Scam Letter(s) from Ekaterina Ivanova to Kjetil (Norway)

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Letter 1

Hi my dear! How your mood?
Today I had very fine mood.
In the morning when I have woken up, I at once have thought of you. I have reflected on our future.
You search the woman for attitudes and I search for the man for attitudes.
I search for the love and the person who will give me it.
I want to find the man which will be with me up to the end of a life. I very much want, that it was you.
In the morning, I have reflected on the future with you. I have thought of a meeting with you.
I think, that we with you can better learn about each other if we shall meet you.
I can not assume as we with you it we shall do.
But I very much would like to meet you.
From this day I have holiday from my work for long time. And I am quite ready.
You are ready to meet me?
How you think as us it will be better to meet? You want, that I was in your country?
I very much would want to see you and your country. I never was abroad Russia.
Dear as you look at that I arrived to you,
And then we with you could come back to me in the country and you could get acquainted with my parents.
What do you think?
I today went to a travel company to learn the information on flight to you in the country.
To me a lot of time explained all system of it.
To me have presented 2 variants of official registration of papers:
1 variant documents are made out about 1- 1,5 months and it manages about 400$.
2 variant documents are made out about 1- 2 weeks, but it on years travel manage about 546 $.
My lovely, but I have one problem. The matter is that I did not save money for this purpose. .
I did not think, that the chance to meet you will be presented and to travel to you.
I did not know, that my feelings become such strong to you. And now for me it is a problem with money.
And I shall dare to ask your help.
I hope, that you will understand me and will consider this seriously.
Write to me that you think on the given situation. I dream to meet you.
Whether you will help me whether or not, I shall not have insult on you.
Because this your decision.
But I cannot really arrive to you because I have no such huge money.
I now lie down to sleep and I send you an air kiss.
Good night...
Always yours Tatyana.



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