Scam letter(s) from Olga Loskudova to David (United Kingdom)

Letter 1
Hello dear David!!! Nice to meet you here from Vasilisa:)) I couldn't help writing to you because I have felt some strange pleasant warmth when I opened your letter that I found in my mail-box.
Do you want to start a romantic adventure in the world of love and passion with me? I can be your guiding star and you my captain! Deal?
But now more serious. I just wanted to let you know that you have interested me with your personality and I am here to get to know you better! I hope you will respond my curiosity and write me back soon because I am a very impatient young lady! So don't let me wait for too long.
Of course I want to tell you some more information about me as I understand that one profile is not enough to know a person in a proper way and get closer to him.
To start with I want to tell you that I am a very easy-going and at the same time a very serious young lady and I am here with the most serious intentions to find my soul mate and to live happily with for the rest of my life! I love all kinds of music but mostly disco and pop as I adore dancing and expressing myself in a dance! And what is your attitude to dancing?
I like to dine out and just have fun with my friends and with the people I love and you know they say that they like to be with me because from the very childhood I tend to be a soul of a company and I am easy to deal with as I am a very understanding and caring person! I love to laugh and make all the people around me smile!
I like traveling but I have to admit that I haven't any opportunity to see the world yet and it stays my biggest dream after finding my soul mate as I think it is much more fun to travel with the one you love and value And how do you think, honey?
In people I value a good sense of humor and optimism! And my future partner should be trustworthy, understanding and a social person! I want to feel me safe and comfortable with him and be able to rely on him in any situation. Well if you are the one for me, you are welcome to come into my world and brighten it!
Hope to hear from you soon!
Take a good care!
Tenderly, Vasilisa
Letter 2
Hello my darling David. My lovely, I miss you so much and can't wait us to meet.
you know I am so much happy to hear that you also want us to meet.
My lovely, as you know I have never been abroad so I went and learnt everything about my coming to you.
So, dear I have learnt that to get an international passport will cost 120$ and to get the visa 310$. The visa costs so much because that agency that will do it guarantee that I will receive it cause as you know it is quite difficult for people from Ukraine to get visa to such country as yours.
My darling, are you ready to receive everything all love and tenderness and passion I have for you in my heart?????
My darling, I want to come to you very much but dear as I told you before my family is not from rich ones and I can't cover the expenses of the passport so if you want to see me as I want to see you that I think we should start doing my passport. What do you think????
My darling, I am waiting for your answer, kiss you passionately, yours Vasilisa
Letter 3
Hello my darling David. Wow, I am very happy for you and I am very excited to hear your news. My sweetheart I want to be there very soon to share the happiness with you!:))
Honey, I am very much greatful to you that you will help me with the travel expanses, this really shows that you are the same serious about me as I am about you.
My darling, I am already ready to come to you.
so here it is the information you asked me to send me the means.
here it is my address:
it's Kalini str, 25, Lazeschina, Rahov, Zakarpatskiy region, Ukraine, and my name is Horina Vasilisa:)
you also asked me about the driving license details but I do not have it, I can't drive, but I hope that you will teach me??!!:))
as for the phone number, in our family only my sister has a mobile phone so if there are any problems , please, feel free to call her: +380634055166
miss you and wait for your answer to start doing my documents, with all my love, Vasilisa
Letter 4

Hello my darling David. My darling, I am very much greatful for your letters and for your wish to help.
My dear,I really appreaciate this very much.
My darling, you asked me about my bank account but you know unfortunately I do not have it, it is vey difficut to get it and they are given only to business people:((
so dear, I have learnt about special services for sending funds such as western union and money gram, do you know about them??
so, I was told that the best way is to use them, so, I am waiting for your answer, with all my love, yours Vasilisa
Letter 5
Hello my darling David. My dear, I really miss you and want to be with you.
My darling, you asked me about the addess of the western union where I can take tbe means in my town, so here it is the closest one to me:
street Turanici, 7
but I asked there and they told me that you need to send the means to their address but to my personal address.
as for the name of the manager, her name is Bogomolec Elena
miss you, honey, and wait for answert, with all my love, Vasilisa
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