Letter(s) from Tatyana Zolotova to Michel (Belgium)

Letter 1

Good day and all best, honey my Michel!
I saw your letter today and I am very glad to read your words from such a distance! It such a happiness to get your small notes and to know that you think of me and that you spend yor time for letters to me.
I shall think about trips a to you.
I must confess that I was waiting for your letter with great impatience and i just could not sleep.
I was thinking about you, your possible words! Now I read your letter and I am very glad to say that I just happy to know you!
I write you my reply with great enthusiasm. Darling, I dont ' know why, but this letter is very important for me. Daling Michel, I feel that i have some very important words to say to you. They are a long time in my heart already and they are only for you, only for me and you …
I know what can warm me up! It is your words and you. You are very interesting man and I can feel how much you are attractive.
So I must say that I am a lucky girl that you write me and feel my life!
My work and all is fine but I can feel that I miss you, I need you, I need to talk with you or just have a dinner together. It would be wonderful if we could have a romantic supper together.
I can imagine candles, my small dress and a smell of my parfume with yours. We can feel in this situation some kind of chemistry, of magic!
You tell me some jokes and we laughing, looking in the each other's eyes. I think that it is very seductively. Don't you think so. Then you gentle take my hand and touch my fingers!
We can hear a music and you ask me to dance with you! We move so slowly and very tender. I like that very much!I have already told you that I have something to tell you..
Something very very important …
I am afraid a little to say this words but I think that you should know what do I feel about you!I think that I falling a love with you and I cannot stop this! I am very excited and
nervous because it is a big step for me to tell that I LOVE YOU! I hope that you will understand all right!
I sure that you are a very remarkable person. I have never met such people before. I think that my heart want to be with yours and it is will be right not only for me but for you too!!!!!
We two people who looking for a love and why we should wait for a great day if it is very close to us? I love you and I think that you can make me happy and I can do my best to make you happy! I want it for you! I want to see you happy, with big smile on your face and with great desire in your eyes!
I needed such feelings for a long time and you gave me them. The whole world is changed for me after this! I do not want to lose you never!

I love you and wait for your letter very much! Yours Sveta!
P.S. Baby, your answer is very important for me, I should confess, very important, my dear baby.
That's why I ask you to answer me quickly and sincerely. I love you.