Scam letter(s) from Elena Hlopova to Donald (USA)

Letter 1
Good day to you, my darling ! The attitude of people to a person depends on many things : his character, mind, manners, behavior,abilities, and appearance. If a person is a good looking he feels more confident, unfortunately to be pretty or handsome does not mean to be happy. very often not very smart people can be generous, kind, and intelligent. That is why people say" Don't judge by appearance". I want my future beloved to love me not only for my appearance, but also for my inner world. When you'll lay down and fill cold with no one around to keep you safe. Close your eyes and think of me. If you think hard enough you will fill me right beside you holding you. I will keep you warm through snow and rain. Keep you safe from pain and hurt. When you cant take it any more I will be there to help you through. When your legs can't take any more steps, call me I will lift you up carry you the rest of the way. When it’s dark and theirs no light, call me I will light your way. When you have no food to eat, call me I will fill you with passion. When you have no time to spend, call me I will stop heaven and earth so you will not be late. When you think you have no one to turn to, call me I will turn every one to you. When you feel you lost all of your love, call me I will fill you. When your body aches with pain, call me I will take away the pain. When you wish on a star, look to me because I'm not far behind.

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Letter 2
Good day to you, dear Donald ! Thanks for your nice letter. I feel that you are interested in me as you are writing me back now. I may assure you it is extremely pleasant to realize. I must say that I am very much interested in you, and I intend to be open with you, hope you will feel free in communication with me. But why do you say that when closing your eyes and thinking about me you are more disappointed? Maybe you would better do not know me? Or is that the allegory mean of strengthening the tunes? :) I am, tired of being lonely, no one deserves to stay alone! These are the words coming right from the bottom of my soul that is crying as it want to find its soulmate, my heart wants to find its second half,and my mind is seeking for an intelligent husband who will value my knowledge and wit! If you want to hit the depth and beauty of my soul, I wish you listened attentively to the words I am going to share with you. ...Beauty is undoubtedly nice but there is the soul and mind that are more important. Young people, unfortunately, do not care about the soul, I am sure that is the huge mistake. Because when in the old years we should have a reliable and caring partner beside. Do you agree? If we agreed on correspondence, it is my turn to give you a touch on my character. People say it is easy to get along with me, they find me sociable and easy going person. Nobody can call me selfish. That was why I decide to become a journalist. This is an exciting job. I meet a lot of people all the time, I am very communicative, that is why it is not difficult for me "to feel like the fish in the water" in my job. I am very much devoted to what I do, and I like it. The only difficulty that I get as for my job at present is that foreign languages were my weak point at school, I wish I had studied more diligently! Now I am trying to gain that gap :) As a real journalist must be aware of everything and could support a conversation at least in English! What is your point of view on the matter? I am relaxing with friends when not busy with work. I also enjoy gardening, cooking, keeping in good physical shape. I have certain life objectives. The most important are the following: to create a top dream family, to be healthy, life-long spiritual growth and self-perfection. And of course,to find the best man to share all these with :) My another animation is traveling. I prefer traveling by car. I think it is very convenient. No tickets are needed to be booked in advance, the heavy suitcases to be carried, etc. You can stop whenever you wish and spend there as much time as you wish. Every year my family and I go to visit a grandma to the South for holidays, she lives in the Crimea, in the city called Feodosia. It is my father who drives the car. I have not got the driver's licence yet. But I would like to get it very much. Are you an addicted traveller too? Can you once teach me to drive or is that really difficult? Will we travel together once? If you have traveled a lot, what are your favorite places? I guess, you have gained some better idea about me, and hope you will tell me more about your lifestyle and moral principles with your next letter. I will be waiting for your soon letter with impatience. Take care.
Send you my gentle kiss. Elena.
Letter 3
Good day to you, my new friend Donald ! Thank you for your nice and warm letter. It was nice to hear from you again. So the second step for our future relations is almost fulfilled. You have confirmed your serious intentions on my account, and I feel happy about that. There are so many things which I would like to know about you, and to tell you the latest news and ideas of mine. That is great that you are dreaming about me as the same happens to me when I am looking at your pictures and read your letters, the most difficult time is at night when I cannot find the place for myself to lie calmly and sleep. I think that is not than strange, I am just starting to feel something intimate for you, do you agree? Being an honest woman I would like to share the good life pleasures with a sweet and sensitive man (maybe you?). I'm looking for something really serious and I fancy us not to rush with the relationship and make the useless and foolish mistakes. Once rushed into something you eventually get hurt or hurt someone else. So let's agree on creating our relationship upon the two basic principles: absolute honesty and careful consideration? My Donnie, I would like to tell you directly one important thing which I think I have not told you yet. But we agreed to be honest with one another all the time, though I must confess that I can not express my thoughts in your language. I wish I could do that in English and explain my thoughts in English, but I can not. I can not speak English, and can not write it, but I would like to learn it, and I think it would be great if I would attend English courses in the soonest future. What do you think about it? I hope it is not a problem for us? That was the way I became the client of a translator agency, they help me to get the letters translated from the Ukrainian into English. They are very quick in passing to me the information from you and I appreciate their services a lot. The only thing I am really sure right now is that I like you very much and I will do everything for us to continue with this correspondence. Donald, you know that I want to have a good understanding with you. So for this to happen we must both be totally truthful and honest with each other. Firstly I want to build up a good understanding and friendship between us, and then after in the future I would really love to meet you,of course. I would like to ask you some questions: Have you dated a lot of women? Have you ever been in love? What kind of woman do you like?Are you timid? What hobbies do you have? Which sports do you practise? Sport is fun, is not it? I could not imagine my life without sport, could you? I love riding, playing volleyball, I am very much interested in tennis. My sports trainer told me that I had a skill for playing tennis and that i should practise it more thoroughly. i love sailing. It is wonderful to be in the open air and to enjoy the fresh air, and the sun. I hope to hear from you soon, wish you to the the most successful day in your life today :) Your Elena.
Letter 4
Hello, my dearest Donald ! How are you feeling today? How is your mood? I hope everything is going on well with you, and you are doing fine! I am in the good mood as today I have checked the post, and have found the letter from you. I would like to say that you make my day, when I don't hear from you for a long time, this will make me sad. Do you want to make my sad, my darling? Why do not you like the pictures I am sending you? I am not a professional model but I have some well-done pictures because my friend is a great photographer, I know her from my childhood, so she takes my pictures free of charge. So let us get back in perceiving each other. From when I was a small child my parents have always taught me the important difference between the Kind and Evil. I am lucky to have good, honest and nice parents. I like visiting them as frequent as I can, we live not far from each other, but see each other not very often. My dad is Ukrainian and my mom is Tatar by nationality. They have a very nice love story, they met each other on the South, as i have told you that we usually go to visit my grandma on the South, so they fell in love and got married. As you might have noticed i my appearance that I look a little a Tatar girl, did you? :) Donald, I would like to ask you one serious question, if everything will work with us, would you like to meet me in the real life? I think this should happen,I know many miles will keep us apart for so long it is hard to believe we have found each other, two lonely souls searching for someone to fall in love with each other. Now we must make time disappear and miles grow shorter. I think everybody has advantages and disadvantages. We say 'every coin has its two sides'. But thats the human being. You have told me about yourself, and I would like to say that it is very interesting for me to communicate with you. You sound very nice and understanding these are exactly the qualities I value in men, the most important among all the rest is honesty. Honesty/truth is very important to me. I do not like either deceptive man or controlling man. I want a partner that is also good at communicating. I want him to tell me everything that's on his mind, whether it's good or bad. And when we fall ion love the person beside us remains always perfect! I will be waiting for your soon letter with impatience! Take care, I kiss you. Your Elena.
Letter 5
Dear Sir Donald Parker, I would be glad to explain you the situation. I am a representative of the translating service called "Favorite-lady". Our Service deals with translating correspondence,international calls and providing support on personal meeting of our clients. The lady who you were corresponding with Elena was using or agency service to correspond with you but the term of her contract is over now. Elena feels very sorry about the matter and hopes that the situation can turn up happily for both of you. If you are interested we can send you the list of prices and options that we have in our service. If you do not want to keep in touch with Elena please let us know. If you have any questions you can contact us us on the telephone number 13158495771. from 9 a.m. till 5 p.m according to Ukrainian time. With respect, The Administrator of "Favorite-lady",
Evgeniy Ispravnikov
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