, along this way,I feel like you look at me, proud of me. You are in every most sweet moment that I can feel, because you remember me that you love me, and you will never leave me. You are the solution to my problem, because sometimes I don't find the exit to my confusions, and you say to me, with your sweet and hot voice "don't worry,I am here".
You are my come back at home, remembering me that you are there and that nothing bad will happen to me. You are my dusk, my evening, my dusk when I return to the point where I have divided every day. I feel your company, saying to me "You must rest, that tomorrow it will be another day". And I sleep in your arms and I feel that only you are close to me for to guard my dream.
Because I'm in love with you so much that there where I go you are with me.
Everything what sprouts from my pen it will have had your origin.
And I will give thanks to God, for to be there, for existing simply, since only the fact of knowing that you are in my life and in my heart it makes me feel happily.
I miss you...I need you...
I'm doing well except one thing.
I live alone and should pay for flat, I usually pay after salary immediately, and didn't have problems before, also I pay for my little dance hall, I rent it also, that place where we dance with my students. This month I had problems and owners of dance hall asked to pay for two month, and I don't have enough to pay for flat.
I need to pay this month 440 dollars, and I don't know how to say but I need your help! Would you be able to do it or I should ask someone else? I understand of course if you won't help me because there're a lot of bad thing you probably would think about my request, just tell me please could you or you could not, ok? don't go away immediately, money is not the thing i need from you, don't think that please, I just even don't know what to say. I need your love and attention, I need you, we'd be together any way and we'd meet of course, it's just necessary for me now. Let me know sweetheart!
1000 kisses on your lips



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