Scam letter(s) from Jenifa Anderson to Evangelos (Greece)

Letter 1
Hello ,
How are you doing over there hope you have a nice and lovely day so far, Thanks for your message back to me once again i really appreciate that alots and I will be glad to learn more better about you than this if you dont mind the Distance between us. Am Jenif by name a girl from US but original from Spain study there and got my Master Degree in Business Adminstrator,Am 5'6 weight and 125 Ibs, brown eyes and brown hair never been married before but i have been into a relationship that doesnt work bcos he lie and hurt my love, have no kids but like playing with kids alots bcos i have the believe that am gonna have mine someday, Am cool, Kind, Affectionate,Romance,lovely,caring,playful and honest young lady looking for a serious relationship that can leads to marriage,Like going to beach, Amusement park, coffe centres, playbasktell, volleyball, cycling, dancing, Viewing romantic movie and song, Am the only Daugther of my later parent both die inan Auto Crash in Spain but since then i have been staying with the only person i have left as my uncle that stayed in Boston but he maltreated me bad, beat me up and worst part of it is that he was try to **** me. i dont know if you are the right guy i can start a new life with and i need someone who is ready to accept me for whom i am.
Am seeking for Affectionate, Caring, Lovely, Romantic, Easy going out man, Kindly, Trusthworthy, Understanding, God Fearing and Honest who is ready for a serious relationship that can leads to marriage.
Do you believe in Love at firsight, You believe in Long Distance relationship, Can you Trust the lady you are going out with or Dating, Do you believe you can meet the one your heart have been searching for through Internet Dating site, Can you lady depends and have the Trust on your lady.....Can you tell me more about yourself, what you doing for a living, what you like doing for fun and the quality you are seeking for in your woman......Take good care of yourself, I will be looking forward to read from you soonest.
Thanks and God Bless You, Much Love From Jenif
Letter 2
Hello Evan,
How are you doing today?I'm very hapy to hear from you...And i am really happy to know more about you and i will pray to god make us come together and know each other bcos i really need some one that can take care and more honrest to me,I really love your job and i love to be in greece in my dream.......So i am planning for my self to come back to the state but i dont want to meet that my uncle any more so i am looking for real one that can take me for whom am i bcos i dont likke this country any more and the hotel i was lodge in has been seized my return ticket bcos of the bill i owing them and i will have to clear all very soon and i can come to Greece for some visiting bcos when i run away from my uncle places i move down to nigeria And i hope you understand me......Take care and i will be watting for your mail back to me, much lovefrom your new one
Letter 3
Hello Evan,
Thank you for your mail back to me,Okay and i really happy to that you wish me good and you pray for my trip coming to you......Okay but i really need something now is that i cant complete my air fair fee so alli need to pay is $1,200 but i have deposite only$650 So the balance is $550 that i will need to paid soi can have a nice trip and come very soon bcos i will like to be there before wednesday it my birthday so i will like you lto take me out tobeach and playing ground........And some fun in greece,Okay so i have only3 pic and i will like to show it to you and tell me what next and can you help me wiht the balance soican come very fast before wednesday,Take care and much love from me.You can view it.
Letter 4

Hello Evan,
All i am doing here in the inetrnet is that i just introduce by one of my friend to this kind of thing and in my parent story i heared that my dad try to found my mum through internet and they get into married together....So since they have been dead now so i will like to found my own lover honest and caring so that was you,So i will like to move closer to you.Take care.
Much Love From Sherry
Letter 5
Hello Evan,
How are you doing today?Well i am very happy to to know who you are and you gat to mae mehappy wiht all thing i am doing and you bring me come alive when i believe that i am no longer exist.....So i really need some one to found as my real lover and i beleive i have seen one wish is you Evan.........I dontlose nothing but the only thing i lose in my life is about my parent death,you know it is not easy to lose something you like most,so it very painfull to me.........Yea i am really and be honest with me,The way i am talking to you is very bring me to high ways and i will like to understand one thing is that,i dont ask money from you if you try to understand my messange to you but the only help i need from you is that i have some money left from my dad client but it is cheque So i will like you to help me cash the cheque and take it to the bank and clear it so you will send the money to me and i will be there wiht you that is all i need and if you are ready to do that for me just mail me and send me yor full dertails so the client can issue the cheque for you,more honest,And plz hope you will help me wiht that.
much Love From Me
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