Scam letter(s) from Svetlana to Walter (USA)

Letter 1
Not long ago I haven’t even thought about keeping up any acquaintances in the Internet. Then why am I here, writing to you? Nearly three years ago my best friend’s fate has been decided. She was rewriting with a man from abroad for some period of time. She was writing herself, as she knows English well, while I’m not. To tell you the truth, I don’t know English at all (shame on me :)) so at one day she realized that there was nothing more important for her, than relations with him. Can you realize? They fell in love in a week after communicating. She told me she couldn’t live without that man and was even able to leave her native town for his country. So she did! He came to Ukraine and took her to his place. Now they are happy having a loving family and three children. One day she called me,talking about her eternal love and happiness, and gave me one advice-to give my photos and biography to internet like she did one day. So I decided to try my fortune. That’s why I’m writing to you. I was always waiting for a sincere, self-denying, mutual love, searching for a real soul mate for the rest of my life. I’m not waiting for anything special, but a simple care, endearment and tenderness from the side of a loving person. I need a person who could support me as a brittle unprotected woman. What other qualities do I need in a person? I can only say that his experience isn’t important for me at all but a beautiful inward and a kind and strong heart. What can I give to him? To tell you the truth I’m a very simple girl, easygoing, kindhearted and trustful. So I’ll try to give all my love and care to my soul mate. And I’ll surely try to make him feel happy near me. Please, if you are that exact man, I’m looking for, then let me know. I’ll recognize you among thousands of others…
Waiting for an answer.
Sincerely yours,
Letter 2
Hello, my dear!
Thank you for your wonderful letter. I was reall happy to receive it. How have you been doing? How’s your family? Can you tell me about it? what do you usually do on weekends? How do you usually rest? Did you have any relations before you started communicating with me? Please, be honest. Tell me everything about you. It is really important for me as, to tell you the truth; I am really attracted by you. And off course you have to know more about me. I don’t even know what facts of my life you want to know. I’m a simple girl from Ukraine,from city Zaporojie, searching for her soul mate and true love. I’m working as a shop-assistante, selling flowers. I do like my work. I love flowers. And my favourite are of course roses and also camomiles. These are two kinds of flowers, which, if they are connected, can characterize me, as I’m a spicy and very tender woman at the same time. Nevertheless I have never been married and I don’t have children. My hobby is cooking. I like to make different experiments with food. Everybody say I cook delicious meals. I like singing- I have a good voice. I like listening foreign music, especially English, but unfortunately I don’t know English at all. So one of my dreams is to learn it to speak fluently and to be able to understand the meaning of my favourite English songs. I listen to different kinds of music; it depends on my mood and feelings. I like dancing very much, and I even went in for ballet for some period of time. I really like animals.I have a little kitten.Recently I went on my way home from work, when I suddenly saw it and couldn’t go by. I took it home as I realized that that little kitten was also very lonely and also needs love and care as I do. But nevertheless it doesn’t take the place of a loving and beloved man…
Waiting for your answer.
Kisses from Sveta))).
Letter 3
Hello my darling!
I want you read this letter very attentively!
I want to tell you a little legend.Once upon a time there were a big country.
It was the only one in the whole world. All people were happy!
But one day someone did a bad thing and the GOD was very angry.
He divided each person into two pieces and scattered them on all the World. Since that time each piece is looking forward her "significant other". And when she finds it they are happy. So I wrote you this story because I want to tell you that I've found my "significant other". It is YOU!
only now I understand that you are HE whom I've been searching for!
You are so nice, gentle and clever! I see you in my dreams. All my life I was alone and only now I understand that I'm not.Only you can understand me in the best way possible!
I hope you fill the same to me! I'll be waiting for your answer.
Buy, my honey! Your Sveta!
Letter 4

Hello my dear.
How are you today? I hope everything is OK!As for me this is the worst day in my life.
Yesterday I was the happiest person in the world, and today I'm very sad.
Do you know why? I'll tell you a very bad I got up and came to the Translation Agency to read your letter and to write mine to you. There I was told that they lift up the price on the translation. You know that I'm only a student and I can't pay for this such expensive service.Don't think that i don't want communicate with you already. My filings to you are so strong! If you want to continue our correspondence you can help me. Don't think that I want only money from you. I really want to continue our lettering with you. Please help me. I hope that your fillings are also so strong. this is the address of the Agency.
Your baby Sveta.
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