Scam letter(s) from Tatyana Kutasova to David (UK)

Letter 1

Hello Dave. Thank that has answered my letter. Well, what we shall get acquainted? Only, unfortunately, I now do not have a lot of time. It is necessary to prepare for the monthly report. I now, at work. But all certainly not so is bad. At me very amicable collective. Only in collective, it is more than men than women. Our girls now drink tea. And I have some free minutes. Also I shall try to tell about myself slightly. I from Russia, live in city Kuznecovo, Kirov area, small and lovely enough city. Though it is more similar on a village. This year to me it will be executed 27 years. My birthday December, 3. My mark of zodiac Sagittarius. I was not married. I lived with the man 3 years and we wanted to marry. But unfortunately there was a big misfortune. My beloved it was broke in a road accident. It has taken place one year ago. I long might not come in myself. Before our wedding there was 1 month. He was from other city and went to the parents. When he came back to me he has got in failure on a line. It is awful to recollect. I long accused myself. But now I have calmed down. It is necessary to continue to live. I never shall forget him. He remain in my memory. I live one. My parents live separately. I sociable and very cheerful. I like to read and go to cinema. I like to communicate in the big companies. Tell to me, please, about itself. Well? I shall be very glad to learn about you more. About your work, a post and education. About your rest. If now at you the woman? If is not present, why you are lonely? The more you will tell about yourself, the better for our dialogue and it is possible the further friendship. I shall try to be with you frank. But also you from me nothing hide. Ok? Well, I should finish all. Write me, well? I shall wait.
Letter 2

Hello David. It is good, that has answered. I waited the answer. I wanted, that you have written more about yourself. You have hobby? My hobby is kitchen. I very much like to prepare. I can stand at a plate all the day. I know that our culture with you is very various. At you all in another way. All way of life. I in general have grown in Soviet Union. And to get used to capitalism after socialism it was very difficult. And very much many, even the majority of poor citizens and could not find themselves in new democratic Russia. You see earlier all was in another way. I have finished university when to me 21 year was executed. I studied in the other city. As in our city there are no higher educational institutions. It has come back home and employed. I worked not on the speciality. At the first work I was the secretary. Then I worked in a staff department. But I have worked there not long. Only one year. To me paid very little. But I have got acquainted with young perspective the man. I thought that all will be good also we shall be married. But unfortunately has taken place to mountain. I have left from the last work. I did not work long time because he contained me completely. I was engaged in the house and a facilities. Then I got a job because might not sit at home. I work in firm which trade in gasoline and have filling stations. Gasoline has very much risen in price at us it costs 0.7 USD for one litre. But my salary has not raised from it. I conclude contracts with ecological committee and I look behind infringement of ecological norms. I understand, that all already in the past. Also it is necessary to live further. I hope that I shall build the life from the very beginning. I want to leave from Russia. I think that it is a correct step.
Letter 3

Hi David. To receive your letters soon will enter at me a good habit. Thank for warm words. Girls from my department send the regards to you. At me all is good. Only today has slightly frozen, at a stop while waited the bus. But it was already warmed. It is glad, that at you all Ok. Tonight I go in sports a hall. I am engaged in aerobics. Very much tones up an organism. I want that my figure was very beautiful. And, in general, on evenings I am free. In sports a hall I go three times to one week. Very much it is pleasant to me. Still it would be desirable to go to pool, but I am afraid to catch a cold. Tell to me, please, about the house. In it is cosy? I live modestly enough. But all the most necessary at me is. Sometimes I like to dream up on kitchen. As I live one, a lot of meal it is not necessary to me. Quickly, that that I shall prepare also for all. But something constantly I change. Very much I love visitors. But they come, to my big regret not frequently. Itself I do not know, how it has turned out. There are at me two close girlfriends Irina and Juliy, with them and communicate. They married girls and at them are children. I like, when they come on a visit. And now I have decided, that urgently it is necessary to arrange private life, while I still young. I have one not a modest question to you. How many you earn? And how many at you remains money after payment of all current payments? And whether you want, that aspires to what to the greater, or your life of you arranges? My work is pleasant to me. Not so dusty and I earn quite good money. In rubles I receive approximately from 4700-5600 per one month it approximately $ 150-180 USD, on holidays give the premium. It still approximately $ 50. This money, certainly, does not suffice, but in general, as well as always. There is a good Russian proverb about whom that a soup liquid, and to whom that pearls fine item. I think, that this very true expression. But to the Russian measures at me even very good salary. Well, I finish all. You see, what I write you the big and detailed letters. Do it, as me. Have agreed?! ok?
Write me soon.
Letter 4

Hi Dave! Well, the truth, that we have begun to communicate. It is pleasant for me. At me never was the foreign friend. But, in my opinion, all of you men identical. Be though the african, though the hindu or american. And your girls others? I read. That they very independent of men. And even may bring an action for an indecent sight or still something. Also name it harassment. So it is amusing. They at you ridiculous. And yet do not want to leave years up to 40 in marriage. They are borrowed with the career and other important affairs, and with men communicate only for ***. Yes? And still I have read, what the man may invite the woman in restaurant or in cafe to lunch or supper and to pay only half of account, and second half will be payed by the girl herself?! It is the truth? Or, for example, at cinema go, and the girl too buys to itself the ticket itself. It is valid so, yes? I shall look forward to hearing very much. Tell, please, about it, well?
Your Russian girlfriend Tanya
Letter 5

Hi, my friend, Dave! While my employees have left on a lunch break, I have decided to answer your letter. I have read your letter when has come on work. When I come on work, my girlfriends of me ask about you, about your appearance. They do not trust me, that I have got acquainted with you on the Internet. Yesterday I come home after work, thought, that I'll have a rest, I shall lay on a sofa to watch TV. But here were knocked on a door. I open, and there my girlfriends, send to walk on city. Have met familiar with which studied at one school, have talked. Then they have invited us to themselves. We looked their photos, recollected school times. Have sat, had supper, at all have not noticed, how has passed time, and was already late. We have perfectly spent. I have come back home late. I had to take a taxi to come back. I am afraid to go late at night on streets because very terribly. Lanterns work very seldom and very many criminals in streets. I have come home and have lain to sleep at once. So has lead yesterday's evening. I should come back at work. I wait with impatience of your letter.
Your Tanya.
Letter 6

Hello David! I am glad, that do not forget me. To receive your letters at me soon will enter a kind habit. I have woken up today before usual, have well slept. Very much it would be desirable to eat, but in a refrigerator of nothing was, because last night had not time to buy, all shops on affinity were closed. For breakfast has ***** a cup of coffee. Has slightly lain down and has gone on work. All my girlfriends are very glad for us. Today with them after work we gather, goes in theatre on new theatrical performance, on product Dostoevskiy "Idiot", our city director. Familiar with work went, speak, that was pleasant but to read, certainly, more interestingly. So, tonight is than to engage. I very much like to visit such places, as cinemas, theatres. And you like to go on theatres? I should go for dinner, and work then waits. It is a pity that it was necessary to write to you not the big letter.
Write more interesting about itself.
Letter 7

Hello Dave! I very much waited having rummaged what to write to you the letter. Today has woken up in fine mood in the morning. At work discussed a campaign in theatre on performance, on product Dostoevskogo "Idiot" about which I wrote to you in the last letter. Yes, familiar with work were right. Performance appeared very interesting, there were very many good impressions. There was a lot of people, some did not have not enough tickets, they bought up them for the price, more initial though places were distant. But to us was lucky, we sat in the second number, in middle, almost at a stage. Then I with girlfriends have gone home, varying received impressions. Has come home tired and has gone to bed. Well, all right to me it is time to go to have dinner. Write me, send a photo. I'll wait. I have received your music which you have sent me last time.
Good bye!!!
Letter 8

Hello David! The free time at last has appeared to write to you, and that recently is a lot of work for me. Send new decisions about filling stations. Therefore I should run on various to official bodies much. So work suffices on all the day. But tomorrow promised to pay the salary so after work it am going to shops. I already for a long time did not do it and want to look for myself something from clothes. For example, a costume. And you, David what like to carry clothes and what colors prefer? Write, it will be interesting to me. I personally do not give preference to any one color, I like different colors. The main thing that the thing which you carry, brought to you pleasure. Well, again it is time to me to work. My lunch break was terminated. It is very a pity that I have no the computer of a house to write to you more. I shall think only of you.
Bye. Kiss you.
Letter 9

Hello lovely David! How your affairs? You missed on me? I have personally become missed of you. And at once it wanted to me to write to you the letter. Today in the morning I was late for work, and all that the bus on which I usually go on work has broken. It is good, that our chief was not on a place and I should not explain the delay. Because it would not be desirable to listen to his altercations. Poorly that I have no the driver's license and I have no the machine. I think that the second-hand machine can be bought for 1500 usd. I know it because my father has sold the machine approximately for 2000 usd. But it was 3 years back. I now dream about car. It was very convenient to go on work. I so strongly want to learn to drive car. How many it is necessary to receive the driver's license from you in the country? In our country it costs 200 usd. I do not know you celebrate Halloween in your country whether or not. I know that it is celebrated in October, 31. Very cheerful holiday. When I went to school we celebrated it at lessons of the English language. It was very interesting to us. We did a pumpkin with candles. But this holiday at us was limited only in walls of our school. To me is cheerful to recollect it now. I as always am glad, lifes and more soon I want to meet you my boy. I hope, you yet have not overlooked, how I look? And I have specially taken houses a photo to show you. I have recollected, that for a long time them to you did not send. So, that lovely now your turn to send me a photo. OK? David I was very much surprised all with it a photo which you have sent me. It is pleasant and ÉÏÞßÁÍ. Really I so mean for you much that you want that I looked as on these photos? Music which you have sent me cool. It very much was pleasant to me. How the name of group is translated? I listen to this song now and I write you the letter. Bye lovely David. To me it is necessary to continue to work. Necessarily send a photo, and differently I'll overlook, as you look.
Kiss you.
Your Tanya
Letter 10

Hi David! How are you? All is good? And I again sit at work and I think, how to us am farther David to continue our attitudes? Dear David with each letter I understand more and more, that my feelings to you grow in intensity! And you lovely, test what feelings to me??? I find, that you begin to borrow all my spare ideas and dreams. I do not know that begins to arrive atop of me, just I find out, that you are very necessary for my happiness. You are so beautiful and intellectual. I think of you frequently. It is always very good to receive your pictures and letters, it forces my day to go much better. I wait for everyone each day to receive you soft speaking words and pictures. I speak and I think soon, that is very fast, I think, that we should meet. What your opinion concerning this subject??? Well all while. I'll close now and I'll come back to my work.
Yours Tanya.
Letter 11

Hello dear David! Tell fairly you for a long time dreamed with me to meet? And whether your feelings of that cost that this dream was carried out? I hope, you David not the bad guy who has turned a head to the trustful girl, and have then thrown her. If I have liked you lovely David I am glad that our feelings are mutual! I as always at work also do the business. Well and you David than are borrowed? If you still sleep then wake up, faster, differently you will oversleep all on light and nothing you will see also me including. Ha. Ha. Excuse David my chief does not give me quietly to sit superfluous minute as though I am guilty in his bad mood. Ah, David if you might rescue me from all it. Well, all while dear David. Write to me more soon.
Kiss you.
p.s. I could not look your photo. It does not open at me.
Letter 12

Hello David. How are you? How are your weather? Our weather cold and rainy. Snow which has dropped out the last month already has thawn under rains. Therefore on roads only a *****. Lovely I so wanted to write to you the letter faster. But I very strongly was borrowed yesterday and might not write to you. Therefore as soon as at me the free time I used it at once has appeared to write to you. At me the most awful mood today. I am disappointed with myself. The chief has forced me to clean territory of refuelling. Though yard keepers should doit. But he has told that at me not enough work today and I should be borrowed and to not idle. Such sensation that I work at the enterprise with slaves. You do not imagine but I listen now rock. be not afraid it only radio and music always change. But I like to listen sometimes rock music. Lovely I want to meet you as soon as possible. I constantly think of it and I think as there may be it. At me the head already hurts I constantly that that I invent. Though I really do not present as you live. You may send me a photo of your house from street? Tell to me that new occurs in your life. How strongly you are in love with me? (smile) As strongly you want that we were together? Whether you are ready to meet me? I would like to answer your questions fairly. But your questions are given to me not correctly. If I was already in your country I might tell that I can. But we shall meet only first time and we do not know close each other. I speak close and I mean our spiritual and physical affinity. I know about your country only from information sources. But I want it lovely. I think that much depends on you. You should take care above me. If you will care of me that at us all it will be very good. At me it is a lot of forces and energy and I think that can live in your country. I would like close relations. If our relations will be very close that I think that the marriage is very good way for rapproachement of us. I would like to meet you soon. When you expect to meet me? I think that in next month it will be very good. Probably we shall celebrate Christmas together. It would be fine. But I need to do documents to arrive to you.
I'll wait your letter soon.
Letter 13

Hello David. How are you today? At me today the head very strongly hurts and I am rescueed only with hot tea and honey. It is all because of weather. Weather has very strongly deteriorated. Today there is a snow. Temperature not so low only-4C. But the wind and snow blows. The sun does not occur some days. I so want the sun and am warm. I want to lay on a beach and to sunbathe. You might rub to me a cream for sunburn and massage to me legs and a back. I would lay and purred as a cat. Then we together shall go to bathe in the sea. You are able to be rolled on surfing? I see now that it very much is distributed. Even in Russia already occur surfers. What is occurs in your country? I ask because I think that in the future I shall arrive to you on a visit and probably we together shall live all stayed life. In our country in news show only a criminal case and problems with the bird's influenza. I any more do not look news because I know that new will not show anything to me. I hope that at you in the country more news. Tell to me more.
I'll wait your letter soon.
Letter 14

Hello David. We today have snow and temperature was lowered up to-8ÿ. It not that that was promised by our weather forecasters. Because it on much colder. You observed yesterday a meteoric shower? I very much would like to look at it together with you. But we very much far apart. Had no a lot of time to read your letter very attentively. I have in view of the last letter. I have not enough time sometimes. But I always sincerely write you letters and that that you read in my letters on my feelings and intentions it is all the truth. I want to tell lovely that your fears concerning your property are very reasonable. You have not offended me. I expected it. In Russia conclude the conjugal contract in which it is spoken that the property will be general only that that will be after the conclusion of the conjugal contract. I shall not apply for property. I think that to us early to discuss it. Or you so do not think? We at all did not see each other. Probably that we shall not pay to this attention after our meeting. I shall be glad that we shall meet. I not against if it will be January. Because I can take longer holiday. I do not want that you changed plans because of me. I understand that you have agreed with the friends to celebrate Christmas. Lovely you will help me to pay my documents? It is my unique request. If you agree I might to go in turist firm to learn about cost of documents. I'll wait your letter soon.
Letter 15

Hello my dear Dave! Once again good morning. Lovely I is very glad, that you have invited me. You know, I already spoke with mum, concerning my trip to you. I even showed your photo. Also has told, how you are gentle and affable with me. She has told, that I the girl already adult, and I can make of the decision itself. Today I shall try to go in travel agency and to learn, that it will be necessary for me. I think that now I shall go for dinner and after dinner I shall go up to travel agency. And then to you I shall write that there have told me. Well I do not say goodbye to you. Kisses!
Your Tanya
Letter 16

Hello my lovely David! Good morning, the kid. At you early morning, and at comes nearer evening. I visited travel agency and have learned the information which me interested. I have learned all about my trip to you, and what package of documents is required to me. On the one hand I am madly glad, that all appeared, not so it is difficult as I assumed. On the other hand I am slightly upset. On all my charges, without air tickets it is required to me 790 usd. I do not know cost of tickets because I do not know the name of your airport. I have counted it at the rate a currency exchange of the Central Bank of Russia. Also has transferred in dollars. I assumed, that all costs dearly, but I did not think that it will cost so much. I was upset. I now shall send you this letter, and I shall wait the answer. If my charges for you will be expensive, I, certainly, all I shall understand, do not doubt Dave. You see sometimes it is necessary to refuse itself in many respects. As though we would not like it. In any case we shall be good friends. I have now gone home, I shall have supper and shall lie to sleep. And at all I do not know, that I would like more, that tomorrow has more soon come or on the contrary did not come. Thank big for your photos. It is very pleasant for seeing. You have very beautiful house. But your friend very malicious. But very charming.I wait for your answer. Good-bye. I hope, that up to fast.
Your Russian girlfriend Tanya.
Letter 17

Hello lovely. I am very strongly upset also I pay. My kid I very strongly pay because you do not want to rescue me. I so hoped that we shall be together with you. My birthday already soon and it would be the best gift which to me did. Lovely I saved money to my birthday and wanted to give for itself a gift. I wanted to buy a fur coat for myself for winter. I am ready to enclose all savings on what to make these documents. But even if I shall enclose all my savings I'll have only 280 usd. Therefore it will be necessary for me 410 usd. There may be now you can rescue me. I really have no more money. I do not know that to me to do. I thought that have found the man which can care of me not only in words. I do not want to be disappointed. Write to me soon lovely.
Letter 18

Hello David. How are you? I would like to tell as I have lead the week-end. It was very cheerful. We went to club and have perfectly spent. We danced much and saw champagne. I was not much ***** towards evening. We walked after club. It was very much late but we were not afraid because us was much. Weather was cold, but it did not prevent us. I want that snow was. Because roads very ***** and trousers are very much spoiled. I go very accurately but as I carry a heel that my trousers are spoiled. Our roads very badly clean also it sometimes deduces mentality. Though I very quiet person and very kind. Probably too kind (smile). What you will tell about me? Tell to me what you you see persons in me?
Though I very much long because you have not answered me my last letter.
I'll wait your letter.
Letter 19

Hello David. How are you? How are your weather? I am very much borrowed last days at work. I hardly find time to read a mail. But I do not overlook about you and constantly I think of you. I hope that it mutually. What you have plans for this week-end? I shall sleep all the day and nothing to do. Because I am very tired and I do not want to be engaged in anything. I apologize that it will be not the big letter but I need to come back to work.
My birthday December, 3. Lovely it means that we shall not begin to do my documents this year? I so hoped that we soon shall meet.
I'll wait your letter soon.
Letter 20

Hello David. How are you? At me today very good day. Though our weather not so good. But it does not prevent me to be in good mood. At work at me all is good. You want to know why my mood good? Because I read your letter today and was very much pleased. Because you very well respond about me. We with you it is very far also poorly. But when I see your letter that to me on it becomes much better. Because at the letter there is a particle of you. It is very pleasant.
It is very a pity to me that all your friends badly think of me. But the main Thing that you thought of me well. I am sure that they will are very much disappointed when I shall arrive to you. Because they will see me and will envy you. I want to meet you even more now. To prove to your friends that all this the truth. David I shall arrive to you with calculation on long relations. I think that first our meeting to be prolonged not longer than 6 months. Because my visa will be finished. I will need to come back to Russia. But if we shall find a way to prolong my visa that I only shall be glad. We should learn each other more. I thought that I shall arrive to you in the beginning of January and I'll make documents in December. That you trusted me more. I shall send you a copy of my documents after I shall make it. ok? The main thing that we have met you faster.
I'll wait your answer. I shall wait the letter soon.
Your girlfriend Tanya
Letter 21

Hello David. How are you? Lovely you imagine, I have fallen today and have very strongly struck a side. My side very strongly hurts. I went to a toilet and looked that at me on mine to a side and have found out very big bruise. In the street very slippery and it is very difficult to go. As my footwear has a heel that difficulties are increased. I shall go home very accurately after work. The temperature in the street approximately -6 but is not present some snow and consequently very slippery asphalt. To fall in snow not so it is hurt as on asphalt. I do not have plans for this week-end. I hope that at you all will be good.
Kisses It's my addtress Russia,
Kirovskaya obl.,
Sanchursky rayon,
post code: 612385,
town Kuznecovo,
36 Sovetskaya st. my full name: Tatyana Kutasova
Letter 22

Hello Honey. How are you? How are you week-end? How are your weather? Our weather for this week-end has very much changed. In this week-end has dropped out a lot of snow. Our roads are covered with snow. It is very beautiful. But snow begins to thaw and the ***** begins. I week-end has passed not so cheerfully. I sat at home and tidied up. You know, we had very many road failures after snow has dropped out. I went today on work and very much was afraid. Very many fixed-route taxi was broke. These are minibuses. Very many people use these machines to move. It is fast, but it is not safe. Most terrible that that, I was late today for work again. More precisely I was late for my bus. You will not believe, but this bus has got in failure. Me shakes all. Probably this miracle that I was late for this bus. At us each week perishes 5-10 persons. If it is fair, I am afraid to go on work. But if not I shall use this transport shall not have time on work and me will dismiss. I really am afraid. How I shall go home? What to me to do now? When you will rescue me lovely and will take away to yourself? I wait this day as an input in other life.
Though probably you have many girls which write to you and I do not interest you. As you might forget it the site adultloveline. (cry)
I wait your letter.
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