Scam letter(s) from Natalia Jandimirova to Sandro (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello Sandro!
I am so glad to receive your letter! It is so strange to communicate with a person that I dont know by Internet! It is my first experience and I think our relationship will develop and may be very soon we will know well each other. It is a thrilling process! Well, it is high time to tell some words about me. My name is Natalia. I was born on the 15 of February 1975. I live in a small but very beautiful town, that calls the city of Mendeleevsk. My native town is a real pictoresque corner with a lot of trees and blossoming flowers. And what interesting can you tell me about the city where you live? I have never been abroad and I am eager to learn about your city and life in it. I send you a photo you to be sure that I am an attractive girl! Dont think that I am not modest, but I am happy to be so as I am! I am not very tall (169 cm), my weigh is 56 kg. Sport helps me to be in a good form. I am fond of swimming and aerobics. My work also requairs to be in a good form. I work in the secretary in security agency! May be it is strange for you to read it, but it is really so! Only dont think that I am insensitive because my work. On the contrary, I am a fragile and slim girl, very sensitive in comon life. I like my work, it is very useful for other people and for me it is the main thing in the life. I have many friends among my former studentfellows and colegues. It is easy for me to make friends with other people because I am sociable and kind-hearted. I value in people understanding and a good sense of houmor best of all. I hate when people lie and hope we will trust each other! And what about you? I am sure that you are a good person, so tell me about you: your character, your hobbies. It is so boring to live without being fond in something. Do you agree, Sandro? I shall tell you that I will not be able to write to you very often because I write from the internet club. Anyway I will find time and write to you as often as possible. You may ask me why I decided to find a man in the internet. May be it is banal but I cant see any good men in my town. I dont want relations for a week or two. I am looking for serious relations. Everyone wants to have a person to relay on. So do I. But in Russia I didnt manage to meet this man. But I am not going to stop! I want to be happy and I will! There are so many aloun people in the world and they dont know that may be in the other country somebody is waiting for him.
It is so unusual to communicate with you. I imagined a map in front of me and relized that you are so far from me. You live your own life but from this day we will have something common. It is so exciting! I am eager to know more about you. Say if my letter impressed you and what do you think of me from the first glance. Sandro, your opinion is very important for me! I look forward to your letter. Natalia.
Letter 2
Hello, my dearest Sandro!
You cant imagine how I am happy to receive your message! My dear Sandro you write to me letters through the translator well? As I know the English language more and we can learn(find out) each other more well? Had written to me, you made me the most happy girl in the world! All this time I had been waiting impatiently for your message. I thought when it would come, what would be written there. At last it came!!!! Thank you for your message! It was so pleasant to read it and to understand that you are far from me but it is not an obsacle! It is so easy to communicate with you by interet! I can tell you everything I think, everything that happens in my life. I am very cheerful and I try to live full life. Every day of my life is full of interesting events. We shall take as much as possible from every day of our life, because without adventers it is so shot and boring! Do you agree, Sandro? Even if I have no duties I find something to be busy with. You know, I like to cook. And I should notice that I am good not only at russian cuisine but in cuisine of different countries! Now I have an idea to prepare some of your special dishes. Sandro, what is your favorite dish? Now, I would like to tell you about my family. I was brought up only by my mother, my father left her when I was little and I even dont remember him. But my mother is a very wonderful woman, I admire her! My mother name Anna. She was absolutely alone but she managed to bring up such a beautiful daughter (dont you find?).
We live in a flat. It is not very big but it is so cosy. There are three important hollidays in our family: mums birthday, my birthday and the new year day. Before these day I always decorate our home. I like flowers and there are a lot of flowers in my room! Home is the only place when I can feel calm. But it is not often calm here. We always have a lot of guests. My mother and me, we are glad to recieve for friends and relatives. It is so pleasant to be surrounded by close people. Dont you agree? And where do you live, in flat or may be in your own house? As all active people I like to travel. It is so nice to meet new people, to learn their traditions! But unfotunately I have never been abroad. Anyway, I dream to make a travel around the world. First, I would like to visit exotic countries where there is a sea and it is warm. Summer is my favorite season. I like hot weather and sun light! I dream to have a rest on the coust of the sea or of the ocean. May be it is because I live in Russia and summer lasts for three months here. And what is the weather in your country? Sandro, do you like to travel and where you have already been? You may say that I ask too much questions. Yes, you are right! I know that I am very curious! I want to know everything about a new person especially if I am interested in him... So, write me about you and your life, it is the only way to know better each other. And I am sure that very soon we will know each other very good, may be too good to be only friends... Natalia.
Letter 3
Hello, darling Sandro!
One more message from you and one more happy day from me! It is so nice that we know each other. Sandro, you know, when I am reading your messages and writting to you in my turn I feel so good. I am very happy at these moments! Only you and me and a great distance between us, but it is not important! I have received your photo, it is wonderful! I find you handsome. You have charm. Your eyes are so kind! Well, thank you for your photo, I think it is not the last one. Its so pleasant write to you looking at you! Yesterday I met with my best friend. Frankly speaking I have many friends because I am an easy going girl. But there is only one friend whom I trust completely, her name is Katia. So we had a good evening yesterday. We went to the park where there are many hoarses. You can ride there, or just observe these wonderful animals. Sandro, do you like hoarses? I think that they are very clever animals with thougtful eyes! I am not very good at riding but Katiais fond of it till her childhood. So, it was so exciting to ride a horse!!! I was so happy! Even now I am still full of emotions!!! And you, Sandro, do you like animals and what animals do you like best of all? Dear Sandro, I would like to hear your voice. We communicate by emails, but to here you is the other thing! I think we can juge a person by his voice. I am sure that you have a kind and beautiful voice, Sandro. So give me your telephone number and I will call to you. Unfortunately I have no phone for the moment because some problems with telefhone system in our district. The town authorities promised us to improove the situation but it lasts for 3 months already and they do nothing. I dont know when the telephone line will be repaired. So I will call to you from the post office. I want so much to talk to you, I think this communication is more real.
Tomorrow I am going to the cinema. OaO have spare time I prefer to spend it outside. Sandro, what films do you like to watch? As for me I prefer comedies and melodramas as all romantic girls! Please write to me what do you like to read? May be you had some interesting events these days, so I would like to to know about it. How is your work? I look forward to your letter! Natalia.
Letter 4

Hello, my sweety! Hi, my darling Sandro!
I write it to you and smile because I am really vary happy and full of emotions! I have againe received your letter, the letter from the best man in the world who is so attentive to me!
My dear Sandro thanks for your phone number I necessarily shall call you from a public telephone booth at the end of August well? I am happy and even the weather is happy for me! It is so sunny and warm now that I am in a very good mood. I raise my head to the sky and I rejoice in the sun, in the birds in the sky. Everything around me is so harmonious when everything is harmonious in youself!!! Do you agree, dear? Yesterday after work I aws very tired. In summer people have vacances that is why I have a lot of work, and I am very tired. Only when I get your letters and write to you myself I feel free of every problems. Dear Sandro, every evening when I come back home I see a lot of coupes walking together. They must be so happy! they have met their destiny and what can be better?
Sandro, do believe in love from the first glance? Is it possible to live with a person forever that you met him once and fall in love? It is so romantic!!! Have you ever loved someone like this? As for me I would like to love and to be loved only by one man and forever!!! I understand that it is serious that is why I am very cautiuos in relations with men. But with you it is so easy, as if I knew you all my life! I can feel people and according to your letters you are a fantastic man!
Until I met you I was so alone. Yes, I have many friends, but I notice that they spend more and more time with their second parts. And it is normal, people in this age have to think about family, abou children. Me too, I would like to have somebody to talk to when I feel alone. and I think I have found this person. Do you know him? Well, his name is Sandro. YES, IT IS YOU, Sandro!!! I trust you very much and I hope that you take everything I write to you seriously. Sandro, lets vary our relations. Please give me your addresse and full name, may be one day I will send you a little surprise: a card or something else. And want to give you my addresse Jandimirova Natalia
Mendeleevsk (town)
Pervomaiskaia Street
house 88
flat 3 Sandro, I hope that I managed to give you some pleasure with my letter and you will answer soon. Dont forget that I look forward to you message. Natalia.
Letter 5
Hello, my dearest Sandro!
Agree that we write to each other not for a long time, but I have already got used to you! I cant live without your letters and as your photo my dear Sandro, and I look forward to them every day. Sandro, do you feel the same? I would be very glad if my letters gave you the same pleasure. Anyway I try to do everything for it. Sandro, you know that english is not my native language and may be sometimes I make mistakes. Do you understand everything I write to you? If something is not clear, ask me, ok? My dear m of thanks for your home address! We communicate not very long but I feel that we become more and more closer to each other. It is fantastic!!! Sometimes reading youee letters I forget that you are a foreigner and you are so far from me. I even dont want to think about it! As I have always known you, and now you just went somewhere. You went and I am waiting for you! It is so nice to have somebody to talk to. I can tell you everything, because I trust you.
It is so interesting to read your letters. You have a talent to write! Sometimes my letters are full of details, I try to present you the situation with emotions. Yes, it is characteristic of me! My friends say that I am too emotional. If something important happens, I always take it to close to my heart! I am very sensetive!
Sandro, how do you think what is the worse sense that a person can have? I have met a lot af people that deceived me so as for me I cant stand liars. I think that I am a kind girl but I never forget a lie. May be it is because of my work, you see I have punish people who lie and act against the law. But as I remember when I aws very very little my mum said that I must not lie people. Not everybody act like you, and sometimes I am a toy in somebodys hands.
Sandro, I hope that you trust me and we will never have such problems in our relations. Please write me what do you want to know about my life and write more abou you!
I embrace you!
Letter 6
Hello, the little piece of my life! How are you doing, Sandro? Sandro, you dont stop mmaking me happy with your letters! I am not a spoilt girl but as all girls I like to get attention and YOU give it to me! It is so pleasant to understand that someboy who is so far from me is thinking about me. You are so attentive! I feel it from your letters and I appreciate it much. Here in Russia the men are gentle only for the first time. Than they become familiar and it always pushed me away! You are the different. I think that you will be a good father for your children and your wife would be the happiest woman in the world with you!!!! Dont think that I flatter you. We write to each other enough time And I have the right to make such conclusions.
Ttoday tmy friends at work came to me with the question Natalia, what has happened to you? You arein sao good form. Tell me the secret you youe good mood and form. She thought that I am on a diet or that that I practice something that helps me to be active all day long. I smiled and said that there is no secret, everything is very easy - I have just changed my life and falled in love! I told her about the best man in the world, how he is kind to me, about his gentle attitude to me. I said that he is very seriuos. She tried to guess his name, but I made assure that she doesn not know the men of destiny. Among russian men there is no person who could resemble my darling. Dear, did you gess what is his name? His name is the mnost wonerful combination of sounds: Sandro! Yes dear it is you! You have just charmed me and I can do nothing with my feelings, I am constantly thinking about you. I fall in love with you liko a girl! This feeling helps me live oa be active. I am so happy! My mother looks at me and smiles, she says nothing but she understands everything. My life has changed and it is you who has changed her! Now I am absolutely different, I manage to do a lot of things a day, I am full of energy and everybody notice that I am very cheerful. You may think that I very strange, but I just trust you and write what I feel at the moment and it is true. Please, write what do you think about it? It is very importaoa for me.
I kiss you.
Letter 7
Hello honey!!! I hope that my prince is ok?
Sandro, today I assured one more time that your letters is like an air for me! Please, dear, write me more often! Your messages warm me in the coldest weather! My love Sandro yes I want children from you and I want that you Sandro were my husband in the future. I all life dreamed of such future husband as you Sandro! Today I awaked with the thought of you. It was rainy in the morning. I was lieing in the bed and thinking of you, what you are doing at that moment, where you are. I remembered your last letter in detail and imagined that you are saying it to me face to face! Imagined your voice, your kind eyes and your smile. I was smiling myself to you! You know, Sandro, I am so romantic and I have a reach imagination! When I imagined all it the rain stopped and the sun was shining between the clouds. It was so beautiful, just like my love for you!!! My feelings to you are as clear and frank as the sunshine! Dear, Sandro, I dont know what is happening to me these days. May be you will explain it to me. All thoughts only of you, all dreams only about you!!! What have you done with me, darling? First when I began to write to you I could not think that I will fall in love with you so quickly! You know, an unhappy last experience with love... But you are different! And frankly speaking I understood it from your first letter! Now I realize that I have never met a man who would be more kind and open-minded! Sometimes I think what would be if we did not know each other. The life can be so different, it can be happy or not, sunny or not. And it is up to us to do it! We are the masters of our lives, we did all our best to get aquainted, now I love you and hope that you too. But only some weeks ago everything was quite different. You entered my life and changed it. And I am only happy to it. Well, friends are ok, but they begin to marry, to create families. I would like my own family too!!! And now I know with whom I want to create a family. Only with you, my darling! May be oneday it will be possible. Of course not now, we shall to know each other better. I just want to know that I have serious intentions, I dont want to play games and I think you act in the same way. Ok, Sandro, it is all for now, I kiss you wonderful lips. Write to me as soon as possible! Natalia.
Letter 8
Hello, my dearest and sweetest Sandro!
How wonderful that oneday I met you in my life by the internet. Your letters make me live in this difficult and crazy world! I did not notice myself how I begin to need you and your letters every day. Now I thank my lucky stars that I have met you. You give so many positive emotions with your warm words into my address. You are so wonderful! I wonder that there are still such people as you in our world!!!
My friends cant believe in the seriousness of yuor relations. They say that if we have never seen each other we cant know uor characters. I explain to them that it is possible, but they dont believe. They say that uor relations will not exist for a longtime. Dear Sandro, tell me that they are wrong!!!
In the internet club I see a lot of people who commuicate like this for a long time, they become real friends, somebody even marry. And it is wonderful!!! People look for each other, and as a result they are together forever. If you did not manage to find your love in your native country, it does not mean that you should be alone! Only week people resign themselves and stop on it. We are different and we will be happy! Sandro, do you agree with me? These days I try to communicate more with people from the internet club. We have common interests and it unites us. Sometimes they tell me fantastic stories! About marriages, for exaple. Some of their friends went abroad to their husbands, they have children, sometimes they come in Russia to visit parents by the whole family. It is super!!! Dont you agree? I can only dream of it!!! But I am sure that oneday my dream will be true! Sandro, do you want the same? It is very important for me so be sincere.
And, Sandro, just dont think that I force you to something. I just write to you what I feel at the moment, what I usualy feel last days. I trust you completely that is why I write it to you. Please, write to me what do you think about it. I appresiate all you you think and feel.
Today I am going to the party-my friend Katia has a birthday. we are going to the caffe. There will not many people, only best friends. So I have to prepare for it just to be the most beatiful girl there. I have already chosen the dress. If you seen me in it, You would be sure like me, I promise you... If we do photoes there I will send you some, ok? So, dear, buy-buy! I wait for your letter!
Letter 9
Hello my love Sandro!
My dear Sandro, how are you doing? today I thought that I will not be able to write to you because I was delayed at work. But I said that I have a very important affaire and I must go away. When a head of our deratement knew why I must go away (I said that I shall write to you) she smiled and let me go, but asked to tell her best regards from her. So now due to her I can read your letter and answer it. In genelal people who work with me in security agency are all very good. Sometimes they think that this profession is severe and people who work here are severe too. But I can say that it is not true! Sandro, you see yourself that I am a kind and beautiful woman despite I work in security agency. By the way, dear, do you really see it or I am not right?:) Last weekend I saw a program on TV about your country. Well, you must be so happy to live there, I think. Because it is really very very beautiful. I saw crouds of people in the streets of the capital of your country and of course it was silly but I hoped to see you among those people!!! I understood that it is not impossible but I relized that may be you are somewhere near. But it was in vain... I have never seen you country on TV before, but know I undestand that it has a beautiful nature and a very busy city life. It is not like Russia at all.
I think that one day it will be possible for me to visit it. I dream to come to you, and you will show me the places of interest or just your favorite places in your city. I am sure that everybody has some places that are more dear to his heart. As for me I like to spend free time on the board of the lake not far from the town. And you, do you have such places? But, Sandro, it would be plesant for me just to walk along the streets with you or to drink tea in the cafe. Darling, and you, do you want it? I think that we communicate by internet for a long time and it is a high time to meet. Of course it will not very soon but if you are ready... I as shall shall find out the information for arrival to you my love Sandro in travel agency and I shall write all in the following letter well! Please write to me what do you think about it, ok? I love you, Natalia.
Letter 10
Hello, my dearest Sandro!
My love Sandro I not for a long time was at the bottom of a birth at my girlfriend. So as to me it was boring. I have congratulated my girlfriend and left home and I did not do a photo? The dirds begin to sing songs when I pronounce your name, it is so dear to my heart that I can repeat it many many times. Sandro! I would like to call you like this every day. Your name is very melodious!!!
My love Sandro I today to you I shall call from a public telephone booth on your phone number and please wait for my phone call well as I want with by you to talk about my arrival to you well? My love, do you like to dream? As for me, I am a strong romantic. When I miss you much, I can even cry because I cant see you at the moment. Not everything depends on us in this world and sometimes we shall wait for something that we want very much. So, dear, I think that before going to bed you often remember me. As for me, I always do it, I wonder what you are doing at the moment. When the night is coming and you are going to sleep, remember about me. I am always with you, even if we are far from each other, I feel you! So, sweety, when you are in bed close your eyes and listen to the sounds of silence. Imagine that I enter your bedroom. I sit down at the head of your bed and whisper your name. I tell you the warmest words, touch youe hair and you are falling asleep... When I was a child my mother always told me different fairy-tales before going to sleep. They were about princesses and princes. I still remember one of them. It is about a beautiful girl who was waiting for her love. Her love was from a far country. They loved each other very much, and nothing, even the great distance could not prevent them from being together. It remindes me about us. And as in all fairy-tales, our story will have a happy end and I am sure that we will be together. By the way, today I went to the travel agency and they said me that I will need to do the next papers to go abroad: passport ($180), tourist visa ($220), tickets ($460), insurance ($150) and solvency ($1000.) The tourist visa is available during 3 months, but then we extend visa. My friend works in the travel agency and she is ready to help me. We know each ather from school, so I will have no problems with papers.
I have already said to my best friends that I am going to you. They are shoked! But they are happy for me and they even have proposed their help! I am very glad to it, they are my true friends. But, dear, even with their help, I cant pay all papers myself. I have $1010 and believe that it is much for me, I will not be able to find more money. It is embarrassing for me to ask your help, but I have no choice. Sandro, may be it is in your forces to help me with solvency? I need money for solvency only to show on the customs of my country and to enter your country. The authorities of both countries must be sure that I will have enough money to live during 3 months. So, I need money only to show them, I will not spend them. When I come to you, I will return $1100 to you. Please, dont think that I want your money, I really love you and want to be with your. It is really a difficult situation for me, and I hope, Sandro, you will help me. Just understand that to pay everything is ver y much for me, my wage is not very big. So, sweety, wirte me what do you think about it? Is it possible for you? My friend said that she will try to prepare papers in a week. Of course it will be more expensive, but I am redy to do everything just to be with you as soon as possible. I love you, dear, more and more each day. I kiss you. Natalia.

Letter 11
Hello my love Sandro!
My love Sandro I is glad yesterday with you and with your friend to speak by phone! My love Sandro
Your friend good but we shall together soon and we shall be the happiest pair! My love Sandro I promised you to write the information on a remittance to confirm my solvency.
My love Sandro for that to receive your remittance I I write to you the information that I could receive your remittance well?
Today I went to Visa agency and informed to the manager of travel agency, that you Sandro be capable to help me with money, but I do not know, how to receive this money from you. She informed me, that the most reliable and fast way of moving of money from your country to me, is services of the company " Western Union ". The manager of travel agency informed me, that it is very convenient and very fast. That you could make a remittance through " Western Union ", you Sandro need in my full name and a surname and also in my address. I already informed you it, but just in case and I write it once again: Name - NATALIA
Country - RUSSIA My love, you should go in office " Western Union ", inform them my information and to make a remittance. After that they inform you ten numbers of the Western Union (MTCN.) You should inform me this MTCN and your full home address, and also a full name and a surname. If I shall have all this, I can receive your remittance without any problems. My sweet, I very much hope, that you understand me and that you Sandro help me from $1000 as soon as possible. I very much hope for your help. In fact the our future depends on it. I cannot wait that moment, when I can be near to you. But now it depends only on you. My sweet, on it I finish the letter and with impatience I shall look forward to hearing from you. I hope, that you inform me good news. With impatience I wait for the answer and good news from you my love Sandro! With love, sincerely yours future wife Natalia
Letter 12
Hello, sweety Sandro!!
Sandro, I have already told you that I love you more and more with each your letter. Well, I think that very soon my love will overcome all limits of my soul. It is nessecary to see you because I cant anymore to keep my love in me. My love is only for you, and you must feel it!!! It is so pity that you are far from me, you cant understand how much I love. You cant see my happy eyes and smile on the face when I get your letters. Darling, and sometimes on the contrary, I am so sad that I am alone here. I look at other couples who love each other, who walk together in the evening and I envy them!!! Of course it is not good to envy somebody but When I remember that millons of kilometeres separate us I want to cry!!!
My love Sandro I as is glad that tomorrow you will help me with acknowledgement(confirmation) of solvency 1000 $ and I shall wait tomorrow for your remittance well? Sandro what to receive your money. I should know such information from you: Name:????? Surname:???? The country:????? City:??????? Street:??????? The postal index:???????? As you should give me MTCN number. It to be given at sending money.
And to ask you to not forget to speak CITY FROM WHICH YOU TO SEND MONEY.
Well? I very much to love you my dear Sandro.
shoulders when we meet for the first time. I will cry of happiness, that at last this difficult time without you had passed away. The most difficult will be behind: days and nights without you. We will not need anymore to write letters to each other because we will fall asleep and get up together. I will take care of you: coffee in the bed, tasty dinners and a lot of my love..... Yes, it will be very evry soon! When I glance back I understand that the time runs very quickly. And very soon we will be together. I am sure that I will not be disappointed with you. Sandro, we have never seen each other but we know so much about our lifes and characters. May be it is good that we are so far from each other. It will try our love and will do it more stronger. THe fact that we continue our correspondance says that our feelings are really very serious and that we are a harmoniuos couple! Nodody in my life have never understand me better than you, dear Sandro!
I hope that it will go on and will never stop!
Natalia with love.
Letter 13
Hello, sweetie!!! Sandro, I miss you so much!
What are you doing at the moment? Let me guess - I think that you are smiling reading my letter!!! Am I right? I hope that my letters that I write really with all my love give pleasure to you. As now we have no opportunity to see each other, I want you to feel my love even on distance! Without it you can pay attention on other girls and you know, I am very jealous! I love you so much that only the thought that you can be with another woman gives me so much pain, dear! My love Sandro thanks as for your data and the information that I could receive your remittance.
I shall wait today for your remittance and MTCN. But it will be better if you to me will send a copy of a paper from the Western Union well? When I unrestood that I love you so much that I have never loved in my life, I began to think what is love. Sandro, how can you explain this feeling? I think that love is something that gives you a chance to be strong even at the most difficult moments of your life. Trust in another is the meaning of love. Sandro, you know that I trust you very much. Of course I have some secrets. A girl must have secrets to be interesting for her man. Do you agree that a woman must be misterious? Only in this case the man loves her. Very soon I will come to you, and despite the fact that I have never been there, I am sure that I will be happy there. Because I will be with you at last!!!! And it will be forever! Sandro, all that I am, all that I see, all that I dream and I do are better and brighter and filled with more meaning because of my feeling for you! Darling you are so close to my heart. Now I dont understand how I could live without you all this time? But I lived and was content with my life. I thought that I had everything, and only now I understand that I didnt have the most important thing- love! I could not return love of the men who loved me. I didnt see in them something, and I could not understand what. But when we got aquainted I felt that you are my man. I hope that you feel the same for me. Dear, do you feel the same? Sandro I as wait from you for your information and a remittance well? Your Natalia with love.
Letter 14
Hello, my love Sandro!!!
I am so happy that you dont forget about me and go on writing letters. I think that we became so close to each other, as we knew each other for several years. Dont you find that we have so much common, and that is why it easy to you with me and to me with you!
My love Sandro forgive me that I have not written to you the letter yesterday. As I was is engaged. I have received your remittance My love Sandro also has confirmed my solvency in travel agency and tomorrow on September, 5 at me will the visa is ready.
And I as tomorrow shall receive my ticket of the plane and tomorrow I shall write the information and my flight of flight well? Sweetie, if you only could see my happy eyes when I receive your messages! If you only could see my sad eyes in the evening when I think of you. I imagine that now I could be with you, I imagine your strong hands that embrace me, your affectionate lips that kiss me so passianotely. I lose my head and belong only to you. You are my love, my life, everything for me!!! Dear, thank you that you made me so happy, I would rather say the happiest woman in the world! Only due to you I feel forces in the most difficult situations in life! why didnt we meet before? Now we would be already together, we could give so much pleasure to each other, that the life would have been the paradise for us! I am sure that we will be a very beautiful couple and when your friends see us may be they will be envy you. You say that I am beautiful, ok. But now when we are far from each other you cant know that I will do everything for a person if I love him. I will be forever with you, whatever will happen to you. Our life will not be easy. As for me the life catt be easy, otherwise it is just grey and empty. i promise that with me you will not have time to miss! You know how I am emotional! I will make our life full of joy and bright colors!!!! When I began to think about it I am so happy, but than when I understand that my dreams cant become true just now I feel sad. My love, do you need me as muc as I need you??? I embrace you and kiss you passionately in your affectionate lips! Natalia.
Letter 15
Hello my future husband Sandro!
how are you doing today, my darling? I hope that you are ok and you write my letter in a good mood. Sandro, I want to tell you my dream about you last night. So, I saw a very bright monrning, I was in bed and opened my eyes. Somebody entered the room. It was only a silhouette but I understood that it was you! You was with flowers, with beautiful pink flowers. It was strange but I was not surprised at all. As if you do it every morning!!! You sat down on my bed, ****** my hair and kissed me. I was so calm and felt defended with you. When in the morning I got up and remembered this dream I was so happy that I wanted to see this dream one more time. But I could not feel asleep. Now, I wait for the night, may be you will come to me this night.
My love Sandro I as is glad that your mother is glad for us and transfer Hi from me well! Sandro
You have written that your friend is married to the Russian woman and have 3 children. I as want to have from you Children and we as will have children!
Sandro, you were like an angel! You are really my angel, who comes to me when I miss you. And frankly speaking I miss you very very often! Because you are the sense of my life.
Sometimes I think that may be it is better that our relations are so that we have never met despite the fact that we communicate for a longtime. You understand me, we are adults but our love is still so romantic. That is why I think when we meet we will appreciate each other more. At first, because we were far away for a long time and we will affraid to lose each other. At last not only passion lies us, but respect and undersanding. They are the main in love. You can love a person very passionately but if there is not understanding, Do you agree, Sandro? But we know each other already very well, so we will have no problems. I know that when it will be necessary one of us will make a compromise, will support if there are some problems. Well, dear, when I think about it I can imagine perfectly our future family. We will creat it with love. Together we will do everything with love in our life. My love Sandro I as have good news I to you wrote yesterday that today I shall receive my ticket of the plane and the visa.
And so I write my flight of flight to you to Rome: Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Rome (ROM)
Airline: Alitalia Flight: AZ549
Departure: September, 08 2007, 17:50, the Sheremetyevo the airport
Arrival: September, 08 2007, 19:45, Leonardo Da Vinci My love Sandro I take off from the airport of the Sheremetyevo on September, 8 at 17:50 and I arrive to you Leonardo Da Vinci (Fiumicino) on September, 8 at 19:45. Sandro up to our meeting there were 4 days and in 4 days we shall be together and we shall be the happiest pair! I love you, dear. You are the best in this world. Natalia.
Letter 16
Hello my love Sandro!
My love Sandro I is glad from you to receive the letter and your full information! Sandro you in the second letter have written to me that you called in avio company Alitalia and I can explain to you that I have reserved the ticket of the plane in the city instead of at you in Italy now understand? I need to go to Moscow and in Moscow I shall receive the ticket of the plane to you to Rome and in Moscow at the airport of the Sheremetyevo I shall receive the ticket of the plane where really to me will give the ticket of the plane that I arrive to you now understand? Sandro and you have checked up that Flight: AZ549 really is for September, 8???? As I have received only my flight of flight, and in Moscow I shall receive the ticket of the plane at the airport of the Sheremetyevo understand now? And then I shall send you a copy of my ticket of the plane well?
My love Sandro I yesterday wrote to you that I have received my documents in travel agency and I send you a copy of my passport for travel abroad that you knew that I it is valid arrive to you? My love Sandro I as is glad that on on September, 8 we shall together. My love Sandro but a problem in that that at me is not present money to reach to Moscow. I have spent all money for official registration of papers in visa agency. My love Sandro I need to go on on September, 7 to Moscow and at me were terminated money. And I as will need to take off hotel for 2 day these are 300 dollars and to pay for a taxi of 400 dollars to reach from Mendeleevsk to Moscow.
My love Sandro it is not convenient for me to ask money but I not I asked the mother and at all friends to money and there is nobody there is no money. My love to help me please from 700 dollars to go to Moscow and to take off hotel well???
I really love you, need you. For me my love is very important. I am very serious about this. If I love somebody, I will give everything and I waiting it back. I know that you will give me this and I happy to know this. My life has a force because of you. I feel a great power and I know that we will over come everything. I like to share with you with my emotions, thoughts and desires. My life point tells me always to be with my heart.
My love and future husband Sandro I as wait from you of the help and good news. I today as shall call with trunk-call of item and please wait for my bell well???
I love you, kisses, take my heart. Your future wife Natalia.
Letter 17
My love Sandro you can trust me completely. I swear heart that I shall arrive to you to Italy. And I have made a copy of my passport for travel abroad and the visa and I send to you that you knew that I really arrive to you and please wait for my phone call well? I want to explain to you all! Your love Natalia!
Letter 18
My love Sandro I has just come after ours of conversation by phone to the Internet of cafe and to explain to you all! Sandro you not correctly understand me I shall receive my ticket of the plane in Moscow understand and now I in Mendeleevsk and I need to go to Moscow tomorrow. I shall come to Moscow and at the airport of the Sheremetyevo to me will give the ticket of the plane and I shall send you a copy and a code of my ticket of the plane well? Sandro I shall really arrive to you to Italy and you can trust me. Sandro I have already sent you a copy of my documents and everything is all right. And I tomorrow need to go to Moscow. And I in the last letter already wrote all to you and have explained that it is necessary 300 $ to live 2 days in Moscow on hotel, and 400 $ for that to go by a taxi and in a total sum to me is necessary for me 700 $! My love Sandro it is a shame to me to ask you money but I do not know what to do and I need to be helped yours tomorrow well? With impatience I shall wait for your answer my love Sandro and the help? Your future wife Natalia!
Letter 19
My love Sandro I has just come with tourist of agency and I send the information on my arrival to you and number of booking! I as tomorrow should go to Moscow and I shall wait for your help my love Sandro! Number of booking: WPMKPY----NATALIA JANDIMIROVA Number of booking: WPMKPY It is reserved places: 1
1: NATALIA JANDIMIROVA February, 15, 1975 passport 654563142 (adult) Route: Moscow - Rome Flight Moscow - Rome:
Number of flight: AZ549
Departure: September, 08, 2007, at 17:50, from the Sheremetyevo the AIRPORT (SVO)
Arrival: September, 08, 2007, at 19:45, in Leonardo Da Vinci (FCO)
Places: it is reserved
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