Letter(s) from Natalia Jandimirova to Mike (UK)

Letter 1

Hello my love Mike!!!
My love Mike Well, it is again me. According to your last letter you are angry with me. But, in reality, there are no reasons for it. The fact is that I had corresponded with a person, but our relations were not succesful. When I met you we had not been in correspondance for a long time. And very soon he wrote to me. But I said that I dont want to communicate with him as he has betrayed me. And I said that now in my life there is other man. He proposed his love but I refused to write to him. Then he promised to hurt me. He said if I will not with him I will not with you and written that terrible message on the site of scam. I didnt want to tell to you about this situation not because i dont trust to him. Michel (Belgium) wanted to forget about it, it is very unpleasant. But you saw it... I know now you can leave me, you can break with me, but i am sure that you will not do it. A strange person cant spoil our relations, there are too seriuos. I am right? I love only you and nobody can prevent our happiness.
My love Mike I as is glad with you to speak by phone And to hear your voice!
Mike I really love you and swear heart that I shall arrive to you next week!
And I really want to arrive to to you in UK and to create family.
I wait with impatience of your letter my love Mike???
Your wife Natalia!!!!