Scam letter(s) from Elena Sabitova to Sandro (Italy)

Letter 1
Hello !
Yes, it is very fine that you have answered my letter so quickly, I very much waited for your answer and, I admit, when wrote to you the letter, I doubted a little and did not hope that you receive my modest message and will be capable to read it!
And now I see your letter and I understand that all my doubts were vain!
You know, when I considered yours profile, inside me something has lit up also I has felt insuperable desire to write to you, I have felt in you something close and native.
You ever felt that - or similar when see the person for the first time in a life but it seems to you that you know it very much for a long time.
Yes, certainly I did not meet you never and could not meet, or only if you travelled on the world and have casually come in my city.
Though hardly you could be in here, in Dmitrovgrad, in city where I have lived a quarter of a century.
Yes, In this letter I send you I wash a photo, I think that you will not disregard her, in the following letter I shall try to send even more photos.
Certainly the photo speaks much about the person, but I shall try to decipher her a little.
I as you see the blonde, I precisely do not remember my growth, but I am confident that within the limits of these numbers - 169-171 centimeter, my weight too 53 within the limits of norm.
To me very much it is a lot of years to play dolls, and it is quite enough seriously to reflect on my future both small, and most most beautiful children whom I till this moment have no.
, it is my brief self-portrait, such I am, or, at least I feel!
In the following letter I shall try to tell about myself more, but you too write more about you!
Than you be engaged, where work also what hobbies for you.
At there is a close girlfriend? I am lonely, my heart is more exact grieves and cries without love, and I as the true ***** to the soul I hope to meet the man, capable to fill in emptiness in my heart and to show me the forgotten way of love and passion!
I have no the brother the sister.
I, probably as well as you meet sometimes people, capable to speed up a rhythm of heart, but I do not want past flying happiness I want to love always and to be loved always!
I do not search only for ***, as the some people, though *** and is the important and integral part personal (family if to be more exact) than a life!
With you
I want to be happy, I want to love, I want that me loved are the most important.
And other all to be added, as by itself reasonable!
I wait for your letter.... With a photo!!! Elena!!!
Letter 2
Hello dear, is very happy to see your letter! How your day, Perfectly?
I always want that "tomorrow" it was better than "today", but not always it turns out:-)... I think that my day today was interesting.
And your letter has made my day more sated and pleasant! I very much am glad to our acquaintance!
Sometimes I feel very lonely and when I, after work on road home I think as me to lead evening.
I have houses the small piano and very much I like to play music, is $more often that itself I shall think up, my music is not perfect, but to me delivers a sheer pleasure!
Also I like to write verses, and even I have some the songs!
I did not write to you, but I live one during two years, and my which unique the man I am always happy to see it my old cat:)
Yes, I now am lonely, and, I admit, that I am tired from loneliness and monotony and I very much would like a variety, or adventures!
You are very a pity that far from me, I very much would would like to lead with you day!
Yes certainly, I think that in the future we could have an opportunity to live together and to have our relations, I could study the Italian language, but it needs time that more will get acquainted closer,my first guy, and unique, the grown-up of me for five years was.... To me was then 22 years, and I was naive and very curious girl.
I have been very seriously adjusted to become his wife, to give birth to a heap of children, looked after it more than behind myself. Gave it everything, the caress, love, forces...
It was fine and unforgettable time, I lived in a hostel of university and it visited me, not every day but when it came to me, I was very very happy!!!!
I at all did not know where it lives. It spoke me that lives with parents, and they very strict, and promised me that "soon" will acquaint me with them...
But... In one day which, by the way, began this day very well, I have got acquainted with the girl who knew my guy.
I cannot forget this day never because it was the most terrible day in my life.
When I have told that it my guy, she on me for a long time looked as at the small silly child who does not know that has told.
I could not understand why she so was surprised, but AS APPEARED, she had the right to be surprised.
My friend whom I loved more lives, has been married, and it is enough for a long time, And he had children....
Features, forgive me, I only wanted you to explain why I am now lonely, I hope you understand that I wanted to tell.
It was for a long time and I have overlooked about it, or have more precisely forced itself to forget. Now on my eyes even tears have appeared.
You should know this history, though she and very personal, but very important!
Tell about itself, about your girl, about the first love, about feelings... If want.
I feel that you the good person, and it is very interesting to me to write to you. I think that we with you become good friends!
Now I live in small city. If you look at a card of Russia, try to find, And you can find my city - Dmitrovgrad!
It - the central part of Russia!
Write back, I Shall wait yours for letters.
About, yes, I send you a photo.
Letter 3
Hello Sandro!
I hope, that you have understood, my feelings and with understanding have considered my history which I have written to you in the previous letter.
This part of my life about which I have told only to two close friends, and to you.
I know, why I have told to you her, my history, - very much wanted to find understanding and support, and I felt like in you very much very kind and good the person. And you have understood me!
I could not transfer you all feelings, the history could not consult with all feelings at all which have arrived on me as a tsunami at fine green coast.
Thank for your care and love, I am glad to hear that your friends have fine family, it very much pleases me.
I know that we still are poorly familiar with you, but I would like find out you more closer, and probably I could arrive to you to Italy, but not so it will be simple to make it, necessary to make documents, and also to buy tickets aboard the plane, but I think that we could find out for the beginning each other little bit better, and could speak with you in yahoo messenger, unfortunately I write from my work, therefore I can have time here for our conversation with you, we can speak now, or hardly later
I think that I shall be free in 1700 Moscow time, mine yahoo id sabitovae, I shall wait for you for conversation, certainly if you will have time for this purpose.
Today I have fine mood, and I want to think only about fine! I want to tell to you about me directly in more detail.
I the good girl both the brightest and shivering my desire - to be happy. I have no any children, and I never was for the husband!
Yes, I again distract on my dreams, I wanted to tell about me directly! To me of 27 years my day a birth on January, 12
Within the last two years I work at school, as the usual teacher of elementary grades.
Though I two years ago have finished economic university, and I have the diploma, only for work above a speciality in me to be arranged suffered failure.
Periodically I try to find good work, but operational experience everywhere is necessary, and I am compelled to work at school as the teacher! Though this trade very worthy, but for it pay a little. Also there are difficulties in a life from the financial party. But I try to keep.
My parents I live in the other city, on distance of 600 kilometers and I to visit them as it is possible - more frequently, but they - more frequently than I visit me
When I see them, I understand, that in this life there is nothing, more sacred, than our parents, and for my parents - I - sense of their life.
Yes it is natural, besides, I - for them the only child - for them I the child, but I already adult!:-)
Yes, my parents, already old and to establish a unique question which they do not learn to set to me When at them grandsons will appear....
Soon... It - the unique answer which I can give them!
My parents tried to acquaint me with several "grooms", but in them it has turned out nothing:) To like you will not force!.
And the true passion is not imperous to reason!!! You agree with me?
I shall wait for your letters! Sandro, I wish you fine mood and fine dreams!
Yours Elena !!!
Letter 4

Hello Sandro!!
I have received your letter, whether though I do not know you can speak now in yahoo if yes that I shall wait for you there, mine Id sabitovae, I hope to receive from you a prompt reply, my kiss,
Letter 5
Hello my dear Sandro!
How are you doing?
I very much missed you these days, I only lived in hope that soon we shall meet you, I very much like to have ideas about it, but most of all I want to meet the expert in the person, this biggest my desire.
I am very happy from it, that I can soon see you and to be with you beside, you my love, you the best, I love you.
Today I went for agency and collected your money, also bought the ticket up to Moscow, tomorrow I shall already have travel there and as soon as I shall arrive for you, I shall necessarily write to you as I receive all documents I I call to you, I name an exact times arrival of me and then you can meet me in the person.
I love you very much, and strongly I miss you,
with all my love for you,
yours Elena
Letter 6
Hi mine loveliest Sandro. I in a shock. I write you from the Moscow Internet - cafe. Lovely I today was very much afflicted with that that I could not take off to you. Me have told that I should have 1500$ American dollars pass customs house. Me have told that I can not to take off in the Italy, if I will not have this sum. Dear I do not have such sum of money. To me have told, that I should only show this money customs house that they me to pass in Italy, lovely this money will not be spent and as soon as I shall arrive to you, I could give you this money at the airport. I did not know about it, now each girl move to other country should to have at itself money, that they were not engaged there ********** and *****. I was very much upset with it that so it has turned out, I did not know about it. Lovely console me. Write to me the letter, for me it is very important.
I very much want to arrive to you. I love you. Elena.
Letter 7
Hi lovely Sandro! I do not know what to say to you, I read your letter and the tears will be rolled on my cheeks, I do not know, but me have said at the airport that I can not pass customs house if not at myself shall have 1500 $, lovely I very much miss on you here in this large city absolutely alone, I much cried today, because know that to you will be very difficult to send to me this money, but I ask you lovely think about those long night which you has lead one in cold bed, about that as for a long time you did not hear tender words on night and morning when you open eye, lovely I as well as you to be very tired one and me is necessary man with which I can to inform not only pleasure, but also grief, whether lovely I do not know understand you correctly my words, But I hope nevertheless to meet you and strong to embrace you at the airport and to kiss,I have sold today my gold ornaments and have received for it 180 $ it even more than I thought and now it is necessary for me 1320 $ lovely I have the ticket and if you can not find this money today and send, please write to me that I could exchange my ticket for other number and we could will meet,, I shall understand you and I shall not hold on you angrily, but I would want that you knew that I have made all for the sake of our meeting. My love Sandro If I give them your information that they me all the same will not pass because you are not my husband or the relative. I understand that it is very big sum. Please send to me how many can I will try to find a lack too. If you send me this money that I can show it on the customs control and me can pass to you. After we will meet at the airport that I at once I will give you this money. This money will not be gone, I will not spend it also you will receive this money at once as we will meet. I very much hope that you understand me and my problem. I will wait from you for the help. I very much hope that you will find a way to help me with this problem. Lovely I love you and very miss you.Write me I shall wait.
Your Elena
Letter 8
Hello my dear Sandro!!
I am glad to see your letters, very alone is in the big city in distances from a house, but I am glad to hear that you have written your letter and also support me.
I also have received the letter of your friend, I have understood from his words that you want to meet me in my city.
Last time I have been very much afflicted with that for me do not allow to visit you, and all in it play money, it so is sad that money do not allow for me will meet you, to arrive to you, to be with you beside, to love you.
Unfortunately I gave all my money for agency, they made documents, and now I have no opportunity to cancel my travel to you.
I talked to the person from agency, and for me have told, that all my documents are made already out in embassy, and they not than cannot help for me and not as cannot cancel my stay to you.
I very much love you, but not that I can not make with it.
I shall write for you today little bit later as I now should go for embassy, and again have conversation in embassy,
I love you,
yours Elena
Letter 9
Hello my dear Sandro!!
I do not know why you do not write for me, it is possible for you there are some complexities.
But for me it is very melancholy here in Moscow, three day I arrive here, and I can not abandon city.
I went for embassy again, and for me have told that I could take off for limits russia, for me it is necessary to have these cash to show for customs house.
It is very sad that you do not write for me, I do not know that with you happened, but my money for life here come to an end, and will not be fast for me money to live here and also to eat, therefore if you soon do not write for me, I shall have an opportunity for starvation,
For me not that it is not necessary as to go home.
Though it will be so sadly, I have made so much, and have spent many forces for our meeting with you, and you speak for me to go home,
As I spoke you yesterday, I went for embassy, and wanted to stop my travel for you, but for me have told, that if I shall make it next time for me will not give the visa,
As me will blacklist tourists who have no an opportunity to pay for the travel.
I hope that it to not happen,
I shall wait for your letter,
Also all will put on that with us well, and soon we shall meet,
mine kiss for you.
with love,
Letter 10
Hello my dear Sandro!
I am glad to see your letter and also happy to hear that with you all is well.
It is very sad that I cannot to arrive to you though I very much have made much for our meeting with you, and it is not a pity that I can arrive to you now.
Also for many money for life here in Moscow have ended, but I spoke for you in the last letters that sold mine gold ear rings, now I have some from them, but this money will not suffice for long time here as life here rather expensive.
I have made all my documents, I have visa and passport, and also for me there is a ticket aboard the plane as tickets have been aboard the plane delayed,
I have exchanged my ticket, date of my start to you on Thursday, and for me now it is necessary to have 1500 dollars to show this money at customs house.
After I show this money at customs house, I arrive to you and I give you this money, please do not worry for this purpose, all that that is necessary to show me it this money at customs house, to fly to you.
If you now receive this letter that write for me, I very much wait for your letter, and strongly I miss you,
with all love,
yours Elena

Letter 11
Hello my dear Sandro!!
I have not received your letter, with you something happened?
I worry for you but most of all I worry concerning our meeting with you,
Now I am in Moscow, and it is rather false and sad that now I one, that a number of you is not present, but I believe in our future with you, that we should will meet you,
I worry for you, inform me about you,
I grieve without you,
with love,
Letter 12
Hello my dear Sandro!!
I very much experienced from long silence of you, I do not know as you feel like, but I feel awfully, today Wednesday and if I tomorrow do not receive money, I cannot arrive to you again so if you can that you should send money today, otherwise, our meeting can be transferred again for other time.
I very much love you, and also mine birthday is on January 12, 1980,
I love you very much and also I send you mine kiss,
with love,
Letter 13
Hello Sandro!!
I do not understand that you speak for me, but I want to understand it and to speak with you in Yahoo if you will have an opportunity for this purpose,
but I also cannot wait long time for you,
I can speak just now and if you receive this letter write for me the answer
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