Scam Letter(s) from Victoria Tory to Walter (USA)

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Letter 1

Hi, my dear!
Thank you very much for your warm reply! Dear, I'm happy you are interested in our communication, and I hope it will lead us to friendship (first :-).) and than to happy future together. :-). how are you today, my dear? I hope you are in a very good mood and my letter will make your day brighter. :-).

Well, I think it's time to tell more about myself. My name is Tory (it's a tender / short name of Victoria). I live in Ukraine, Perevalsk. It's a small town in the East of Ukraine. I have to admit, that it's rather boring to live there. I received good education, but unfortunately it's not easy to find good job there. I work as a hairdresser and I adore my job! It's very important for each woman to take care of her appearance, so I help women to become more beautiful and to steal hearts of their men. :-). But I think complete beauty consists of outer beauty plus inner one. That's why I'm looking for a sincere, understanding, honest man, who will treat me with respect. I'm tires of loneliness, but I'm an optimistic person and still believe in love. I was hurt in love, I was also married, but my 'happy marriage' had unhappy end. :-(. My ex-husband treated me without respect, and we quarreled often. I'm a kind person, and I don't want to live in constant stress, that's why both we decided to stop our relationship... I started my searches in Internet... I hope to find a nice man in foreign country, because I heard, that foreign men are family oriented and sincere. I want to be a reliable friend, understanding wife, passionate lover for my man and a nice mother for our children. I live with my parents and my little child (I hope my child will not become a barrier for real feelings). I have some hobbies. I like reading, prefer historical novels, detectives and sentimental novels. Than movies. Well, I like comedies, feature films, fantasies, historical films. I spend much time with my family, I'm a family oriented person. I think it's very important to be in a good shape, that's why I regularly visit fitness courses. For fun I like to go for a walk (I adore nature), sometimes I go to cafe with my best friends. And I want to tell, that I don't speak English, but I hope it's not a problem for communication. :-). Well, I have nothing to add now. If I have forgotten something - feel free in asking me. I promise to give completely honest answers on all your questions.

Thank you very much for your patience! It's not easy to tell in one letter about the whole life, but I tried. I'm very interested in our correspondence, and I'd like to ask you: What is your ideal of a woman? What woman is sexual for you? What is your best hope (dream)? Well, I wish you a good day! Take care of yourself! Hope to hear from you again as the soonest.

Sincerely yours

Letter 2

Hi, my dear!

Thank's a lot for your warm and sincere letter! I appreciate your trust and I'm happy you are interested in our further correspondence! I'm happy to know more about you. I love children and I'm happy to know that you also want to have your children. Age difference is not a problem for me so I agree, it doesn't hurt to try to know each other better. how are you today? Hope everything is well and your heart is full of tender spring dreams. I also believe my letter will find you in a good mood and all your plans for today will be completed!

Well, I'm happy to know more about you. Let me continue writing the story of my life. Don't worry, I'm not very good in writing novels, that's why I will try to tell just about the most interesting moments. I told you that I live with my parents and my child. You know that I was not very happy in marriage. But it doesn't mean, that I'm a pessimist. I'm a very kind and honest woman, my friends say that I'm a definite optimist. I'm full of energy, but I try to be careful in my life - I try to be a good student and remember all good and bad 'lessons', which life gives me. :-). I'm frank and sincere, but not talkative, I don't like to gossip (I know you smile now, because almost all women like to gossip, but I'm not the same, that's why you communicate with me now :-)). I think life is difficult, but if you get all 'surprises' with the smile on your face - everything will be OK. I spend much time with my family. It's very interesting to bring up a child. By the way, I'm really good in cooking. I always look for new recipes. I prefer Ukrainian and Russian food, but sometimes I cook food of other countries. I use different species for cooking, it means I'm as hot, as my food. :-). Well, my other hobby is to look after my house. A new vase, a nice picture on the wall, a bright carpet on the floor or even just a bouquet of flowers makes my home more comfortable. As for men, I think there is nothing I could not forgive. Sure it will hurt me, but I'm strong enough to overcome all difficulties in my life... I think we have to go different ways with a person, who offends me. Than, of course, I have a rather good sense of humor and I believe that life will last longer, if you smile much. :-). As I'm a definite optimist, and I'm not greedy, let me share the treasures of my soul with you. :-). But you know sometimes I feel a little bit lonely, and I want to be happy again. Maybe our searches is over now and we have already found our happiness? Time will show. But if you read this letter and feel desire to reply me - I did not waste my time to write to you and we really have a lot in common. Now it's time to get closer. :-).

Thank's a lot you were attentive! I appreciate your patience! If you have any questions - I will be happy to answer them. Take care of yourself for me! Have a nice day! Hope tonight you will open your window, and the tender spring wind will whisper you my name...

Kisses from your Tory.

Letter 3

Hi, my dear Jim!

Thank you very much for your warm and sincere letter! Thank's a lot for your trust! I'm happy to know more about your life, and it's great we have a lot of things in common. How are you today? The weather is very nice here, the sun is shining brightly, and it fills heart with hopes and dreams. So if you are in a bad mood now, I could send you some of my hopes with this letter. :-).

Well, I'm happy this communication lasts, and I feel we become closer and closer with each letter. And to be honest I feel strange connection with you. You are in my thoughts already. Really, it's great to meet a nice man, who has already stolen your heart after some letters. :-) Well, I try to tell you as much about me, as possible. I think all relationship start from communication, than people feel, that they are very interested in each other, and finally, if both they feel they can not live without each other, they dedicate their lives to each other. Ideal model of happiness... But in ordinary life stupid things sometimes happen with us. Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm too philosophical now... but it's because of you. ;-). Maybe I make too many affords to steal your heart? :-). Well, I'll try to be serious. As I told you I'm a romantic person. But I'm also a passionate woman. I don't know what is my ideal of a man. But I exactly know what man could I call sexual. Oh, I know, now you are more attentive reading my letter. :-). Well, speaking about man's sexuality, I want to admit, that it's not only his appearance. Attractive body is not the only thing to be sexual. I think that the most sexual are man's eyes and man's hands. I like to look at him when he does something (no difference: he cleans his car, cooks, or works with a hammer), I like to look at the movements of his strong hands. And especially when he doesn't know that I look at him, and than, for example, he turns and finds that I look at him. The moment of silence, when our eyes meet, I feel disturbed a little, and he smiles, than kisses me... It's very sexual and romantic for me. (I think here I have to add "to be continued"). And what about you? What woman is sexual for you? Sure I hope to hear something like: "Tory, you are sexual.." But if you have another opinion, it's OK, I will try to find another road to your heart. :-). Dear, I'd like to know a little bit more about your interests (maybe favorite movie, sport, etc.). hope you are not a spy and doesn't work for Pentagon, so you could share this 'secret' information with your sincere Ukrainian friend (oh, sorry, more than just a friend already... ). What about traveling? Do you like it? As for me I haven't ever been to other countries, but I have a lot of time ahead, so I hope to travel in future (and it would be great to travel together with a beloved man - do you want to join me?). Sure we are adults, and live in a stressful atmosphere, but my sense of humor helps me to survive. I have a lot of funny stories. Well, it was recently. An old woman came to saloon where I work and asked me to make a new hair style. I said OK, what hair style would you like to have? She said: the same ... as my dog has. The dog was with the lady, and it was not against being a 'model' at the moment. It was really crazy and funny. I made something 'very especial' with her hair, and ... she was happy. Later I knew that this lady was lonely, and this dog was the only member of her family... And you know at that moment I understood, that I do not want to be as lonely as this woman and I need a person to share everything in my life and make me happy... sorry, maybe my letter bothers you. Just tell me about it, and I will try to be very serious, OK. By the way what about your funny stories? Could you share them with me? Well, let me stop writing now, or (as I see) you will fall asleep very soon. :-).

Have a nice day, my dear! I'm really interested in our communication, and I hope one day we will feel that we can not live without each other. I will miss you. Please, reply me as the soonest, or I will die of loneliness. I think you are not going to kill a young, beautiful and sexual woman, which is interested in you? :-). Take care of yourself for me!

Tender kisses from your princess Tory.

Letter 4

Hi, my love!

Thank's a lot for your warm and romantic letter! How are you today?
hope everything is well. I believe that this my letter will find you in a good mood and all your plans for today will be completed.

Dear, I know maybe you think that it was my mistake, that I wrote "hi, my love". No, it's not a mistake. i had enough time to think about everything. you know when I started my searches in Internet I was not sure it would work. I thought, that i could find just friends there. but than we started our communication and I was really surprised. I felt strong connection with you after the first letter. Strange thing, right? you know, I catch myself, that I feel strong desire to go to the translation company and check the letters from you. I fly there like a wind, and if I found a letter from you, I am the happiest person on this planet! Really. I know it's strange to speak about love after just some letters to each other, but it works. And I can definitely tell you, that I felt in love with you... Of course, I dream of the moment you share this feeling with me. But I want to admit, that my feelings are very sincere and deep (I told you I'm a very frank woman and don't lie). I just started my searches in Internet, and the God gave me a present - I met you. And now I don't want to loose you. My heart is in your hands... I trust and believe you completely, and I just ask you: please, be careful with my heart, don't brake it...

Dear, every single day we get closer and closer, that's why I think it's time to discuss something. I don't like to speak about finances, but I'm an open minded person and don't want misunderstanding in future. So why don't we discuss this question now. I told you I use the services of the translation company and I have to pay $5 to translate my letter for you into English, and $5 to translate your letter into Russian. And also I have to pay $2 to scan and to print each photo. I'm just a hairdresser,and you know I have a little child and it's rather expensive for me to pay for this service. I know it was my decision to look for a beloved man through Internet. But to tell the truth I did it because I completely lost my hope to find my second half here in Ukraine. I was not sure in good result, anyway it was the last hope to be happy. My life has changed when we started our correspondence. I didn't believe that I could fall in love with a man I haven't ever met but it's true. And now I understand that I can't live without you... That's why I think I could ask you about the help... I don't ask you for help for me or my family, please, help US not to loose each other. I will try to do my best to keep in touch, but I'm not sure I will find enough money all the time. But just the thought of loneliness drives me crazy. Maybe you could help me with payments of translation of our correspondence? I ask you for help to save our feelings and to help our relationship grow in future. I know you are a real gentleman and I hope you will understand and help us... You are the sense of my life, my the most expensive treasure , and I don't want to loose you. My life became happy, and I don't want to return to the world of loneliness and darkness. I hope you will understand me. I wait for your reply with great impatience! Have a nice day, my love!

Forever yours everloving you Tory.



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