Letter(s) from Veronica Ivaikova to Keith (England)

Letter 1

Greetings my dear Keith! Lovely mine huge to you thank for the letter. Today my letter to turn out short.Yes certainly I to read your letters in last letter I only to speak about that that I like from music and cinema but to not ask you that like you because I to know it from your letters. There can be I that that incorrectly to write as my English not so well and you not so to understand! I would run in the Internet of cafe only for some minutes what to warn you. The matter is that today at my girlfriend day a birth and in one hour I should be at her place. As I need to have time to go to itself home what to change clothes. As I would like to ask your address. I want to write to you the letter on a paper. Please send me your address in your following letter. As as to my address it is Ivaykova Veronika , Russia, city Kazan , street Yamskaya 10-5 . An index 420021. Well now I should hasten. Tomorrow I shall wait your letter. As do not overlook to specify your address.

A kiss. Yours Veronika.

Letter 2

My dear the man Keith as you? As always you have made me very happy your letter. Dear mine as I already wrote to you yesterday I went per day a birth to the girlfriend. We celebrated at her place. To my girlfriend 48 years were executed. As there were except for me and the girlfriend at which day a birth its husband both 2 children, and 2 more girlfriends with the husband. All this was very healthy and is cheerful. I have drunk one glass fault and I was drunk as I drink alcohol, but my girlfriend has persuaded to drink me one glass fault in honour of its birthday. As we sang songs on DVD.? has presented the girlfriend a huge bouquet of roses, as it its favourite flowers and a set of wine glasses and wine-glasses. We have very cheerfully spent. But as in what that degrees to me was lonely. All my girlfriends were with husbands and only I was in loneliness. I really would wish during that moment that you were near to me. As my girlfriends asked about you and have transferred you huge greetings. As the toast has been made in honour of us by one of my girlfriends. She has told that she is very glad for me, that I managed to meet you and she has told that in its day a birth she invites us to the next year two. About 12 nights all of us have parted home. My girlfriends I think that at us with you serious attitudes. Dear mine as you consider? I think that only under letters not probably to learn the person well enough and close. I think that if we with you shall conceive to make the further plans and if we want to have serious attitudes we should meet first of all. Yes certainly I could arrive to you for some time, but little bit later. Dear mine that you think in this occasion? Well on it I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait for your letter.

For ever yours Veronika.

Letter 3

Hello my dear the man Keith! Lovely mine as you? As always I to speak you many thanks for your letter. It was very pleasant for me to receive it. Dear mine I want to inform you that for all our time of correspondence I really very strongly to you have got used. More truly I have got used to your letters. It happens me very alone when I come in the Internet of cafe and I do not receive your letter. Dear I think that we know a lot about each other. But there are things which we can tell not to everyone. I think you have something which you cannot tell anybody. I want to tell you why I find the man in the internet. You may want to know it. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but I do not want to make a mistaken one more time. In my life there were men. But they were not those for whom themselves gave out in the beginig of our acquaintance. They could tell me lie. But there was a man whom I wanted to married. But the time gave me to understand that it is not the second part of my life. I do not meet to the men for a two years. I was sure that there is not plase for the man in my life. I have understood that I need a man which will love me with whom I can inform pleasure and trouble. I think I did not make mistake this time. A lot of things in my life have changed since I got acquainted to you. My friends began to tell me that I have changed, began to smile more often, in my eyes are more passion and desire to live futher. At this moment it is cold in the street but even bad weather cannot spoil my mood. Every day I wait the news from you. Who could think that our destinies will be crossed. Have you ever thought what would be if we live in one country? I think that I can belive you. Also I think that you are good man and you can give a lot of emotional heat and caress to the woman. I do not realize what would I do in this moment of the life if I did not get acquainted to you but I am sure that I would not meet as man as you in Russia. Probably to you will seem that our attitudes move very quickly, but I so do not think. In fact we with you not so young people and life it is too short. My pleasure on it I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait for your letter. Thank you huge that you at me is and that continue to write to me letters.

Take care. For ever yours Veronika.

Letter 4

Dear Keith!!!!! I sat at home all day wishing you were here with me. Today as been a long day for me. Excuse that I could not write to you earlier, the Internet of cafe I did not work also could not write to you and congratulate you on your birthday but I make it now, my lovely I to send you set of kisses! I know what i want and that is for you to be near. I can only wait. The wind and oceans is the only thing between us for now. I was sad today, all i thought about is you. I was bored knowing how bad i want you and the distances between us is for. I hurt today in a good way knowing soon you will be with me, but i felt better when i thought of the happiness you bring my heart and soul. I went to the Internet of cafe this afternoon and look at you and read all of your letters today. I know in my heart there is true love and trust. I want to hold you strongly and love you softly. I want you to know my love for you is very strong and passionate. My heart travels with this letter to you and my love for you. My life has not been the same since we have met in the distance. I have more happiness and energy now. Without you in my life it would not be worth living for. I want to embrace you, and softly kiss you and to love you forever. MY feeling for you are as strong as yours and maybe even strong than your. I feel like i could tell you all these thing all night and would never be bored of saying them to you. My sweets i write this letter to you from my heart and from the love i have for you. All i want is to be able to embrace you and sincerely love you. My LOVE is true and deep for you and i will always love you no matter what.

Kiss you Veronika.

Letter 5

My dear and the beloved Keith!!!!!!! When I close my eyes, I see you next to me - two hearts bound in Circle of love. Two bodies pressed closely to each other. I want to kiss your lips and embrace you strong. I steadfastly look in your eyes, and our souls are united. I begin to understand that my life without you is not meaningful. Today I thought only about you all day long. We became frank with you and I think that we should be together. I want to require you and to be with you. My thoghts only about you and about us with you together. I wait the day when we meet, when you tell me at a meeting: “ Hello my Darling! At last we meet! ” .Dear TIME MOVE SO FAST AND I CAN'T WAIT THE TIME WHEN WE WILL BE TOGETHER. I WANT TO KISS YOU TO HOLD YOU SO MUCH. I CAN ONLY DREAM ABOUT IT. AND I'M WAITING WHEN ALL THESE DREAMS WILL COME TRUE. I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE. THANK YOU... THANK YOU, FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE, FOR WHAT I WILL BE WHEN I WILL BE WITH YOU, FOR EXISTING... THANK YOU FOR OUR LOVE AND FOR LEAVING ME TO BE A PART OF YOU... THANK YOU BECAUSE YOU MAKE ME TO SMILE, BECAUSE I WILL BE VERY HAPPY ON HAVING HAD YOU CLOSE TO ME... THANK YOU FOR PERMITTING TO BE A PART OF YOUR LIFE, FOR THE SINCERITY OF YOUR WORDS, FOR THE KISSES THAT YOU WILL GIVE ME AND I WILL FEEL... THANK YOU FOR THE SILENTLY CARESSES, FOR LEAVING ME TO DELIVER ME EVERYTHING WITHOUT I KNOWING IT... THANK YOU BECAUSE EVEN BEING FAR YOU.. YOU LIVE IN ME, LIKE ME IN YOU... THANK YOU FOR DOING OF THIS DISTANCE A HOPE'S PARADISE... THANK YOU FOR BEING LIKE YOU ARE AND FOR BEING LEAVES ME I... THE WOMAN WHO MORE LOVES YOU... FOR EVERYTHING WHAT WE WILL BE WHEN WE ARE UNITED AND BECAUSE OUR LOVE IS ETERNAL... THANK YOU FOR LEAVING ME TO ENTER IN YOUR DREAMS, BECAUSE TO YOUR SIDE I WILL LIVE THE BEST MOMENTS... THANK YOU FOR BEING MINE AND TO LEAVE ME TO BE YOUR... FOR EVERYTHING, THEREFORE, AND FOR WHAT EVEN WE HAVE NOT LIVED... I LOVE YOU MY LIFE... YOU ARE EVERYTHING WHAT MORE I WISH.Pleasure mine, now I am completely ready for trip to you. I think that is possible to write each other 1000 letters, but we with you never will manage to learn each other closer than at a meeting. At present in me holiday begins. I already have the passport for travel abroad. As for travel to you I will need the visa. For that that to me to receive the visa to me it would be necessary will go in Moscow as the embassy is in Moscow. I can receive the visa during 7 working days. This will be the tourist visa. Dear mine I ask you to write to me the name of the international airport closest to you.I shall learn the prices of tickets and an opportunity of flights! When I to learn all this I shall write to you all data when and as I can fly! Dear mine on it I shall finish the letter and with impatience I shall wait for your letter. Lovely mine I am very glad what to meet you on the vital way.

Yours Veronika.

Letter 6

Hi my dear Keith!!! I am glad that you looked the prices, but I too to search for tickets and to learn for the visa, yes the visa costs approximately so but I should go up to Moscow what to sell papers on registration of the visa so it will cost hardly more than 180 euros! And the ticket I have found twice most cheaply 600 euros, economy class there back! My lovely Keith I very much would like to fly to you on couple of weeks but I think that I cannot to find such money, for that what to buy the ticket and to show cash if it is 50 euros day, I want to fly to you approximately for 10 days that is it to turn out 500 euros plus the ticket 600 euros in general it to turn out 1100 euros! And I to earn in a month about 250 euros it is no more, so I can pay only the visa and road costs up to Moscow! My lovely if you have agreed to help me I would be happy because I never can pay this road if only to sell an apartment where I live! My lovely if we to meet and like each other and to decide that we should live together then I to come back and sell the habitation, for that what to fly to you back, you accept me to myself? I very much hope for our joint future, I see myself and you, only in good light and I would dream that we were together! I love you Keith as it not loudly to sound, but to seem to me that this strong and pure feeling, I think that the god could not to lead us to bad!
I shall wait for your letter with impatience!
With love yours Veronika!