Scam letter(s) from Olga Zemlyanushnova to Ola (Norway)

Letter 1
Hello! I didn’t know you replied me or not, and at last I saw your mail. It’s so great! Thank you! You seem to me an interesting person. I think communication with you will give me a lot of pleasure. I hope for that. I am sending you my photo, I think it’s a nice picture of mine:-) But I ask you please don’t make an impression about me because of my pictures. It is important for me that you read my words with interest, and do a opinion about me from my mails, but not from my photos. I think, you understand what I mean. I hope that you will tell me much more about yourself that it said in your profile, and I promise I will tell you about me too. I am life loving person and I love to laugh and be joyful, that’s why I want that our communication will be interesting and lively. I am looking forward to your next mail and I am waiting when you will write me.
Maria from Ukhta.
Letter 2
Hello! I am happy that you replied to my message. I think you want to know some personal information about me. Well, my name is Maria. I am 29 years old, my birthday is 14.06.1978, so my zodiac sign is Twins. My height is 168 sm, my weight 53 kg, I have green eyes and fair color of my hairs, but I think you can see it yourself in my photos. I hope you will find me attractive?. I live in the Ukhta town. It is a small town in the Komi Republic. We have a very contrasted climate in our republic, very cold winters (the temperature can go down to minus 30-40 degrees) combine with very hot summers (to plus 30-40 degrees). Unfortunately, the summer is very short and most of the year it is very cold and the snow is on the ground?. Ukhta situated in 1500 km to the north-east from Moscow. Our town have about 120 000 people, it is really small town, but I love it very much. I have here my friends with whom I work and communicate. I work as a saleswomen-consultant in the shop of children’s toys. It’s not a bad work, but it’s not what I wanted, when I studied in the University. I studied in the Pedagogical Institute in my town, and I wanted to become a teacher of Russian language and literature. But graduating from the University I understood that it’s very difficult to live on the wage of a teacher. I think it’ is enough information for this mail.
I hope to see your mail tomorrow.
Letter 3
Hello! How are things at you? I hope everything is OK at you. I see your mail and it means that you have a interest to me. I thank you that you also write many personal information about you. This way I can present you better. When you write me mail or when I write you letter, we don’t have opportunity to see each other, see the expression of our eyes. But through letters I can understand you, understand your ideas and everything that you want to tell me. I can feel the deepness of your thoughts. And I want that you learn as much as possible about me. To my unfortune I couldn’t find my happiness in Russia, that’s why I want to find it out of my town and my country. I disappointed about Russian men. I am already 29 and I was not married yet and don’t have children. I will tell you about this in my future mails if you will find it interesting. Recently I saw advertisement of the dating agency on one of the Russian sites. I clicked on the name and find myself in page I liked this page and I decided to register on the site. I reviewed several profiles and I don’t know why stop my choice at you. I hope that you too will tell me your story about why you placed your profile in the Internet on the dating site. Here I will end my letter. Tomorrow I hope to see your letter.
I wish you good luck. Have a good day! Your friend, Mariya.
Letter 4

My friend, in the end of my last letter I named myself as your friend, I hope it didn’t embarrassed you, and you consider me as your friend. Actually we know each other only for several days, but I know a lot of things about you. The dialogue with you is pleasant to me and that’s why I think you are my friend. I hope you are not against it. We live far away, but can talk about things, that I wouldn’t tell even to the people that I communicate for years. I can’t look into your eyes, but I can imagine them, may be that’s why it’s so easy for me to talk with you. Today I went to my work and thought about how it is wonderful that I found a friend in the Internet, and when there are no clients I have opportunity to use the computer to write you mail. Our boss is strict and demand that we were always polite with the buyers and have a smile on the face. But recent times it makes no problem for me, because I know that I will see your mail and can write to you. I think it’s the best moment of my day?. I hope you can understand everything that I write to you. My English is not ideal, but I try to learn it. At home I have several books about learning English, and after work I read these books. Unfortunately I have to use books because I don’t have a computer at home, and its cost is too high for me. I began to learn English at school already and continued to learn it in the University. But unfortunately in my faculty English was the secondary language, that’s why I couldn’t learn it in full volume. With your help I hope to complete empty places in my knewledge. Ok, it’s late here already, but I know I didn’t waste my time in vain when I wrote a mail to you.
Tomorrow I hope to see your mail again. Your friend, Mariya.
Letter 5
My dear. It is again my working day, and I have a joyful feeling, because I know that I will see your letter. Thank you for your kind words, it is always pleasant to me that you reply ot my mails. Yesterday it was a hard day and I was really tired, may be it is all because I didn’t have my holiday almost for a year. I don’t see the nessesity in it because I don’t know what I will do during this time. But I want to have a rest however, may be I can have holiday in coming future. Well, in all, perhaps, it will be interesting for you to learn how my usual day pass? Mostly nothing special, I think millions of people live the same life. Usually I get up at 6.30 in the morning, take shower, prepare breakfast. To 10 a.m I have to be in the shop in my work place. At 10 a.m. my working day begins and it ends at 7 p.m. And all this time I serve the buyers. It’s not a very interesting work, but I have to work. Usually in the morning there are not so many people here, but closer to 12 o’clock more people appear, and I need to tell in detail about a thing to every client or to advise what to choose, that’s why I get tired very much, because every buyer requires individual approach. Also very hard time is after 5 p.m. Usually people end their work at this time, but for me it is not the end of the working day, but only its continuation?. And in 7 p.m. my working day is over. To my fortune my house is not far from my workplace, so I can just walk to my home. At home I can really relax. I have a small recorder on which I can listen to the music. I don’t prefer just and only one style and movement in the music, that’s why I have a lot of cassettes with various music. In my small collection I have songs of 70-80 years of Soviet singers and also modern pop, rock and classic music. As I told you I also learn some English books in the evenings, I hope during our communication it will get better. You see, my day is not very interesting, and I am happy that I met you, because it is very interesting to communicate with you and now I go to my work with joy to see your mail faster. Write me please what is your usual day, OK? It is very late now, that’s why I hope you won’t mind if I will stop my letter. I want that you know that you have a friend in Russia, for whom you are very important.
Yours, Mariya.
Letter 6
My dear, we communicate almost for a week already and it’s wonderful! To be honest it is really pleasant for me that you didn’t loose interest to me. Thank you for your words, for me what you write is much more important than what my friends tell me. Today I want to tell you about my family. My father’s name is Andrei! He is 58, my Mom is Sveta and she is 56 years old. My father work as driver in one of the companies of our town, which is engaged in giving for rent cars for big loads. He works over cars the whole day, repair them. He doesn’t like his work very much, but it I only two years left till his pension, that’s why he doesn’t want to change his work. My mother work as teacher of Russian at school. Looking at her I went to study to the University to be a teacher like she. But in the end of study I understood that it will be difficult to live on the teacher’s wage. My mother like her job, she teach children to something new, open to them new world. She says that her dream is to see my children, but unfortunately, I disappoint her?. I couldn’t find the man yet with whom I would really wanr to build a family and have children with him. A year ago when my relationship with Serezha ended, I wondered if there is really no man in the world which would be really honest with me. The only thing I ask from my man is to be honest with me in any case. Because lie destroy any relationship. My dear, I remember passed years and I feel sad because of it.
Forgive me, yours Mariya.
Letter 7
My dear. Thank you for your word of support, they are very important to me. Today the shop where I work was closed, it was a sanitary inspection, sometimes it happened. The inspectors come and check the whole shop, look through the goods and documents, and ask us if we have problems with our managers or any complaints on the work conditions. Also they check if we have the medicine card. It’s a usual procedure, so we didn’t have any problems. I can say that we get used to it. Anyway today’s day become actually a day off. I had free time so we went with my friends to walk over the town. It was a strange feeling, but it was so nice to look at my town? My mood was raised, may be because my thoughts were so far away from Russia. We walked and I thought what a nice day it is today and I can write you everything that makes me excited. With my friends we visited the cafe “Pingvin”, it’s a small cafe in the Ukhta town, where you can drink coffee and have a snack. But the most tasty what theya have there is ice-cream and cakes. In the cafe was warm and cozy, so to sit with friends and eat an ice-cream was very joyful. We talked about different things and it was really a good day. I was asked when at last I will find a man for me. I didn’t tell them that I have a correspondence with the man in the Internet, so I just joked that when I will meet that one, only then I can be with him. Ok, I am ending my mail. I hope it was interesting to read it for you. I will wait for your next letter.
Your friend in a far away Russia, Mariya.
Letter 8
Hello, my dear. Thank You for your fast reply, we can’t look into each other’s eye, hear each other, feel each other. But your mails remove everything and you seem closer to me. Today I want to tell you about my previous relations with men. I can’t say that I had many partners, actually I had relationship with two men, which I really liked. My first love was when I was 19 years, his name was Kolya., he was a year older than me. He was a very communicable and handsome man. At first everything was excellent, our relationship develop beautiful and romantic – I was really happy. It lasted about three years. Then I began to notice him oftener in the society of other girls. At first I didn’t give it any notion, because I thought that he loves only me. It lasted until I learned that he date with my former friend. Of course, after that I stopped our relations and stopped any contact with my friend. She said that it was only a light flirt, but it was so painful to me that I couldn’t forgive her that. Now I look at these years and think how naive I was. The next man that I have entered my life when I was 25. His name was Sergei. But a year ago we separated. We had serious relations. I thought I begin my life again and we will have a happy family. But all my dreams began to destroy when he began to drink. Sergeu came oftener and oftener from his work *****. We began to quarrel. It made me annoyed, and I decided to leave him. From those times I don’t have serious relationships with men. That’s why I am not in search of the only one. I hope that I will have a good luck this time and I will find honest and good man who will take good care of me.
Have a good day. Yours, Mariya.
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